One terrorist interview with CRAZY-SKB(QP-CRAZY-Kill-High technology suicide)

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news_large_TheCrazySKB_art_201303Crazy-skb is an icon of the Punk in japan with more than 30 years of career, he gave us the chance to do this unique exclusive for latin america and for the world .

1)Cheers and let us let you know that it is a great honor to have you as one of our guests to our webzine of this week and I wish you the best from Chile hahaha, and what you feel about this situation?

Crazy-SKB : ChileChileChileChile!!!!

2) In that part of Japan are living ?

Crazy-skb : Latitud:35.632546 Longitud:139.88133 .

3)How owner of a label called Satsugai Ennka Vinyl, is a label only for your own project or too are available for another bands , What are the bands that keep your label ?

Crazy-skb :  I started the label in 1983. At first we just sold cassettes, but we then moved into making vinyl, and 1988 we adopted the name «Satsugai Enka Vinyl» (murder vinyl chloride). The label mostly focuses on distributing my own bands, but also deals with other bands. I can’t count the number of records and and bands we’ve released!

4) What are your musical projects currently ?


5) Your main band is Qp-crazy. right ??

Crazy-skb : That’s Right!!

6)Qp-crazy is popular for your freak and energetic performances with pyrotechnics and destroy of items  ,where comes where come this idea of make these particular performances ?

Crazy-skb : Spontaneous action before words. 

7) What is meaning of name Qp -crazy and how born the idea of this band ? ?

Crazy-skb : QP-CRAZY means Q(cu)tely & Pretty & CRAZY. The initial concept was a fusion of punk and industrial.

8) You are the designer of album covers of Qp-crazy?If so that your inspiration for designing or what its meaning?

Crazy-skb The QP-CRAZY album covers are mostly designed by a guy called Yoshiki Takahashi. 

9)What are you talk for the lyrics from the band Qp-crazy ? ?

Crazy-skb: Things that will happens, things that have happened, anger, fear, violence and fairy tales.

10)We understand that you have in your band to a former member of the popular band The Stalin, has brought some kind of consequence this? What do you think about this?

CRAZY-SKB : He (Toozy-Q) was a member of a couple of bands before The Stalin (Barashi and Kokeshi Doll). Toozy is pushing 60 and has lost the hearing in one ear, but he can still play a mean bass. He also plays bass in Hi-Technology Suicide.


11) What is the line up of QP-CRAZY now? Has been changed or remained??

CRAZY-SKB: This is the current line up. The only original members are me and Toozy-Q  :











12) The last release of Qp-crazy is a live album , Right ??

CRAZY-SKB:  Yeah. Our next release will be a 4-track album called «DESTROY!DESTROY!!DESTROY!!!». We’re also working on our 13th full-length at the moment.

13)Qp-crazy  have plans for international activities???

Crazy-skb : We’ve played in China before, but these days we don’t play any shows abroad. If someone asks we’ll go and play anywhere, but otherwise you come to Japan!

14) Is it true that you had releases in  Usa of any of your records??

CRAZY-SKB : Hi-Technology have released music on Sympathy Records.

15)What can you tell us about your project called Kill ?


16)How was this change in sound of Punk  something more Metal?

CRAZY-SKB : The voice of Satan.

17)Who are the members of this band and since when active how band ?

Crazy-skb :Our mission began on June 6th, 1994. The original three members were myself, Proletariat Honma (also a member of Hi-Technology Suicide and QP Crazy), and S∴D∴R – black magician of the Arabian peninsula. The other members joined after that to form the current line-up. We have plans to add even more members in the future.


18)What difference exists between Kill & Qp-Crazy?

CRAZY-SKB :Listen and see.

19)Could you tell us which is the discography of oficcial Kill ‘till the moment?


1ST CDs『猫殺し油地獄』(Nekogoroshi Abura Jigoku) (4songs/1995年)

2nd CDs『屍骸民族』(Shigai Minzoku) (13songs/1998年)

3rd CDs『CANNIBAL CARNIVAL』(6songs/2007年)

4th CDs『邪教狂信血祭快楽』(Jakyou Kyoushin Ketsusai Kairaku) (6songs/2008年)

5th CDs『DEATH MORE OMEN』(7songs/2009年)

6th CDs『DARKNESS BEHAVIOR』(13songs/2011年)

1st DVD『SATANIC XTC』(121min/2010年)

and More V.A. CDs

For people interested in Kill, the album that best reflects our style at the moment is 『DARKNESS BEHAVIOR』, which also has Slayer and Rammstein covers. It’s available in Germany.


CRAZY-SKB :  We want the audience to feel the fear of death.

21) Have plans for import Kill a overseas ??

CRAZY-SKB :If we have the opportunity we wouldn’t turn it down. You won’t find another band with a style like ours anywhere else in the world. If it fits with our schedule then we’d also be interested in playing festivals and so on. For bookings please contact Give us a call.

22) WEll , now talked about Kaiki Dobatsu horror,  still are actives  ?

CRAZY-SKB  : Right .

