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The life in a CHORD : Interview with the Bass-monster Hitoki ( Kuroyume ) .

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1) Along with Hitoki San thank you for your time as you feel being interviewed by a newspaper in Chile?

Hitoki :  I´m honored. i was filled with anxiety by the language barrier of the interview a country that is not Japan. But thank you in advance .

2) in what part of Japan you were born and where you currently is living ?

Hitoki : I was born in Aichi and raised in Gifu.

3) Your training as a musician was professionally for yourself or learn to play instruments?

Hitoki : I practice, but never learned from anyone, I just learned my musical scales .

4) Who were your influences for getting to become a musician?

Hitoki : It was this one time when I saw the band SUS4 and I spemd some time with Kaoru Mamiya.


Sus4 – song please here 

5) That could tell us about your first band 狂犬病? who were the members of this band? 

Hitoki :I played in the band that mimicked a Japanese band called laughin ‘NOSE as their main drummer.



6) Despite being recognized as a great bass player with 狂犬病 I started your career as a drummer. What can you tell us about these early so different from your present?

Hitoki :I started as a bass player with Garnet

7) You knew Kiyoharu before or after the sus4 band? as you meet?

Hitoki : I met the band he formed when we met, I didn’t know it before that .

8) What was your role in the garnet band? garnet considers the first part of what became known as Kuroyume?

Hitoki : I played the base in Garnet. That is the beginning of my career as a base player but If someone asks if this is the beginning of Kuroyume, I don’t think that would be right .



9) Where the origin of the name  Kuroyume?

Hitoki :  The first image is that there is no dream there and the first song is Kuroyume .

10) In his early years his music was too dark for a scene in those years was beginning to sound more melodic, how you felt this sound or tapeworms of the review?

Hitoki :  I played while I thought it was great. I tried to make music no one had heard before .

黒夢 ✞ 親愛なるDEATHMASK

11) Was Kuroyume a conceptual band or you played a dramatic role with the band ?

Hitoki: Kuroyume had lots of concept changes everytime. I got to enjoy the changes, during that time I use to have a strong conscience like more than rol-player .

12) When the most extreme aesthetic stage kuroyume finished also coincided with the departure from the musician called Shin it was just as it was your relationship with him? as they meet to shin ?

Hitoki : Shin is a very free person. I keep thinking that he lives his life such in a free way without changing. I simpatize with him.


13) In that time, what’s your favorite song or the song that you identify more?

Hitoki :Everything he has done into the music is my favorite one .

14) Was it like for you to experience all the musical changes throughout history kuroyume?

Hitoki: Kuroyume music changes were very stimulating, funny too .

15) How did the idea for your solo project? under that label release your Solo stuff ?

Hitoki : : When I want to do that I just do it, about being a solo singer, I just did it and that’s all. This is the result of the stimulating record companies and chats .

Could You Dance With Me?

16) We know that kuroyume went through a long pause due to Hitoki’s health problems. Do you believe there were other factors involved, such as, for example, lack of inspiration? Did you stay in touch during the pause?

Hitoki :During the pause, there wasn’t such contact.

17) it is to our knowledge that you have collaborated as support member for other 90’s artists such as Izam and Aki from Laputa. How was it for you to bring two radically different worlds into a musical project?

Hitoki : It was incredible. I want to be a support member yet.

18) how did your collaboration with ピラニアヘッズ   begin?


Hitoki : Why do you begin a sound that you tried to do in a lot of places. I always start with what I like.

19) how did you feel about collaboration with super drop babies again? One of our readers asks if you know if the band is still active ?

Hitoki : The band isn’t playing now. I think that i doesn’t continues. I had fun with them when they played without, think that  is disband .  

Super Drop Babies

20) we know that you collaborated with Ai Otsuka in 2004. We were wondering, how can two artists who are so different work together? We understand that in 2004 you collaborated with Ai Otsuka and we wonder that as such different artists could work together from your point of view ‘?

Hitoki : I was invited to play. I don’t put feelings or opinions with who I have to play.

Ai otsuka – love jam

21) How was your experience with dummy corporation?

