Like the angels : Interview with Iron maidens .


1)Thanks you for your time how does feel to be interviewed from a
Chilean Magazine ?

Linda: Fantastic!!! It’s always an honor to be interviewed by any magazine, but especially one in a country that just ADORES Maiden! Thank you!


Kirsten: It feels pretty amazing!


Wanda:I always feel incredibly fortunate to get asked to do any international interviews, especially from places as far away as Chile.

2)Nowadays who are the members of the band ? under
that label recording is working ?


Wanda: We have Kirsten Rosenberg as “Bruce Chickinson” on vocals

Kirsten Bruce Chickinson Rosenberg


Wanda Ortiz as “Steph Harris” on bass

Wanda smilelive

, Linda McDonald as “Nikki McBurrain” on drums



Courtney Cox as “Adriana Smith” on guitar

Courtney Adrienne Smith Cox

and Nikki Stringfield as “Davina Murray” on guitar


Currently, the band does not have any professional recordings out with our current line-up but we hope to do one soon.


3) Linda … foundress member… you’ve seen the evolution of iron maidens ?

Linda: With each member change, the lineups seem to grow stronger and stronger both in musicianship and fun and friendships. I guess, with the reputation this band has gained, we have been so lucky to get some amazing female musicians wanting to step up and into this project when the time comes around for a new member. I can say that each time a new member comes along they seem to be able to learn the songs quicker and quicker which trips me out! So, downtime for a new member break in is minimal. I feel so blessed for that. Also, as a founding member of 14 years, I am also the oldest in the band and find it completely amazing to share the stage with some really young talented musicians. We won’t let this party die!!!! :-D As I’m sure you probably know that this project just started out as something fun to do around town with friends to celebrate the music of Iron Maiden. It still is fun but just on a much bigger level than any of us have ever imagined!  With changes like this come a lot more responsibilities and a lot more time commitment aside from just playing the music but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Everybody in this band, past or present, has always known how special this situation is. We still wonder how this all happened sometimes and how we are still going strong after 14 years!




4)Where you live now ?what is your favorite place to play ??

Linda: I currently reside in the San Fernando Valley in California. My favorite place to play is a place that has a great sound engineer behind the band and can really let us share the Maiden love with fellow Iron Maiden fans. I enjoy it all, from the small pool hall to the cruise ship, casino showroom, biker fest, outdoor musical festivals, military tours, you name it, I love it all!!


Kirsten:We’re based in Los Angeles.  Ah, so many “favorite” places to play.  Hawaii and playing on the cruise ships are definitely among my top choices, but anywhere there is a room packed with Maiden fans—that’s a favorite place to play!


Wanda: Currently, I live in Southern California.

The band has gotten to play so many great places, that it is impossible to pick out only one favorite spot.

However, playing in Guatemala was very special for me because I have family there that I don’t get to see much.


5) There are so many covers bands who they prefer only play live ….but you have recording material ..why you decide to do this ..

Linda: We did this because so many people were asking us to make a CD. Even though we told them all that they can just listen to their Iron Maiden cds, they kept telling us they had those and wanted to hear our versions too. We were so honored for such a request that we finally gave in and did it!!


Kirsten:Why not? And all the previous recordings are sold out so time for a new one!

 Wanda:In the earlier days of the band,  so many people were requesting a CD at our shows that we finally did one: we released our first recording back in 2004 (about 3 years after the band first formed). Since then, we’ve had a couple other CD and DVD releases but those recordings are no longer available and they were of our older line-ups anyway. Linda and I are the only ones in the band today who are on those recordings. We would like to do another recording soon with our current line-up.


? 6) What can say us about your collaboration with Michael Kenney and with Derek Riggs ?

Linda: Michael Kenney has sat in with us live a few times and allowed us to play some songs that we otherwise wouldn’t play without keyboards like Seventh Son of A Seventh Son and Blood Brothers for example. He is such a cool guy and he actually made the introduction of Maiden and us girls backstage at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater several years ago! Derek Riggs, well, you have to love the beauty of the internet which is how we got in touch with Derek and became friends and had him do our cd artwork cover.


Kirsten:These collaborations were established before I joined the band but I think we’re incredibly blessed for the opportunities to know and work with people integral to Iron Maiden.  It definitely makes our own band more special.  Michael and Derek are both lovely people .


