A short stroke – The Ringo Deathstarr





1) Greetings Ringo Deathstarr thank you for your time with us and how  feel to be interviewed from a country which not long ago visited?

Ringo.D: It feels wonderful! Thanks for emailing us!

2)Who are members , under that music label is working ?

Ringo.D: We are Alex Gehring, Elliott Frazier, Daniel Coborn

3) What’s the meaning of Ringo Deathstar and what was the reason to call your band.  with the name ?
Ringo.D:  It was an Angelic Vision… My Darth Vader Doll was crying .

4) Elliott Frazier before joining play with Ringo Deathstarr you had previous experience in music or past projects?
Ringo.D:  Yeah I was in lots of bands: Mayday!, Butt Steak, Very Ultra, Preserve The Sound, Young Heart Attack, IV Thieves, The Sweethearts, For Those Who Know .

5)what’s are the musica influences on Ringo Deathstar sound ?

Ringo.D:  Really bad music.  Every time I hear shitty music it makes me want to write good music
6) Do  You prefer their music in the studio or live?

Ringo.D:  Live

7) ¿Which topics do you  usually deal with in your lyrics? Where do you find the inspiration?

Ringo.D:  Personal Feelings.

8) What is your opinion of the current phenomenon of vinyl? the music  industry and the internet?
Ringo.D: I like it all.

9) Do you have achieved some growth with  Ringo Deathstarr or still feel like kids with instruments and not
allowed to buy alcohol? hahahha

Ringo.D: Yes, we have grown.  We get to play all over the world!

10) How actually members meet?

Ringo.D:  I knew Daniel in Highschool in Beaumont Texas.  I met Alex in Austin at a clothing store.

11) What can say us about their Chile Parade , There was something aboutour country that attract their attention.

Ringo.D: We liked Santiago, but we were only there for one day so we need to come back!

12) The audience concert in Chile had some peculiarity in comparison with the audience that you
frequent in Europe and North América?

Ringo.D:  It was a wonderful audience!

13) How do you came to share with The Smashing Pumpkins in a little time ago and what experience
leave you this?
Ringo.D:  The guitar player, Jeff Schroeder called us up.  It was a great tour, it changed our lives!

14) That could tell us about your musical tastes, hobbies in their free time; body height of each one ?
Ringo.D:  We only listen to Rush and Luke Bryan and we are 7 feet tall!

15) How many we have to wait for a new release of Ringo Deathstarr ?

Ringo.D:  November 2015!
16) which’s are  he plains to the current year 2015 ?
Ringo.D: We are on tour in The USA now.. We will play Fun Fun Fun Fest and then go to Europe and Japan

17) A message for your readers and to end this interview?
Ringo.D: Please be careful! It’s a crazy world out there.




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