Hitoki : Hitoki: I do not think I am an artist, I assume as a musician .. Then I just go where there is an offer where we agree and interests together.


Dummy’s Corporation

22) With all your experience feel relevant or important differences between working for independent labels and major labels?

Hitoki :  Hitoki: Great Seal or one independent, in any case, I think there is no difference .But I think there is great enthusiasm and inspiration on a major label when you’re working with many people.

23) How  do you to stay as active in the music world ? you’re a machine .

Hitoki: I think it’s always important to stay active.

24) Do you feel you’ve achieved everything you wanted as a musician?

Hitoki : Hitoki: I do not feel this at all. I think I’m still on the road.

25) What is the meaning in your life Kuroyume return?

Hitoki :Kuroyume is an important project that determine my life as a musician in my youth. Although it may not recover my youth I want to take care proud to be part of Kuroyume.

黒夢 / ゲルニカ


26) Do you know about the Chilean or South American culture?

Hitoki : Sorry but I have no idea about them .

27) What could you tell us about yourself; musical tastes, hobbies, body height?

Hitoki : My hobbies include fishing, my activities for myself, my height is 171 cm .

28) Plans for what is left of this 2015?

Hitoki :  I´ll be playin on creature creature at the end of this year

29) any message to all your reader to ending our interview ?

Hitoki : Thanks, till the end I´ll be happy if you can listen to my performances in some place or in some time .




Una entrevista con los pelos parados con los Joker .

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1) Cómo se sienten de ser entrevistado para prensa sudamericana ?

Juria : Bien ,  yo soy el fundador de la banda .

2)Quienes conforman Joker ???

Juria :  Si tu revisas la red   de JOKER ,tu encontraras el  website oficial  con nuestras hazañas heroicas -risas-  .
No hay errores en ese HP por favor  revise  en ella.
3) Bajo que sello discográfico están trabajando ???

Juria : nosotros no pertenecemos a ninguna compañía. Hacemos todo por nosotros mismos.

4) Antes de Joker tuvieron bandas anteriores o Joker es su primera banda ? Aparte de Joker tienen otras bandas ?

Juria :  me uní a Guren, que es un famoso grupo en el área loca del Fukuoka como base de soporte. Esta banda ha tenido presentaciones de alto nivel, entonces yo les rogué por estudiar y tocar como soporte.

5) Cuáles son las influencias musicales de Joker ? Cuales son sus bandas favoritas ?

Juria : Las bandas que influyeron en mí son las bandas que se dejaban el pelo viejo y desaliñado.
6)Por qué eligieron hacer una banda de Visual kei inspirada en la primera generación y no una banda más convencional ?

Juria : No tengo banda favorita, pero tengo  bandas a quienes respeto  洋海(HIROMI) de los  The Dead pop star  
  y 栄二(EIJI)de Gaudy mode .
La razón por la que estoy influenciado por las bandas  de la primera generación, se debe a que en mi  apertura de lo que  yo sabía de las bandas visual kei fue por casualidad. Supe el presente de las bandas visual kei más tarde.

7) Qué piensan actualmente de la escena Visual kei ?

Juria : Creo que las bandas de visual kei son preciosas, todo bien. Porque me encanta estar vestido como los viejos tiempos. (risas). Me gusta ser siempre cuidadoso de mi apariencia …. Es lo mismo que estar vestido en momentos en que otras personas son menos vistosas , y yo soy el más llamativo. Y creo que esto también está de moda. (Risas) .
8) Cuál es la discografia de Joker hasta la fecha ?

Juria :

Single :


Album :

life story
『MOSQUITO』DVD&mini album

『829 crazy boy』mini album

Free distribution CD :

9) Por qué eligieron llamarse Joker , tiene a algún significado oculto o es solo el nombre de la banda ?

Juria : Nombré Joker a mi banda porque pensé que tendría un gran impacto .
10) Han podido presentarse en el extranjero o todavía están esperando su oportunidad ?

Juria : Nunca hemos tocado en vivo en el extranjero. Nunca hemos conseguido ofertas anteriormente . (Risas)
11) Cuál es su live house favorito ?

