A piece that will not be forgotten : Interview with Hiderou ( Ex Baiser ) .

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1)Thanks for your time Hide, how do you feel about this interview, coming out from Chile?

Hiderou : I’m surprised to hear from people who live in distant places know about me. Despite leaving the music scene many years ago .I am very happy to know this, thank you very much.

2)In which province of japan you were born? Where do you live now?

Hiderou :  I was born and raised in Tokyo, Asakusa. I live in Tokyo not far away from there .

3) What made you think about being a musician? What can you tell about your musical influences?

Hiderou :   The chance of this was boom bands. BOOWY, Buck-Tick and X Japan on his debut when I was a student and I resptaba an opportunity I thought I wanted to be by her side .BOOWY Last Budoukan in their gigs, X at Shibuya Public Hall are still unforgettable  concerts from  my memories .

4) What aspects of the visual kei scene captured your atention to the point of the desire to be part of it?

Hiderou :  Yet this does not, of men with makeup not assimilated into society, as is David Bowie, David Sylvian and Pete Burn followers were accepted without problems. Then I wanted to be as well.

5) what was the perception of the society about both of the musicians and the fans of the Visual kei scene in the 90’s?

Hiderou : I think I can not deny that the visual kei was treated as a comedy or display socially speaking .There was a recognition that too much makeup or dressed bands are lower than the orthodox rock band that needs no makeup.

6)before of Baiser had you had experience in another band? or Baiser was you first band?

Hiderou : Before Baiser band i played with an band named Deflower .

7)How as you met of the Deflowers members?

Hiderou : Deflower was formed with classmates.



8) whom was the member of deflower? Under what record label were? They amounted to release some work?

Hiderou : I was the leader anyway (hahahah label, 2 tapes were released demos without label.)

9) why Deflower finished or broke up ?

Hiderou : I leave it when I joined Baiser.

10)how you meet the others baiser band members?

Hiderou : I met Baiser when I went to see several bands in concert.


11) Do you remember why the band chose the name Baiser?

Hiderou : I do not know the origin of the name Baiser, and that Yukari use.
12) What was your first concert with baiser? How much was the number of people at concerts?

Hiderou : The audience at the concert livehouse Lazyways Koenji. I think it was less than 100 people.
13) In what songs we appreciate your composition or authorship in the work of study Baiser?

Hiderou :  I participated in all the songs on guitar and vocals. I wrote a song which forget the title.
14) Remember any special concert or show together another band that you would like to share?

Hide : MALICE MIZER  at Shinjuku LOFT .
L’Arc-en-Ciel at CLUBCITTA Kawasaki .
Kuroyume at  7TH Avenue .
DIR EN GREY at Ueno Park Outdoor Stage .
15) Why did you leave Baiser and what whas the date: year / month / day I happened?

Hiderou : Because Yukari was not ambitious.


16)You were still in contact with band members after you leave?

Hiderou : Not many of them.

17) At that time, you were doing music only or you were working out in other jobs?

Hiderou :  As soon as I leave Baiser. one month. This was the first live when I began my musical activities with Jagged.
18) How was the thing you go joined JAGGED LITTIE PILL?

Hiderou : Kazaa was in Baiser battery support. I played with the JLP Kazsa band and bassist Haiji too.
19)Which records you appear withJAGGED LITTIE PILL?

Hiderou :  2 Album : Velvet blood and Swtich blade , 1 Single :  Distortion  Strawberry  – Not for sale .

20) Why you leave JAGGED LITTIE PILL?

Hiderou : Memory about  exhaustion in musical activities. But I do not remember why members at that moment in time that Ryoya retired, waiting for a new member.


21) What could you tell us of The Killer? who made up the band?

Hiderou : I Dont want to think about it because it was a period where I lost control.
22) And who were your bandmates in Swallowtail?

Hiderou :  All members of baiser after leaving the band. I was a guitar of support with the strength of all members, but especially Shaisuke.
23) Why you decided to get away from the music scene?

Hiderou : The reason was because I thought it was too absurd that money could change several situations in the  bands around at the time.
24) How the events of the Shaisuke death? You went to the funeral of Shaisuke?

Hiderou :  Shaisuke was like my little brother His death was very unfortunate and if Attended His funeral.
25) Do you think to come back to the music scene again someday?

Hiderou : Well, if the opportunity arises. Although this will be done under the head of active friends until now.


26)Tell us more about you  , your favorite movies , music ….what do you like ? Express yourself .

Hiderou : Thousand , Thousand  of movies I like  : The Silence of the Lambs、The Dark Knight、Clive Barker’s Hellraiser、SAW、Fight Club、Black Hawk Down、GHOST IN THE SHELL、AKIRA .

27)Are you in contact whith Baiser members ? You know about Yukari nowdays ???

Hiderou : Nothing

28) A fan question ….do you know that Baiser was icons in a little bit part of visual kei public since begining of 21 century  ?

Hiderou : I feel this as exaggerated, but it is not.

29)You have traveled outside of Japan ?

Hiderou : spent one week in france

30)What do you think about the visual kei scene of these days ?

Hiderou :  It has established itself as a system currently scene. But I do not regret not being there, because also the Japanese music scene is rotten.

31)What are your plans for this 2015?

Hiderou : in nowadays  recently i’m  going  as audience to ZiZ GIGS .

32) Do you want to say any message for your readers to finish this interview?

Hiderou : In my recent days I frequently attend concerts Ziz band where played  kozi my old friend  .

Thank you for reading my words. I’m happy if only one person reminds me so far:

I think trying to play guitar somewhere at some not too distant future. But I’ll have a diet first  .




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