Flashes and memories : Interview with Saori Tsuji .



1) Hello , Saori how you feel being interviewed by a little country from latino america like chile?

Saori : I feel very happy about it. I was surprised when I saw that you had my photo book on Facebook and that made me realize that we really live in an Internet society.

2) Since which year you are taking pictures?

Saori : 1984

3) are  you  an autodidact photograph or you studyied photography?

Saori :By myself. I had a friend who was a photographer and at the beginning, He taught me a lot.

4)Who were your inspirations for being a photograph and what motivates you?

Saori  : When I started taking photos, there was never a time where I was influenced by a person. I was doing things like designing clothes at the time and I was drawn to fashion more than music just when punk was becoming popular in Japan. I bought a camera because I wanted to document it.

5) Always taked pictures or also did interviews ?

Saori :My main job was taking photos for photoshoots. But I did  interview TAIJI (B) of X JAPAN for X’s book in the past. When Fool’s Mate had a TV show, I interviewed some artists. In regards to being the one who was interviewed, I was interviewed in Luna Sea’s book as someone who was involved [in making the book.].


6) Before photographing musicians you took other photographs? (Animals, advertising, clothing) .

Saori  :

ri: I only took photos related to music (as well as voice actors) right from the start. I was a costume designer prior to taking photos after all, as I mentioned before.


7) What was the first band you photographed?

Saori : Alien Sex Fiend when they first came to Japan .


8) What was the photoshoot do you enjoy doing?

Saori :

Saori: I enjoyed taking photos of my favorite facial expressions on artists’ faces on stage. Shoots that evoked an instantaneous reaction due to special effects onstage.

9) What was the artist with whom you had difficulties in performing your job?

Saori  : None .

10) Who were your favorite bands?

Saori :X (X JAPAN as of now), Luna Sea amongst others. But these two are the top.




11) What type of camera do you use and which is your favorite?

Saori :   Back in the era of film, I used the Minolta (35 mm) for live shoots. In the studio, the Mamiya (6×7).  And I use Nikon digital camera now.

12) What do you think are the differences between the current music scene in comparison to the 80s?

Saori :

In the 80s, it felt as though people were trying to aim for their own individual style (music, clothes and such) that was never seen before. Now? I don’t know. I’m not really involved so I can’t really explain it. But I do think «anything goes» and there isn’t fun in that.

13) What differences do you find in the photography of current artists compared to previous times?

Saori : I don’t take photos of artists now.

14) What magazines hace you worked for and until when?

Saori : I took photos for «333» and «Motto2» magazine until last year.

15)  are you  currently still working as a photographer, where can we see your work?

Saori : 

currently I have not done photo shoots.

16)Where did came the idea of release the photobook named Favorites?

Saori : 

Hide by  X at the time proposed the idea to Fool’s Mate’s chief editor. As the title suggests, I had the idea to put in photos of my favourite artists from the start.


17)Do you have more books of your works or Only Favorites-book ?

 Saori: This is the only one that’s done by me. The others are through the artists.


18)What about you are dedicate to nowadays?

 Saori: I want to nothing to be left undone whilst I’m still alive. I also think about what I can do from now on.




19)What can you tell about your hobbies likes music tastes?

Saori : Bauhaus is the starting point and there is nothing that can top that.

20)What are your plans for 2016?

Saori : I do many trivial tasks . It’s almost June so half the year is basically done though.

21)Some message for your readers to end the interview?

Saori : 

Saori: I want to thank you for taking interest in Japanese artists. I want you to not only care about music but also the things your FAVORITE. And natural resources of the earth,too.


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