Juria :  Mi live house favorito es Yakuin beat station en Fukuoka.
12) Cuáles son sus planes para este 2015 ?

Juria :  Nuestros planes en 2015 son para terminar nuestro CD que se dará a conocer pronto y vamos a ir a tocar en vivo en Tokio, Nagoya y Osaka.
13 ) Para finalizar esta entrevista tienen algún mensaje para sus lectores ?

Juria : Hay muchas personas que no nos conocen.
Yo no creí que nuestra banda continuase durante 10 años. Porque tenía una voluntad débil.
Me he vuelto fuerte a fin de continuar,si un pensamiento cambió en mí poco a poco fue cuando hice actividad de musical y tocar en vivo.

He cambiado muchos integrantes ,la organización de la banda era hasta ahora de primera, y repito el cambio de aproximadamente unos 30 miembros.
Cada vez que un miembro de esta banda se iba, me sentía cansado y quería huir.
Pero yo era capaz de terminar haciendo hasta ahora, todo gracias a los fans que esperaron y nos apoyaron!
Creo que estoy en el aquí y ahora, gracias a los fans.
Creo que el sentido que tiene todo esto es hacer sin renunciar a ello por cualquier cosa!
Creo que es importante enfrentar sin escapar. Creo que me encuentro con más personas por la actividad musical en el futuro!
Creo que es lo mejor si puedo dejar que muchas personas hagan que el corazón de muchas personas sea más fuerte en nuestra música.
Quiero superar el gran obstáculo de la vida juntos.



Smash your head with our Joker Interview .

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1)How do you fell to be interviewed by the press of South America?

Juria :It’s me(JURIA) which launched the band.

2)Who’s compose the band? 

Juria :  If you check network about 博多(Hakata) JOKER, you will find the HP like heroic exploits. (laugh). There are not mistakes in this HP, please refer to it !
3)Since when are active? In what label record company are working?

Juria : we don’t belong any company. We do all things by ourselves.

4) Before Joker had previous bands or Joker is your first band? Besides the Joker have other bands?

Juria :   I (JURIA) joined 『紅蓮』(GUREN) that is famous group in local Fukuoka as a base player for supporting. This band have high performance level, so I begged them for studying and played for supporting.

5) Which are the musical influences of Joker? What are your favorite bands?

Juria :The bands that influenced me is the bands which let old hair dishevel.
6) Why did you choose to make a Visual Kei band inspired by the first generation rather than a more conventional band?

Juria : I don’t have favorite band, but I have band that I respect. 洋海(HIROMI)in the dead pop stars, and 栄二(EIJI)in GAUDY MODE. 
  y 栄二(EIJI) .
The reason why I was influenced by the bands before the first generation is because the opening that I knew the visual-kei bands was it by chance. I knew the present visual-kei bands later.
7) What actually think of the visual kei scene?

Juria :I think visual-kei bands are gorgeous, so good. Because I love being dressed up from old days. (laugh). I like to be always careful about my appearance…. It is the same as being dressed up at time when other people go out, and I am only showy. And I think that this is also fashionable.(laugh)
8) What is the actual discography?

Juria :

Single :


Album :

life story
『MOSQUITO』DVD&mini album

『829 crazy boy』mini album

Free distribution CD :

9) Why chose called Joker, has some hidden meaning or is it just the name of the band?

Juria : I named my band Joker because I thought it had a great impact.
10) Have you been performing overseas or are still waiting for their chance?

Juria : We have never performed live in overseas. We have never gotten offer before.(laugh)

11) What is your favorite live house?

Juria :  My favorite live house is Yakuin beat station in Fukuoka.

12) What are your plans for this 2015 ?

Juria :  Our plans in 2015 are to finish our CD that we will release soon and we are going to go to perform live in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.
13) To end this interview, do you have a message for your readers?

