No regrets : Interview with Yowmay ( Ex Silver rose ) .




1) How do yo feel being interview for the first time for South America, specificly from Chile , mr YOWMAY ‘ ‘?

Yowmay : I’m honored that the footprint we leave on our way known across the world.

2) Where did you born?

Yowmay : I was born in Akita in Tohoku district

3)What were your musical influences?

Yowmay : Are a lot and I can not write about all but I think I was very influenced by the Japanese band A, RB.



4) When did you start in the musical scene ?

Yowmay : When I had 21 years

5)What was the first show that you watched?

Yowmay : Think it was an outdoor festival held in Nagoya in 1986.

6) Why did you decide to start a visual kei band scene and not another more regular scene?

Yowmay : This is because I thought of a quick access to a professional debut.

7) How was born the term visual kei?It was used amongst you musicians or was a term with which his fans called them?

Yowmay : I am a lover of punk rock so you could choose to have a success.

8) At that time the international audience was planned or was a scene only to Japan?

Yowmay : Only in Japan.

9) how met with members of Silver Rose?

Yowmay : We met at a store musical instruments.

10) What’s the meaning of Silver Rose and Why do you choose it?

Yowmay : The pink fantasy undoubtedly exists in the world.


11) You always worked with Tears Records or worked before for another label in first moment ?

Yowmay : at  an independent label called 「ILLUSION RECORDS」.

12) Did you released any demotapes or only singles?

Yowmay : I dont remember .

13) What happened with Eiji their first drummer? Why did he left Silver Rose ? who any about him after of Silver rose ?
as the band be formed?

Yowmay : Please listen to Kaiki. He is the reason I left music.

14)It was hard your begginnings at the moment to have a concerts?

 Yowmay : The difficulty was continuing there was even a difficult time to move to daily life.

 15)Which it was the Silver Rose’s album that you Yowmay enjoyed more?

Yowmay : I hate the recordings , there is no album that I was able to enjoy it.

16)What do you think were the difference between your band and others bands of that time?

Yowmay : As they continue there weren’t be problems .

17)Why do you think Silver Rose broke up ?, Do you feel nostalgic for the band?

 Yowmay : The dissolution is caused by my withdrawal expression.
18) after Silver Rose’s split, How long you were unable to play?
Yowmay : Slide rare format was immediately
 19) After the end of the band members they remained being friends?
Yowmay : I do not know anything about them.
20) What was the origin of the name Slide Rare and because he was elected?
Yowmay : It was chosen because we wanted something related to our live music.
21) What is the Discography by Slide Rare?
Yowmay : It’s only one. :「バーミリオン・ヴァイス」 .
22)whichs were the difference between Silver rose and Slide Silver Rare from your point view ?
Yowmay : Musically different

23) Tell us how you came to be a member of Naked Armor?

Yowmay :I was recruited by kazuki

24 ) Why they chose to call Armor Naked?which was the reason?

Yowmay : Dressed in our own account.

25) Who were the members and why decide not continue?

Yowmay : Me ,KAZUKI,HASE , MAKOTO、SHINOBU – The reason to quit the main members was the rupt.

26)  Naked armor that differed from your previous bands?

Yowmay : Large diference.

27) What can you tell us about Tillver rose?

Yowmay : A lot of good memories .


28) Why do not you play it live anymore?

Yowmay : This year will be revived in his final.

29 ) Do you  missed Silver rose or the last years of the Japanese music scene?

Yowmay : No, they are them yourself is yourself.
30) How was born the idea to create Duran Duran Duran ?
Yowmay : It’s just a game
31 ) Who are the members?
Yowmay : Sassy ZOO, Nick, and I RAN.
32) Do you do consider your return to the music scene just to be in DDD?
Yowmay : It because it is a game between friends.
33) Please, tell us noe about you and your hobbies, favorite bands and what you like?

Yowmay : My hobby is cycling, music is the following.

34)What are your plans for this 2015?

Yowmay : Live  on November 26th

35 )Do you want to say any message for your readers to finish this interview?


Yowmay : All my music I play now is a hobby. Please feel free to enjoy.



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