Wanda:Michael Kenney sat in with us on keyboards for a few shows and was also on a couple of our recordings.  We had a great time working with Michael: he is such a great guy and a wonderful musician.

Derek did the artwork for our first CD. We asked him to create a monster for us and he came up with everything else, including her name (Edwina). Derek is imaginative, quirky, zany, and a lot of fun!


7) Did you feel honored to collaborate with elements of the band itself?

Linda: Oh my god, yes. Who wouldn’t? This is the band that made me want to play drums and I never imagined being friends with some of the Maiden family and them even knowing who I was. So honored!!!


Kirsten:I feel very proud that people associated with Iron Maiden share their time and talent with us, too!


Wanda:Yes, absolutely.


8) This is a question from our readers. Have you ever crossed paths with iron
maiden in any concert?

Linda: Only at our show in Mexico City where Lauren Harris’ band was sharing the bill with us and Steve Harris was there to support and look after his daughter and Bruce Dickinson was also there. We could clearly see them both in the front row of the balcony stage left watching the show.  EEEEK! Haha! But when Steve Harris came back stage after the show and was totaly smiling and so kind with words of praise, it just was the ultimate highlight for all of us in this little tribute band!!! We also crossed paths with Adrian Smith and Nicko McBrain at the NAMM show on a couple of occasions.

court and adrian

Kirsten:I have met Nicko before but Linda and Wanda have a great story about crossing paths with the band.


Wanda:We have all met members of Iron Maiden however, the most memorable experience happened a few years  back when were on the same bill as Lauren Harris (Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris’ daughter) at the Hard Rock Café in Mexico City. Steve Harris came out to support his daughter but stayed for our set as well. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden’s singer) was also in the audience while we were playing. We were pretty nervous performing in front of guys from the real band but we managed to pull it off. Steve even came up to us after our set to let us know he enjoyed our show!

linda wanda kirsten nickko

9) was this your aim with the band from the beginning or did it just happen?

Linda: We just wanted to have fun playing Maiden tunes for other Maiden fans. That’s all.


Kirsten:My aim was merely to join the band in 2009, which I did, because I knew this was a band I had to be a part of.

Wanda:Back in the beginning, everyone in the band had already known each other from playing in bands together or through other acquaintances. The singer, at the time, made all of the initial calls and got everyone together. Since we were all already involved in other projects, The Iron Maidens was originally started as just a fun side gig but, after the first few shows, we soon started getting calls from all over the US ..and then eventually other countries. Now this project keeps us pretty busy!


10) are the members of the band involved in other musical projects?

Linda: Absolutely. I’ll sit in with anyone who needs a drummer. I love playing!! I used to be more involved with other projects but this band seems to take up a lot of my time lately and I found myself having to turn down a couple of really cool offers. I’ll have to reconsider the next time though. ;-P I just HATE down time.


Kirsten:Yes.  Some of us are in multiple bands—covers and originals—and Wanda plays in symphonies.

Wanda:Yes, everyone has other musical projects.
Currently, in addition to working as a freelance musician in the Southern California area, I play regularly in South Coast Symphony Orchestra ( as their principal bass player.


11) What’s are the favorites song or album from Iron Maiden from each one view ?

Linda: I’m a big fan of the early Maiden albums for sure! Though I truly do enjoy it all, I favor the first 3 albums the most. I like playing the Live After Death era the most.

Kirsten:it’s nearly impossible to picks favorites among Iron Maiden—there’s just way too many really good songs to choose from—but if I had to absolutely pick one album, I’d say “Powerslave.”


Wanda:It’s so hard to choose only one favorite album or song because Iron Maiden has a lot of great material. Phantom of the Opera, Powerslave, and Losferwords are only a few of my favorite songs. If I had to pick a favorite album, it would be “Piece of Mind” since that was the first Iron Maiden recording I ever listened to.



12-Now we have some curiosites far away from the stage, what are your hobbies,favorite bands and Height of each one ?


Linda: I enjoy working out and the opposite of that is that I love food too! HAHA! I’m not a great cook, but I like what I make in the kitchen! :-D! Favorite bands include Maiden (of course), Accept, Scorpions, been liking Sevendust a lot lately. I am only 5′ 1.75″.

