The life in a CHORD : Interview with the Bass-monster Hitoki ( Kuroyume ) .



1) Along with Hitoki San thank you for your time as you feel being interviewed by a newspaper in Chile?

Hitoki :  I´m honored. i was filled with anxiety by the language barrier of the interview a country that is not Japan. But thank you in advance .

2) in what part of Japan you were born and where you currently is living ?

Hitoki : I was born in Aichi and raised in Gifu.

3) Your training as a musician was professionally for yourself or learn to play instruments?

Hitoki : I practice, but never learned from anyone, I just learned my musical scales .

4) Who were your influences for getting to become a musician?

Hitoki : It was this one time when I saw the band SUS4 and I spemd some time with Kaoru Mamiya.


Sus4 – song please here 

5) That could tell us about your first band 狂犬病? who were the members of this band? 

Hitoki :I played in the band that mimicked a Japanese band called laughin ‘NOSE as their main drummer.



6) Despite being recognized as a great bass player with 狂犬病 I started your career as a drummer. What can you tell us about these early so different from your present?

Hitoki :I started as a bass player with Garnet

7) You knew Kiyoharu before or after the sus4 band? as you meet?

Hitoki : I met the band he formed when we met, I didn’t know it before that .

8) What was your role in the garnet band? garnet considers the first part of what became known as Kuroyume?

Hitoki : I played the base in Garnet. That is the beginning of my career as a base player but If someone asks if this is the beginning of Kuroyume, I don’t think that would be right .



9) Where the origin of the name  Kuroyume?

Hitoki :  The first image is that there is no dream there and the first song is Kuroyume .

10) In his early years his music was too dark for a scene in those years was beginning to sound more melodic, how you felt this sound or tapeworms of the review?

Hitoki :  I played while I thought it was great. I tried to make music no one had heard before .

黒夢 ✞ 親愛なるDEATHMASK

11) Was Kuroyume a conceptual band or you played a dramatic role with the band ?

Hitoki: Kuroyume had lots of concept changes everytime. I got to enjoy the changes, during that time I use to have a strong conscience like more than rol-player .

12) When the most extreme aesthetic stage kuroyume finished also coincided with the departure from the musician called Shin it was just as it was your relationship with him? as they meet to shin ?

Hitoki : Shin is a very free person. I keep thinking that he lives his life such in a free way without changing. I simpatize with him.


13) In that time, what’s your favorite song or the song that you identify more?

Hitoki :Everything he has done into the music is my favorite one .

14) Was it like for you to experience all the musical changes throughout history kuroyume?

Hitoki: Kuroyume music changes were very stimulating, funny too .

15) How did the idea for your solo project? under that label release your Solo stuff ?

Hitoki : : When I want to do that I just do it, about being a solo singer, I just did it and that’s all. This is the result of the stimulating record companies and chats .

Could You Dance With Me?

16) We know that kuroyume went through a long pause due to Hitoki’s health problems. Do you believe there were other factors involved, such as, for example, lack of inspiration? Did you stay in touch during the pause?

Hitoki :During the pause, there wasn’t such contact.

17) it is to our knowledge that you have collaborated as support member for other 90’s artists such as Izam and Aki from Laputa. How was it for you to bring two radically different worlds into a musical project?

Hitoki : It was incredible. I want to be a support member yet.

18) how did your collaboration with ピラニアヘッズ   begin?


Hitoki : Why do you begin a sound that you tried to do in a lot of places. I always start with what I like.

19) how did you feel about collaboration with super drop babies again? One of our readers asks if you know if the band is still active ?

Hitoki : The band isn’t playing now. I think that i doesn’t continues. I had fun with them when they played without, think that  is disband .  

Super Drop Babies

20) we know that you collaborated with Ai Otsuka in 2004. We were wondering, how can two artists who are so different work together? We understand that in 2004 you collaborated with Ai Otsuka and we wonder that as such different artists could work together from your point of view ‘?

Hitoki : I was invited to play. I don’t put feelings or opinions with who I have to play.

Ai otsuka – love jam

21) How was your experience with dummy corporation?

Hitoki : Hitoki: I do not think I am an artist, I assume as a musician .. Then I just go where there is an offer where we agree and interests together.


Dummy’s Corporation

22) With all your experience feel relevant or important differences between working for independent labels and major labels?

Hitoki :  Hitoki: Great Seal or one independent, in any case, I think there is no difference .But I think there is great enthusiasm and inspiration on a major label when you’re working with many people.

23) How  do you to stay as active in the music world ? you’re a machine .

Hitoki: I think it’s always important to stay active.

24) Do you feel you’ve achieved everything you wanted as a musician?

Hitoki : Hitoki: I do not feel this at all. I think I’m still on the road.

25) What is the meaning in your life Kuroyume return?

Hitoki :Kuroyume is an important project that determine my life as a musician in my youth. Although it may not recover my youth I want to take care proud to be part of Kuroyume.

黒夢 / ゲルニカ


26) Do you know about the Chilean or South American culture?

Hitoki : Sorry but I have no idea about them .

27) What could you tell us about yourself; musical tastes, hobbies, body height?

Hitoki : My hobbies include fishing, my activities for myself, my height is 171 cm .

28) Plans for what is left of this 2015?

Hitoki :  I´ll be playin on creature creature at the end of this year

29) any message to all your reader to ending our interview ?

Hitoki : Thanks, till the end I´ll be happy if you can listen to my performances in some place or in some time .




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