Killing Field – Doom (JP) interview .




1) How do you feel Fujita san ,knowing a country such as Chile is interviewing you?

Fujita : The development of the information society is incredible thanks. From this way,many countries in the world can better understand many things.

2) Please describe yourself and include your musical influences as a youth along with,your favorite bands.

Fujita : I have a sister eight years older than me. I have a strong influence from her in my music and different cultures. She bring me to some live “Grand Funk Railroad” “New York Dolls” “Jeff Beck” many more These things can not be forgotten.


3) How was ” Doom” formed and how did the members meet?

Fujita : I received contact from a friend of Morota, who was at Zadkiel, the band dissolved. That said, why not try to play with him? This causes as Doom was formed.


4)How did you come choose the band name and does it have a special meaning ?

Fujita : Because it was simple and easy to remember, Doom was chosen for the significance of the name .

5) Do you have memories with other Explosion Records bands like “Jurassic Jade” or “Shellshock” ?

Fujita :At the time the bands were higher in individual sensitivity. JURASSIC JADE, SHELLSHOCK, CASBAH, a lot of bands full of originality including existing UNITED.


6) How long were you with and when did you leave Explosion Records?

Fujita : Before Killing field we were working with them then came our contract with the major label.
7) What feelings did experience playing CBGB’s in a powerful thrash metal scene?

Fujita : We do not believe that us are a thrash metal band. I will not forget that we played at CBGB and Marquee in London. because those were our goals.


8) Were there other contributing factors other than the death of Koh Morota that brought the end of Doom”?

Fujita : DOOM is the construction of 3 members, so that when a person was away, a performance not to anything else. I think this is the fate of a band of 3 members. Because it is a small number of people in on guitar, bass and drums band, I think this is particularly funny.


9) What were your thoughts during the time Doom was separated and are you still in contact with the other members ?

Fujita : DOOM may not have been active but never separated. We always had contact with each other.

10) What can talk us about Quatergate ? Who’s are the members ? Label ? which’s were time activities ?

Fujita :Members are Baki from Gastunk and Doom. We launched a CD from 「Alzheimer」 independent label, we were active for two years.

11 ) What can talk us about Unit 3 ? Who’s are the members ? Label ? which’s were time activities  ?

Fujita : This was active around 1980-82 or 83 before Doom initiate efforts. We do not leave the source of our sound. We were like Avant garde rock like The Stooges or Mc5

12)What were the years that were working with the band Mad Capsule market?

Fujita : I participated in the recording of the album 「PARK」 and guest in 「4 PLUGS」 I think the recording period was between 1994 to 1997 or 1998.


13) How did you become a member of the band of J (Luna Sea ), you’re still working with him ?

Fujita :

He respects me since he saw me in Mad Capsule Markets activities and SOFT BALLET.

I’m playing with him in the band 「Dessert Flame Frequency」.



14) How did you become a member of Blam honey? You get to play live with them?

Fujita : I was not a member of Blam Honey, I produced their album and rarely participate with them in their presentations.

15) you have good memories with blam honey? You hear about the death of Tatsuya ?

Fujita : There are a lot of memories during the production of the album and the time that share us . When Tatsuya died the Manager informed to us .

16) Do you know what blam honey is back again? have you contact again with Ryonai?

Fujita : I dont know about it . I haven`t contact with them.

17) Do you think what Doom has done something that no other band has done ? What do you think by Skull Smash band ?

Fujita : I do not think that I just want to play our favorite songs, leave my work and play gigs. It’s great that there is a tribute to Doom.

18) How was born the idea of the return of Doom? This was planned before or after Yoko fest?

Fujita : In these 5 or 6 years I had many opportunities to restart the band of Doom. After we stopped our activities and faced many of my friend’s band died that made me think slowly I should do what I do in life. And I decided I should do now.



19) Who are the actually members from doom?How do you feel knowing that one of your fan is the bassist from skull smash, do you see the spirit of morota inside him?

Fujita : We are FUJITA(Guitar/Vocal)、PAZZ(Drums)、Kodaira(Bass), we are not looking at Morota,we hope from moraida it spirit as a bassits .

20) What do you know about Chile or South America?, any band you like it?

Fujita : I know Sepultura.

21) About the new band generation ? Do you like any new band ?

Fujita : Every time I think about terms of musical trends over the 10 years I hear new bands, but I do not feel new creativity from them .

22) Plans for this 2015?

Fujita : For the remainder of this year finished filming in the summer, we plan to release a new album next year. In the autumn we will resume live activities.

23) Thanks you very much Fujita , any message to finish our interview ?

Fujita : An interview from Chile very far the truth, I am grateful and happy. From now DOOM activities not only in Japan I will hopefully think this is the best. One for all, We are a real one.





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