Juria : There are many people who don’t know us. I didn’t think our band continued for 10 years. Because I had a weak will. I have become strong so as to go if a thought changed among myself little by little when I did music activity and perform live. I changed lot of member. The organization of the band was until now from the first, and I repeated the change of approximately approximately 30 members. Whenever a member left this band, I got tired of it and wanted to run away. But I was able to finish doing it until now thanks to the fans who waited and supported us! I think I am in here now thanks to the fans. I think that it has a meaning to do it without giving it up for anything! I think that it is important to confront without escaping. I think that I meet more people by music activity in the future! I think that it is the best if I can let many people make the heart of many people strong in our music more and yet more. I want to get over the big obstacle of the life together.



hairsprayとJoker bandへのインタビュー

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Juria : バンドを立ち上げたのが自分(JURIA)です! .

2)誰が、このバンドを作ったのですか? 彼らはどこの出身ですか?

Juria : 博多JOKERって検索したら 武勇伝的なHPが出てきますよ(笑) あそこに書かれてる内容は間違いではないのでそれを参考にしてみて下さい!!


Juria : 会社には何処にも所属してません 全て自分達でやってます!


Juria : 僕ジュリアは 博多JOKER以外には 地元福岡では名前があがってた『紅蓮』(GUREN)にベースでサポート加入をしていました! とにかく演奏レベルの高いバンドだなと 勉強しに頼み込んでサポートとして活動してましたよ♪

5)Jokerに音楽的影響を及ぼしたのはなんですか? あなたのお気に入りのバンドはどのバンドですか?

Juria : 影響を及ぼしたバンドは 昔の髪の毛爆発させてたバンドさん達ですかね…


Juria :お気に入りのバンドさんはとくに居ません、ただ尊敬しているバンドさんなら居ます!the dead pop starsの洋海(HIROMI)さん GAUDY MODEの栄二(EIJI)さん ですね♪ 



7ビジュアル系バンドってハナがあって良いと思いますよ♪ 昔から自分飾るの好きですから(笑) お洒落が好きなんで… 皆も外出する時 お洒落に自分きめてるのと同じで、ただ俺はド派手なだけで 一応これも自分の中ではお洒落なんですよ(笑)


Juria : ビジュアル系バンドってハナがあって良いと思いますよ♪ 昔から自分飾るの好きですから(笑) お洒落が好きなんで… 皆も外出する時 お洒落に自分きめてるのと同じで、ただ俺はド派手なだけで 一応これも自分の中ではお洒落なんですよ(笑)


Juria :

Single :


Album :

life story
『MOSQUITO』DVD&mini album

『829 crazy boy』mini album

Free distribution CD :

9)Jokerという名をなぜ選んだのですか?何か隠された意味がありますか? それともただの名前ですか?

Juria : インパクトがあって良いと思ってつけました!
10)海外で演奏したことがありますか? それともまだそのチャンスを待っていますか?

Juria :海外でライブをした事はありません…オファーなども今までなかったんで(笑)

Juria :  福岡(FUKUOKA)にある 薬院(Yakuin)beat stationです、

Juria : 今回出すCDを完売させる事と 東京 名古屋 大阪(Tokyo , Nagoya , Oosaka)とツアーにいく事。

Juria : 


音楽活動をやっていくにあたって 自分の中で 考えが少しずつ変わり ライブをこなしていけばいく程 自分自身が強くなりました、 メンバーチェンジも沢山しました、結成当初から今までで約30人ほどメンバーのチェンジを繰り返してきました! メンバーがこのバンドを離れていく度に 嫌になり逃げ出したくなったりする事もありました… けど、応援してくれる方々 待ってくれているファンのお陰でここまでやりきれる事が出来ました!皆のお陰で今の自分があると思います。 何に対しても諦めずにやる事に意味があると思ってます! 逃げずに立ち向かう事が大切だと… これからの音楽活動でまだまだ沢山の人達に出会っていくと思います! その沢山の人達の心を 僕達の音楽でもっともっと強くさせていければ最高だと思ってます。 皆で人生の大きな壁を乗り越えていきたいですね♪



Interview With Demona (Cl)

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1) How do you feel to be interviewed from your of  homeland ?

Demona : Greetings. Well, entertaining.


