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One interview with the wild Tatsu(Gastunk)

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1)What do you feel to be interviewed for a medium from South America?

TATSU :I appreciate the offer from foreign media interview of me and this is a great oppitinity for my life, also honor. Thanks

2)What does it feels to be a man carrying a 30-years career?

TATSU :So many things happened when I created the music, at the same time I felt that time go so fast but the total of my 30 years career I would say it has been long and short.
In addition, there is no attachment to continue the music … I feel it has ran its mission in recent years.

3)You’ve done everything you’ve wanted as a musician?

TATSU:Until a while ago! lol

4) In what year did you get to be part of Gastunk?

Tatsu: I think it was end of the year of 1983 or beginning of 1984………1983 for sure.

5) How did you become part of Gastunk, how everything gave?

Tatsu :I am not an original member of the Gastunk. As far as I know …before I join, there were so many member changes
In the year of 1983 certainly, the original member of Gastunk were formed by Baby ( Ba/Vo ) then.. NAOKI (composer of Geronimo G, RIP CREAM current From Comes /) and MATSUMURA (D, after From Comes … ). After that OTAKEBI (ex Dead cops Bass) took the Vo place. I joined dead cops after the dissolution comes DEAD COPS. Its very complicated in the beginning how Gastunk were formed.
We are not the only band that who changed member around so many times, at least it was the turnover among band members in the world of hardcore bands.
BAKI (ex EXCUTE) joined after me, this was the prototype of subsequent Gastunk at this point and then, 1st single is GASTUNK has been released in February of 85 ‘.

6)Why they decided to change Gastunk to Gastank?

Tatsu : Although I had some reason about it, because I don’t care, I don’t remember.
Although it is one of the word which can express my life with a word now, anyway I didn’t like the name Gastunk.

7)Now, you are Gastank or Gastunk?

Tatsu: It may be Gastunk. Lol

8)What is the reason of your return? At least in your opinion ?

Tatsu : According to the bands of the next generation, I think that the main reason for the revival’s success was that things were over-exaggerated and became legendary after the break up.
By the way, the first revival in 1999 attracted the biggest audience.

9) Under what label is Gastunk currently?

Tatsu : LOVE RECORD(GASTUNK独自のLabel) です= Love Record (Gastunk own label)

10)You played in USA in the 80’s, how was that chance for a Japanese band in an era that was not often known   Japanese bands?

Tatsu  :The lives at Whiskey A Go Go were like events where bands in the local area would perform, but because the live at Fenders in Long Beach was set up by Metallica, I was able to perform there with NUCLEAR ASSAULT. Anyway, the recording itself in LA was able to be done with the help of Metallica.”

11)What could you tell us about The red killing addiction?

Tatsu : Nothing

12) The only song you have released to the market available was a cover to Gastunk, why did you choose those songs?

Tatsu :This isn’t my opinion, you should ask D.Tommy. Lol

It’s doesn’t matter to me even if we play X Japan songs or…. XD

13) Under what’s labeled was TKRA?

Tatsu : I don’t remember it.

14)The event of death of Taiji will end The Red Killing Adiction?

Tatsu : There is no schedule of The KIlling Red Addiction.
Since nobody can do instead of Taiji… Although we don’t plan to look for a successor, we did not disperse.
It is because we think that it will be left behind that something is possibly meaningful by three persons.
I think that our re-formation is a time of all four persons falling to hell if it can say certainly.

15)Where is your favorite live house and why?

TATSU: I hardly go to a live house to see concert usually.
Although I have already moved now, I have a lot of memories in the “Shibuya attic” and old “Shinjuku LOFT.”
“CLUB251″ which performed event”Violet~Electric Crazy Vo1” which combine as the 30th first anniversary to promote by myself on March 10 was good.
And LIQUID ROOM is also good.
I like “Shimokitazawa SHELTER”!

16) What could you tell us about your relationship with the band of Punk Rock , Nickey and the warriors ?

Tatsu : Since I was the youngest in the underground punk scene, I was loved from the original members of Nickey and the Warriors, excluded Nickey. I don’t remember when we become friends each other, but she’s like my elder sister since then.