Kirsten:I’m 5’8”.  Outside of music, what matters to me most is animal rights. Compassion for all sentient beings.  Veganism.

Wanda:Some of my hobbies are reading, traveling, hiking, listening to music, and hanging out with friends and family in my free time. I also enjoy looking for and playing chamber music with bass in it. I just bought Dvoraks’s Quintet in G Major for two violins, viola, cello, and bass so I’m hoping to get a few musicians from the orchestra together so I can play it and hopefully perform it somewhere.

Iron Maiden, Rush, and Yes are a few of my favorites bands.

I am 5 feet and 1 and 3/4 inches.

13) They think that the opening of the female rock is now different to how it was done a decade ago and still missing by styling that area?



Wanda:A decade ago, it seemed like there weren’t as many women in rock  as there are now. Today, I think people have become more accustomed to seeing women perform this style of music and it’s just not a big deal anymore. We’re all just having fun. :)


14) As you have a status within the music scene covers want to know your opinion of a situation that happens here in Chile. Many artists complain that tribute bands have more facilities in many aspects such as more Audience , the better chance of contract and dates; What could you say about it?

Linda: I would say that any band that draws a crowd hasaccess to the same opportunities. It is just a the venues wanting to guarantee their own business and crowds in many cases. The tribute scene was bigger here in Los Angeles that the original scene was when this band started and that is one of the reasons we started this band. People just want to be entertained and sometimes seeing a cover or tribute band that plays songs that you already know is more entertaining than seeing a band playing originals that you don’t know yet. It is unfortunate, but it should not discourage any original band that is giving their music their heart and soul. A tribute band will never get the credit of writing a really great song.


Kirsten:I am not familiar with the situation in Chile but if tribute bands get better gigs than original bands, I guess the original bands better up their game!  Afterall, we are paying tribute to a really great original band.  Who knows, maybe in a few years someone will form a tribute band for one of these original bands.  And I am always grateful and mindful that we benefit from so many fantastic opportunities that even many original bands never get.  And that speaks to how much people love Iron Maiden around the world!  But I didn’t join the band for the “perks”—it was for the love of Maiden and the joy of performing


Wanda: would say that is true. I’ve been in original bands and it’s very difficult to get established as an original act because if people aren’t familiar with your music, it’s harder to get them to come to your shows. Club owners and promoters know this and, as a result, they prefer booking acts they know will get enough people in the door to cover all their costs. The downside to that is that we miss out on a lot of great live music from talented people because they don’t get as many chances to play out. Fortunately, there are other ways to get the word out about your music if you’re having a tough time getting gigs:  we now have youtube and other online resources and a lot of artists have been discovered that way.

group panama 2 crop

15) Have you think about creating your own songs?

Linda: Of course! I dabble on keyboards, though it has been a really long time, and like to write melodic things that wouldn’t apply to this genre of music. It would be great to do a couple original tunes with the girls in this band but we will see what happens.


Kirsten:Sure.  And some of do create songs in other bands, but I think it’s doubtful The Iron Maidens will write original material as a band.  As a tribute band, that’s not what we do.  But I guess never say never.

Wanda:I’m sure we’ve all thought about it but, with this project and with everything else everyone has going on, it would be hard to find the time..but who knows? Maybe we will one day.


16) which’s are the plains to the current year 2015 ?

Linda: We have a lot of touring this year and already are filling up our calendar for 2016. We are hoping to get a new product of some sort be it CD or DVD out before the year is up!


Kirsten:Touring, recording, traveling, pedicures!

Wanda:In addition to touring and playing shows,  I’m hoping we do a recording with our current line-up.



17) any message Girls to say end to your
readers by our interview?

Linda: Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this interview! We hope to get to Chile someday soon and share this Maiden love with you all!! Until then, up the Irons and please do visit us, and also on twitter!!

Kirsten:Thank you for reading this, haha!  We hope to come to Chile soon!  And to all our fellow Maiden fans, up the irons!



Thank you so much for your interest and for supporting metal in Chile. If you’d like to keep in touch or see what the band is up to, please visit our website: . We hope to see you at a show in your area soon!

MX pic Nikki 2014


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