2) Before Demona, in what other projects had you been? and what was the history of each one?

Demona : ABefore Demona had a band with some friends called Corrosion, but nothing serious. We played live and recorded only once a trial. After, with two other friends we made a band called Poisoned, but lasted only a few months and died quickly. In both bands, I just played guitar.



3) How is born your love for Metal?

Demona :  I do not know the truth, just step! As at twelve, at an age when one searches for his identity and explores styles, I remember feeling that Metal was what I liked, what moved me, which made me feel identified.



4) What is the origin of the name Demona and why you chose it? Under what label discografico work?

Demona :  The name Demona was super random, haha. Do not know why I went Yea wanted the word “Demon” as the name of my band. I also told me that a good name must be one word and easy to remember. As I am a woman I took the English word “demon” and I added the “a” at the end to give the feminine touch.

I am currently under the label Hells Heaadbangers.

5) How originated the idea of Demona?

Demona : The idea came one: One day I was bored in my house and I started playing guitar, I did a song and decided to record it with a base drum machine. As I was alone, I wanted to try to sing grabándome myself after doing a quick point, and that is the beginning of Demona.
I liked and I was able to do more than a simple project.


6) What is the current line-up of the band? and what other members have played in or with Demona?

Demona : I’m currently alone, like it used to be, like the beginning. I worked with Max, Andrés and Mauricio when i still lived in Chile. With Gabrihell, Jeff and Antoine when i was living in Canada, and i had the chance to count with huge collaborations such as Witchhammer (Witchtrap) and Tormentor (Desaster/Asphyx

7) How was the story of your foray into Canada and how was that experience? There was a before and after?

Demona : Demona was not well received at first in the metal scene in Chile, but the opposite. In some way or another was struck and some did not like that. I began to experience a kind of bullying (haha), threats, abuse in some way or another.

I was tired and bored of fighting against the current of fools, so a typical day after a long talk with a Canadian friend, take the reins and plan to do a mini tour of the land. After many months and this organization took place. Being there in Québec I realized I needed something that was not giving my country and perhaps i could find it here, so I was leaving everything behind in Chile.

Sure there an after: Starting from scratch with significant prior experience.


8) We understand that you adventure in the land of the Samurai (Japan) and we have this in mind: how you was able to sum up this feat that not many have managed to do (speaking in terms of Chilean musicians)? You could dispel any prejudice to its music scene and learn something of their culture?

Demona :Japan to me was a re-start in my life, haha. I was depressed, bored, unmotivated for long and almost ready to decide not to continue playing with Demona, when Rock Stakk contact me for playing records in Japan alone with Japanese musicians. Of course, this plan was in our minds (Demona and Rock Stakk records) many years ago when Demona only had a couple of demos released.

At last we finish it and voilà! Demona live in Japan … I felt that everything I’ve had to live has been nothing in vain and that the effort and perseverance are being paid.


When I finally got to the island was extremely happy, I could not believe it, I was over-exalted and very anxious! ahaha, everything was so different. After that in the same show everything was amazing, the place was packed, fans drew pictures with me and I tried to speak, supported, bought all the material, and even the same Overdrive I welcomed the performance.

Enjoy the thousand per-cent and definitely go again


9) You had made contact with the Japanese scene before your raid? What bands that country recommend us to analyze?

Demona: I had a couple of contacts yes, but not many. About Japanese bands I would say you have to be open minded to love what they do in their entirety, but of my favorites: Sabbat , Metalucifer  Gastunk  X Japan Loudness , blah blah blah.

10) What you can told us about the chilean metal scene in your experience years? which bands of this country need to be in our collection of metal hahaha?

Demona : the chilean metal scene in my good times (haha) was machist and elitist, but very passionate and with support of each other, have many bad points like the “cahuines” (no se que sea) and the mother center which generate, sure depence of the side haha…but have a nice points also, is a brotherhood, we’re we support each other with passion dedication exclusive

For me is a important have to Force of Darkness  , Atomic Aggressor , Pentagram , Insanity , Invocations Spells .

11) What are the influences on the music of Demona?