We have similarity because we both pro debut under contract with major record company and return to the indies label again, I think that that was something is returning to the origin is similar.
I know Nickey from 30 years ago, but I was not an atmosphere that Nickey is talking to me at the time! XD

17) This was your first collaboration with them beyond the stage?

Tatsu : It becomes the third to be exact. The first gig with them was actually for my welcome back gig, which after I released from jail for my first offence. And second gig, I did their opening by playing guitar alone. I wrote their song “In My Heart” and have played four songs in this volume.

18)On the 10th of this month you had an anniversary concert with Auto-mod and Nickey and Warriors, you can stay ahead of what’s to come in this great  event?

Tatsu :Although I do nothing especially … Since it was the 30th anniversary this time, I asked of the guest at AUTO-MOD and NICKEY & THE WARRIORS.
The rest designed the flier carefully and I also brought it to favorite BAR.

19)What song of the Cd you recommend us?

Tatsu :DROP DEAD MOTHERFUCKER ~ Tatsu is Here” / Tatsu

20) タツが影響されたバンドもしくは好きなバンドは?

ANDY McCOY(Hanoi rocks)

Sid vicious


Tatsu with Mari Henmi

21)?Recently you had a release of your solo project, entitled SOMEBODY kill me, what can you tell us about this release?

Tatsu : This album, *NeatNeat Neat* of a previous work and “51% Mutherfucker 48% Son of a Bitch” of beforehand are the works which selected the song from what was recorded at the house, and were made in about 13 years.
Therefore, there is a difference in temperature for every music… It is reflected without its state concealing from sound.
Moreover, there is also much music drawn for others.
Although I didn’t think that I released the tracks by myself when I made them. — progress of time — fearful … since man is an animal which gets used again … my feeling had also changed.
XD — it will be because thinking as the decisive reason has required me for a serious vocal phobia and Vocal Allergie.

22)How was the birth of the idea of your solo career and was successful?

Tatsu :I always criticized singers that penetrate halfway when they sing….I am beginning to think that vocals are capable of emitting queer voices on stage are absurd. And I think the idea of a solo project to sing a song on stage was a failure. XD However, for the recording was fun, but in a sense the essence of smug world of their own with respect to… and I would never make a Mix and Mastering full album by myself again.

23)Who make up your team on your solo project?

Tatsu :Ba. Wild Bear ,  Dr. Pazz (Gastunk)

24)  What do you think is different between punk rock in the 80’s and now?

Tatsu : I think PUNK right now is positive than 80’s, that’s because my generation, everyone was default to the paranoid era of us…

25)What do you think of the Japanese punk scene?

Tatsu : I want young man to make new times. We can help it, but it needs young power to make new times.

26)Do you know how the Punk came to Japan?

Tatsu : I do not have experience in the generation of examining you through later …I think the time of PUNK in NY was featured in a magazine called Zoo in 1976 and PUNK in London was from a magazine called Doll in 1977.
27) What do you think of the punk scene abroad?
Tatsu: NY PUNK from 76 of ancient times … Since LONDON PUNK from 77 is reason omission and is caught as it is with a child, its parenthesis is vaguely good!
Since HARD CORE PUNK from LONDON of the 80s is the starting point of my LIFE and it is the background in which its guitar style carried out probability, it is being greatly reflected in my life.
28) What is your favorite alcoholic drink and how much do you drink per week?
Tatsu: I like tequila, cassis liqueur (cassis milk), and red wine. I hardly go out to drink recently, but I drink something with my dog. lol
 29)Do you know something about Chile or South America ?
Tatsu:I forgot everything that I learned in school along with the boring annoying memory…People may think this is a stupid talk from my experience but … all I can say is I love the red wine made in Chile, because the wine taste so rich and delicious, and also punk woman’s in South America are super fun!
30) Good to dismiss this interview, do you have a message for your Hispanics readers and possibly for the entire world?? 
If you read me the interview to the end , I am very happy. Thank you!