Digital Aberration : Hora interview


1) Thanks for your time and how do you feel in your time of being interviewed by a South American magazine?

Hora : happy and honored .


2) What your name means?

Hora : -It’s just a nickname from my childhood days .


3) What led you to become a musician and why you chose electronics and no other genres?

Hora : When I was 12 I really looked up to a certain band, and I think that’s when I decided I wanted to be a musician.
I’ve liked music that uses electronics such as synthesizers since I was a kid, and moreover such electronic instruments were necessary for me to express my own music.
One of the reasons is because if I use electronics, I can do all of the parts on my own.

What were the reasons for your departure from Velvet Eden?

Hora :  Musical differences , and   the direction of the band .



5) How was the story of the formation of Rudolf Steiner?

Hora : I was part of velvet eden as an active member, but i felt some strong musical differences. I wanted to go in other direction; something different to Velvet Eden. Someday kaya attended one of the shows, we talked, and we became friends, we wanted to do music together and kaya left his band, and I left velvet Eden. And Rudolf steiner was born


6) Why did you choose to call Rudolf Steiner?

Hora :  I’ts a secret

7) Any stories or nice moment that you remember with Rudolf Steiner?

Hora :  Time: Joy and fun when we formed Rudolf Steiner, I have not forgotten.
I think all of Rudolf Steiner was made for each of us. It was memorable.

8) Why do you choose to work with Mana??? I was instant all or were many meetings?

Hora :  Mana has great talent, thought it would be a wonderful opportunity. We  had many meetings to reach what would him  represent us.




9) In what change everything for you to be Rudolf Steiner Schwarz stein?

Hora :  There was no significant change for me.

10) Why do you decided to change the name? And what means?

Hora :  Changed to Schwarz Stein, in a talk with Mana about having a name with more meaning. Schwarz Stein is the meaning of black stones (jewelry), but incorporates several meanings in the black .


11) -What Was Another Cell? Is there a difference between Schwarz Stein and this other project?

Hora :  Another Cell was an a experimental project of Kaya and me after separation of Schwarz Stein, I thought this as a gift for people who loved Schwarz Stein and gratitude, I wrote letters in Another cell. Schwarz Stein lyrics are a little different.


12) Your solo career was planned at the time of Schwarz stein or later?

Hora : Solo activities while doing Schwarz Stein was not thought at all. When Schwarz Stein was dissolved, thought a solo career at a later time.

13) What was the necessity to create your solo project? And you’ve been without record label since forever?

Hora : To express my worldview. To keep free from long contracts and labels.


14) In what month of 2005 did you start solo activities?

Hora: I forget which month of 2005 I started my project. (Laughs)

15) Have you ever thought about giving solo concerts? Do you prefer studio work or direct?

Hora : I have not decided yet on solo concerts, but I wanted to do this forever. I would like to do concerts in South America. I also Schwarz Stein concerts in South America. I like both studio and live .

16) You have the habit of release  your discs with limited edition. ¿Has thought re edit any of your old albums or to get more editions on sale?

Hora : I don’t have plan to re-sell my old albums.


17) Who is the singer with whom you collaborated in Inner Universe? And it was like the idea of their collaboration?

Hora : It’s a secret the identity of the singer Inner Universe. Collaboration is the idea of me and her. I love working with people when I have the opportunity.



18) Who is the designer of the artwork on your cds ?

Hora : Me and a designer friend .

19) Is there a difference in your creative process when composing for Schwarz Stein and your solo project or Kaya solo project?

Hora :Despite having no marked differences I do my best in each.

20) Is there any musician or artist (the Japanese or international panorama) with which you would like to collaborate?

Hora : There are lots of / musicians with whom I would like to work but this is my secret artists.

21) Now we want to know who is the person behind the name hora? What are your hobbies your favorite music artists, etc?

Hora : The idea of the band is the brainchild of Kaya, me and Mana. My hobby is playing video games, Skateboard practice, and basketball and makes a collection with my favorite shoes. AIR JORDAN I like your shoes. I like video games of the METAL GEAR SOLID AND GRAND THEFT AUTO series. I have many favorite artists but IT`s secret.

22) What are your plans for 2015?

Hora :  Schwarz stein new concerts stein in this Year new songs, and we want a new production.

23) Any message for your readers to give a finishing touch to this interview?

Hora :  I feel honored that people listen to my music in South America. And thanks for supporting me.


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