Demona : The influences are varied. I could tell from the national classic folklore to the most remote and underground bands that may exist both as metal, punk, and so on and synth pop. Now, if you ask me specifically about influences on the metal I limited to name names, because at this point are already too many bands that run my inspiration!


12) Now we want to know who is the woman (If it is haha) behind this band: Who are you, how many hobbies do you have, favorite bands, hobby, married or single, etc? . Forward take the microphone as we say.

Demona :  Hahaha, yeah, I’m a woman. Well, I sing, I wash you, you iron them, I make you ate, hahaha.

So i am Constanza Godoy, an alternative Chilean model (or trollmodel as would my uncles haha) started seven years ago with his band DEMONA as a project without expectations, which four years ago decided to learn to sew their own clothes and that around the time in his career and official work, trying to live life as she likes.

Do not have much time for hobbies, but I have some hobbies like take pictures, record videos, clean the house, hahaha. But overall my time is divided between music, my creations and modeling … And my partner, with whom I have a serious relationship.

13) what you could tell us about you proyect of desing clothes?How it’s started?You learn by yourself o you have formal education?You had some vip costumers?

Demona : Excellent motherfuc**er question! Haha.

I come from a dysfunctional family, like many people so I grew up
always next to my mother’s arm, like many too. My grandmother and several of her sisters are dressmakers outstanding in its town around their cities (especially among the ladies of her age), my mother and younger sister learned from my grandmother, then without considerable studies have always sewn to the perfection. I always saw machines and genres in the house, frequented the shop and I remember my grandmother even trying to use industrial sewing machine traumantemente my fingers, haha.
In 2011 when I move to Canada, I spent my first two years without doing much, since it was not a permanent resident even (things immigration, etc), then boring wanted to learn to sew to fix my own clothes and make my leggings that I love, etc. So everything started. A friend wanted me to buy those first leggings I did and slowly people started asking for my creations to the point of making me from my line of handmade clothing SPEED CLOTHES.
The girls like to be unique and look good, even if they are metaleras, for one thing to be metal and the other is dressed badly.

14) We understand that the band is your hobby and your official job is you store, it is?. And our question arises General musicians den emphasized that his band is the official work and projects of other areas are taken as hobbies you think? You remind us of Gothic metal artist Mana Japanese guitarist Moi dix mois / Malice mizer having a clothing brand.

Demona : Yes. I hesitate to say that music is my job, because I do not make significant money with it, but it’s something I do with passion and dedication, just like a real job. I do not want my music to make a forced career. I mean, if things in life happens to be my real job, then so be it, but not my goal. So my clothes is my job, because I mixed my love of metal, with metaleras look that we want.

Lately, I’ve run into several people that speaks to me of making metal music or your job or career … OUFFF, say or think something is great. I mean, I do not know, hahaha … It is valid for those who consider something, but I prefer to leave it as the window of the coffin of my feelings, therapy for my happiness, the metal download without pressure or high ambitions … This will leave the destination .

Malice Mizer! Mana is much more gothic and Japanese, haha. But of course! It is a clear example that one can supplement what you love what you do with your life. Also, the music is closely connected with clothing in general and for me to have a staging is important, especially when a specific style is followed, in this case the Metal.


15) What are your plans for 2015 ?

Demona :

It has been three months I’m living in Ohio, USA, with my partner. At the end of this month I go to record an EP that will be released in a vinyl 7 under the American label Hells Headbangers and will be launched during the HHR associated with the distribution.

16) at the end of the interview, do you have any message for you readers?

Demona :Thanks a lot for your time and for this interview, a big hug to every metalhead who follow Demona, and cheers for every rude girl. in september I will play in Hells Headbash Festival 2, produced by the same label. Then will come a period of composition for my third album and perhaps at the end of the year I will go to Chile, I’m still in talks about it. About my clothes, I am now also bold, and to all the prejudicial  I dedicate these words that Dave Carlo from Razor wrote to me: “I do not know how any metal fan (male or female) would object to this … UNLESS they’re missing the point: The more women into our music We have the better “!


Links :