Interview with the digital madness : Psydoll




1)how do you feel being interviewed by a Chile Press Media?

We tried to see the map of Chile,it’s so….super far away from Japan…..we have no idea if Chile is cold, or hot, no idea Chele foods, drinks, music…… but if there are the peoples who love the independent music and cultures, then Chile is a good place perhaps!!  ;)

2) In what year was PSYDOLL formed? and how did you met and create this band?

A long time a go, at the end of 90’s ,Nekoi Psydoll met ucchi the guitarist.
At that time ucchi playing in his own band ADAM-SITES which was a Grunge like sound mixed with Progressive Metal sound like King Crimson,and Nekoi very interested in his sound and asked him to arrange her songs.
At that time he starts to make some songs by PC, so he agreed to PSYDOLL started.
At first PSYDOLL project only for making songs(not for play), but after the first mini albums complete,both starts to find the gigs in Tokyo in naturally.

3)Who are the members of the band?

Nekoi Psydoll-songs and lyrics mainly, vocal, keyboards.

for the tours, foods, cars, trains, beds, and stage moneys seeker.
ucchi Psydoll-guitars, arrangements, songs sometimes.
for the tours, good beers and fish & chips seeker.

4)Whats the meaning of psydoll?

It means Psycho doll,doll has good looking but the soul is crazy maybe…?
At first we planning the band name as CYDOLL,(Cyberdoll),but Nekoi said to ucchi
“Let’s spell it as PSYDOLL,because we are psychos”

5) Under what label are you working, and in what part of the world are
you leaving now?

We were in the label of Planet Ghost music, this may support our first album distributions for the worlds.
This label owned a band called Little Match Girl who had very good hit Goth/Electro songs in Leeds, England.
As PSYDOLL started to relate with UK scene, we asked them through our best friend in UK and they accepted to support.And the first compiration CD for world market named “I PSYDOLL” completed.
At that time they planning to restart the band of LMG, and we were hoping to play together, but the plan didn’t continue, so we decided to distribute our next album “10 spyglasses” by ourselves.
It’s a bit sad that we leave from them,but we still have good relationship, and wishing their cool works for music continue.

6) What is the discography of psydoll? and who is in charged of the
artwork of you releases ?

We have two albums for international market, these are ‘I PSYDOLL’ and ’10 spyglasses’.
“I PSYDOLL” -has 14 songs, made by 2 mini albums and added a bonus song.
“10 spyglasses” -has 10 songs which came from 10 different worlds.
Both artwork by Senno Knife, the horror/fetish Manga artist and the partner of Nekoi Psydoll.
(you can find some of his works through internet)

unnamed (2)
unnamed (3)




More info about Senno Knife :



7) If you had to choose a music genre about the sound of Psydoll, which would it be?

That’s the most difficult question for PSYDOLL.
At first the Goth people in UK may accepted Psydoll,but we are not pure Goth.
In personally the members are Punks . Nekoi loves UK Punks like X-Ray Spex

,ucchi loves NY Punks like Velvet Underground.

also both love the world of Si-Fi like Blade Runner or Matrix,so PSYDOLL saying their genre as Cyberpunk band.

8) What are your musical and artistic influences?

Nekoi loves modern classic music like Igor Stravinsky,Gustav Holst,also loves letro pops from New wave movement like The Buggles ,Depeche mode    ,  or YMO   .
ucchi has two gods,one is Frank Zappa   ,another is Robert Fripp from King Crimson                 .
All great sounds from the great persons converted with crazy ways…..that’s the sound of PSYDOLL.

9) About your aesthetics , does it mean anything?

Nekoi Psydoll- Because in such a twisted society, we born,grew up,and still so on with it.
Society sometimes hurts our mind,I am a black sheep,but I have voice and keyboard to play.

ucchi Psydoll-I’m not in flock. I won’t sell out. I just believe in our sound.



10)What are the differences between the foreign crowd and the japanese crowd?

Foreign crowd drinks so many beers!!!!!!
also the tickets fees are very cheap!
Japanese crowd don’t drink so much!!!!!!
because the ticket and beer prices are expensive!
But both are the very lovely friends for PSYDOLL.

11) What is like to play in Japan? we understand there are many places to play.

Psydoll’s first stage was in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the 2nd city center of Tokyo.
Shinjuku is very historical place,a zone called Kabukicho means ‘punky town’where full of punk peoplearound there since 50’s.
This zone still has many gals, toy-boys, yakuzas, rockers, ordinary peoples all mixing together.
If you had not been there,then you can imagine Blade runner’s New Los Angels without air-cars.
There is a small venue called URGA at there,this is the main homeground for Psydoll.
We also have some second homes in Tokyo, Japan, also some lovely venues in UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Philippines.
We wish if we get the cool venue in Chile someday.




12)What’s your vision about the japanese bands outside Japan?

It would be wonderful thing that the bands-not only Japanese bands but also the bands in all over the worldgoing around to play for another countries….!
like Manga, Anime, Movies, or Illustrations, music is the strong sub culture which can connect the people’s hearts.

13) What are your favorite bands?

Nekoi Psydoll-I have many,but if I need to show five bands,
The Buggles(1st album), P.I.L(5th album)   , YMO(all), Toyah Willcox(1st album)   , Adam and the ants(1st album)

ucchi Psydoll-I have many,but if I need to show five bands,
Frank Zappa, King Crimson(In particular, the album of “RED” ), Velvet Underground(1st, 2nd), Captain Beefheart , Miles Davis (“Electric” Miles)

14) Before Psydoll had other musical projects?

Nekoi Psydoll-I have a band called Kinrandonsu,the Southern island folk music with digital techino like backing tracks.I am an arranger,and keyboardist with chorus too.

ucchi Psydoll-I have a band called ADAM-SITES, the post-punk band.

15) They have other bands members PSYDOLL or PSYDOLL is your only project?

We had a drummer Loveless, but now he taking a super long vacation from PSYDOLL,and recently it seems he starts the sports and went back a good father. We missed him because he was a very good punk drummer.

16) PSYDOLL members have other or PSYDOLL is your only project?

Nekoi Psydoll-The project Psydoll established who am I,so in the current I would be ok I have only band, Psydoll.

ucchi Psydoll-I started ADAM-SITES again, now I am owning this and continue two bands.

17) What are your plans for 2015?

We are going to have some more songs,hopefully complete a new album of PSYDOLL.

18) A message for your readers and to end this interview?

Thank you for taking the time for reading this, we are PSYDOLL located Tokyo, Japan.
Through internet, we had been making the ‘virtual contacts’ with the friends in all over the world.
and in some countries, we had been making our wish in true, that’s the ‘real contacts’.
virtual and real needs be compatibility,so we hope to going around to play, hopefully to all over the world. Please keep in your mind,we all who love independent cultures are the friends, brothers and the sisters.
We all should continue to appeal how we are.




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