One intierview with Esmeria Bulgari and her wildlife.


1) Hello, how you feel being interviewed by a communication media of our country? Esmeria: I feel Happy.


2) How was your stay on our country? Any funny story? Esmeria: I loved the city, and I think the city received me well, Reciprocities please me.


3) how started your interest in the music world? Esmeria:Since I was a child, my grandfather was a musician he played Clarinet, Guitar, acordeon and by this way my mom had a lot of musician too, she came to sing on the radio when she was young, I started singing in Madrigal Revivis in my city Ribeirão Preto, a special City in São Paulo, after that I started to sing in bars, until I compose my first Full Length and after that my second with a band I ended up living in São Paulo.



4) Which were your influences? Esmeria: my influences came all from radio, I had the privilege of living in a city that aways played incredible songs on radio like Queen, Yes!, Led Zeppelin, but also I had the privilege to born on a country with rich music so I listened too


Caetano Veloso   


Gilberto Gil   


,Jorge Bem

Gal Costa

, Elis Regina


and a lot of good people that I love until today.

5) You have academic Studies or you are just autodidact? Esmeria: I’m absolutely autodidact.


6) What can you tell me about the group Dasdo? You keep contact with the members?

Esmeria: The Dasdo was a band that came on the necessity of a group, compose together of feel the world like the same person, I came from a solo career and being Sagittarian up from aquarius, that necessity was really strong on me. We don’t see each other so much, our lifes had took other routes, but our son was there, on the shy way because was pressed very few and a lot was lost on the way.On the disc I like the my partnership Daniel Silveira called ‘’Olhares de Censura’’ a song that talk about marginalized loves sounds a lot like 80s on the arrangements with piches of ninety.


7) How you get to know Sergio and how you ended up working with?

Esmeria:I met Sergio Dias by my partner Daniel Silveira on Digital studio in São Paulo wich at the time was from Cesar Camargo Mariano. We talked and he invited us to go to Araras, RJ where he he ended up producing one of the songs of Dasdo called ‘’ok’’.

8) How came the affair of him joining the Mutantes? And was a trouble for him sometime be part o the band?

Esmeria: That was in the end of 2005 the surprise came:Barbican Hall Theather wanted to reunite the Mutantes again.they succeeded but without Rita, and we were all the troop with all the love in the world.that can be seeing on our cd/dvd Mutantes Barbican onde solei Technicolor.

9) How has been your musical relation with Crispin del Cristia?


Esmeria: in 2008 I did the ‘’Show Boca de cena’’ with him, was a tribute for Cazuza,and also in 2009 the ‘’Show Coração Brasileiro’’ and in 2012 the progressive Mutantes came on, that was when I came back to the band in 2013, we make a tour in USA and Canada, we crossed the country coming from two sides of Canada, a lot of adventures and a lot of emotions, since then we travel around the world, on our last tour by Europe we stretched on Tel Aviv, truly Os Mutantes reach places  not imagine and imagine .

10) How happened your collaboration with the band Torus? Esmeria: Torus is the name of the second album of Divina Supernova, was through the network, I liked the proposal a lot,was an album with collaboration of people from Brazil and the world,a collectivity that enchanted me, I loved to be part of ‘’amar é’ that is the name of the song that I sing.


11) What is your vision about Brazil currently? Esmeria: Brazil is a rich country,we got a population of 200 million,a fauna and flora rich too, we are creative. I don’t know how many in exact contribute with taxes,but are a lot, this country was meant to have abundance in prosperity for all people.On this moment we have a party contrary to power doing everything to destabilize the government. But social networks say a lot of lies and truths, a lot of craziness, people believing in absurd and not believing in nothing.The truth is that the president was sabotaged on all forms by an opposition that does not support losing an election.i don’t say its perfect, it’s hard to make a better country when there are so many Vultures after carrion, corruption everywhere. I think this flash flood of complaints be the begin of a great cleaning, I have hope like the Sagittarian that I am.


12) Any place in the world that you didn’t visited yet and wished to? Esmeria: talking about amenities I have never go to India I liked to go and I will soon.


13) What can you say about yourself now, what you like , your hobbies, etc.?Esmeria: I love animals, i live on the hill of Cantareira and live beside of every animal possible that you can imagine.»Have ilustrious vists of tucanos,monkeys,jacus and the presence of spiders that are desirable for me or not.»Out my love. My childreb the chico that is a love of dog and two cats that are the loves of my life. I like to photograph. That was missed(my husband flies).I like shooting photos of hang gliding and gliders. I’m learning flute now. I like to be aways learning something new. This is the antidote for depression.

14) What are your plan for this year? Esmeria: A lot of plans for 2016 but not talking about till everything be ready. i’m full of secrets

15)Any message for the readers for the end of the interview? Esmeria:A big kiss for the chilean peopele we are very grateful for the way we were receivedI thank you all in the name of the Os Mutantes .



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