23)Why decided to released you new single under the label of visual kei bands Undercode, know about Kisaki ?

CRAZY-SKB: Visual-kei is popular with the young people of earth, and Kisaki is the king of Visual-kei, so we decided to use that label. 

24)With the announcement of Kisaki closing in March this year the label Undercode feel fear for the future of  Kaiki dobatsu horror ?

CRAZY-SKB  : There’s no need to worry. It’s not a problem.

25)In what year did the band activities Kaiki dobatsu horror and how begin the idea of this band ?

CRAZY-SKB  : The band was formed on December 31st, 1999, 23:59pm, by mutation

26)What are the members of this band ?

CRAZY-SKB   The main 2 members are SHEIK the CRAZY-SKB and BUTCHER the CRAZY DANGER KENZI. We invite the other members to play when we need them.

27) Play in live or only are a Studio band ?

CRAZY-SKB  :  Both. Our main focus is other-worldly activities.

28) What motives a you and Kenzi a comeback with the band ?

CRAZY-SKB :  It’s not a comeback, we’re just returning to earth..

29) What is it Definition of sound of Kaiki dobatsu horror ?

CRAZY-SKB :  Our sound can include anything, even no sounds at all.

30)Before your last single you had releases  in your first era, if this is right we invite you to relate us that release ?


21/1/2001 First album <satsugai houkaki anarchist kokka>
1/1/2002 VA album <satsugai cover omnibus3 >
3/1/2006 Kenzi Densetsu ~ There is no Successor behind me -FEATURED in the dvd   .

31) What is the concept of your aesthetic , names like the butcher , in Kaiki dobatsu horror ?

CRAZY-SKB : Al principio nuestro plan maestro era matar a un orden inferior de animales (humanos) con el Virus Doruge, a continuación, establecer una nueva nación de los animales. Sin embargo, luego decidió matar a todas las criaturas vivientes y convertir la Tierra en un lugar desierto .

32) Who are the members of Support in live ?

CRAZY-SKB :En los 400000 Worms, 400000 Worms, Barbed-Wire Spiked Kenzan Y  666 Electric Eels conciertos  :

Sea Lion Gelge, Princess Octopus Gelge, Milk Gelge, Strawberry Gelge, JET Gelge, Monkey Gelge, Peach Gelge, Chocolate Gelge, 7 Gelge, Speed Gelgey mucho más.

33)From when you are a musician and that made you do it?

CRAZY-SKB:I became a musician suddenly in 1982.

34) What are your influences and what are your favorite bands?


35) Do you take any kind of precaution for handling of pyrotechnics?

CRAZY-SKB : No, I don’t need to.

36) What is your height ?and how old are you ?

CRAZY-SKB :166, 44.

37) What can you tell us about wrestling Project 666,  you are  founder right ?


38)Who are the members of 666 ?


39)You are the  only music in the 666?

CRAZY-SKB :There’s one other guy.

40) Your look is quite extreme, as you inspired to create your visual style?

CRAZY-SKB :I never really thought much about it, it just came together.

41) What is your vision of punk in Japan these days, has remained or had changes?

CRAZY-SKB : I think the sound and fashion have become more poppy. This isn’t just true for punk, but we’re living in a time when anyone can listen to anything. The music isn’t just restricted to one group of people anymore. That doesn’t have much to do with us though.

42) That news will bring together your 3 bands this 2013

CRAZY-SKB :There will be a 3-day concert to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CRAZY SKB from August 8th-10th, featuring QP-CRAZY, Kyouakukyoushindan, Moudoku and more. 

43) What is your favorite plate of food?

CRAZY-SKB : Antibiotics.

44) What books and movies do you like?

Crazy-skb : ROB ZOMBIE’S  films 、Hostal、HILLS HAVE EYES、The Texas Chainsaw Massacre、CALIGULA、PLANET OF THE APES .

45) We understand that your discs or other products of your bands most are only available for purchase only in Japan, do you think the not so distant foreigners have greater access to your products without using intermediaries such as website Celga purchase?

Crazy-skb :  Please look on Amazon JAPAN or itunes.

46) Generally play  with bands of visual ke like  THE  PIASS, DEAD POP STAR ,SEX ANDROID,  what think of this situation and what is your vision about the visual kei ?

Crazy-skb : We don’t just play together so often, actually only once or twice so far, but we»ll play with bands from any genre, not just Visual-kei. I don’t really have any opinion about Visual-kei.

47)you have thought that by your aesthetic one you are considered an artist of visual kei?

CRAZY-SKB :  We’re more like «Trauma-kei».

48) How important is the visual element in your projects, you could work without it?

Crazy-skb : It depends on the project, but the essential element is fire.

49) I recently found out that you will have a release of an album in which participate all your bands where you’ve been and the date has not revealed the track list only, tell us about this crazy-skb simultaneous bombing in all its forms hahahahonly these two ?

Crazy-skb :Bombing commences on April 19th.

50) near the end of this interview, you have something to say or express your readers from Latin America?