garbage soundtrack : Der eisenrot interview .





1) Thank you for giving me a little of your time. How do you feel to be interviewed from the other side of the world?

DE : We do  our presentations in Japan, but we have visitors from different countries, however, I am happy to receive an interview from a faraway country.

2)Since year are you active and who are in the current Line up?

DE : We have been active for many years, took a little comfortable rest. But as the new bassist has come in and we were able to revive a good feeling. The current line up is.

Percussion: Ishikawa and KAMAWARA





Katsuhiko Masuhara bass


drums ciba




guitar- voice Seki   11150308_899472296765975_5456507789458351116_n .

3) What part of Japan are you? How is the climate in that site?

DE : We play mainly in Tokyo. many members live there, but there are people living in Yokohama and Saitama. It is very hot in summer, this is frozen, snow often falls in winter.

4) Before «Der Einsenrot» you had any previous musical experience?

DE :  Our members have joined after each previous musical experience much .So I think we can make music and feel range while remaining industrialist.

5) Why did you chose the name «Der Einsenrot» and what is the meaning of this name?

DE : The meaning of the name is Rusty steel in German. I think this is a good name for a band in which there are 2 people playing metal percussion.

6) What are the musical influences of the band?

DE :  This is hard to explain. because we are influenced by various musical genres.
7) What is today’s band discography?

DE : Armored weapon , tokyo fist , Law of casuality .

R-692446-1249049789.jpeg R-1566471-1228918150.jpeg R-549265-1247558516.jpeg



8) Had you come to play abroad?

DE : I think that although there are a lot of invitations (to play outside his country) on (genre music) is of metal percussion luggage and therefore could not be run. Our world runs to play with some foreign bands (in your country) particularly German bands. So I want to have outside activities abroad.

9) Who could tell Japanese Industrial music scene? Do you have some Japanese bands to recommend of it genre?

DE :  This is rare .Habia a wonderful band called Def Master before, but nobody does music industry now.

10) how  became participants in the soundtrack of Tetsuo: The Iron Man? What experience it lets?

DE :  This was a splendid experience. Ishikawa participated in a lot of music for director Tsukamoto Shinka.

11) The members have side projects or only play for Der eisenrost?

DE :  the members got a lot of side projects .

12) Now l’ts talk about you. What are your musical tastes, hobbies and height of each?

DE : Now our  answer is from  guitarist and vocal Seki. I am not a devotee of musical genres of which I have felt influenced in particular. but I received a strong influence from Front242.

13 ) How would you define your sound?

DE : work of the life .

14)  Which has been your most memorable concert?

DE :  is not a difficult thing to forget about all concerts, but what is broadcast live when we were in a wire net on stage was exciting.

15 ) What do you know about the south American musical scene?

DE : Sorry , but  us dont know  .

16 ) Do you feel you have accomplished everything you wanted as a band?

DE :  feel that we have not done this yet .
17) Which are your plans for 2015?

DE : Let’s take an interesting plan to years with new members .
18)Any message to the readers and to finish this interview?

DE : Please, find some way to come and see us here in Japan.


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