Interview with Doom (Uk) Louder anti fascism always



1) Thank you for answer this interview to us. What it feel being interview by a Chilean magazine?

Stick : No real difference from any other as most interviews are conducted over the internet, which is faster but is a string of answers but not really in depth as the interviewer doesnt get to expand on our answers.
It’s also quite rare for chillian zines to get in touch & I’m gathering its because of our recent visit .


Scoot : firstly we want to pass on our thoughts to to those that lost their lives & were injured at the concert in Santiago 16th april so it is with a heavy heart whilst doing this interview & in all honesty i have been delaying the reply as i just don’t know how to convey my thoughts & feelings since what happened! until the tragedy i was so excited about the opportunity to play in chile, i thank you you for your interest in doom & offering us this interview.


2) How it born the project called Doom?


Stick : That is quite well documented.
It was in 1987 when i (stick) joined after finishing with my first band. I had to hassle Bri to let me join as he already asked another drummer. The line up was jon & Bri, who were school friends . Jon used to sing & play bass, but to free him up for just vocals, Pete from AGL was recruited on bass. When we started we had no asperations to travel the world or get rich, it was to have a “doss*” & play what he wanted to hear & have a chance to have our say in the punk world. It has not changed much to this day, just the world & us are a little older .

Scoot : Bri was the one who had the vision for doom & his love for swedesh punk & DISCHARGE back in the day inspired him, he wanted to take the sound of DISCARD etc & he created what is now known as DOOM.

3) What is the difference from doom and its predecessor THE SUBVERTERS? differences sound or message? everyone has to start somewhere & when you are young you have ideas & thoughts that develop, the sound was different but the politics & ideas were there at the beginning from what i understand!


Stick : Subverters was a schoolboy band, just gaining experience playing. They never got very far. I never saw them as i think they only played one gig at a youth centre.


Scoot : Everyone has to start somewhere & when you are young you have ideas & thoughts that develop, the sound was different but the politics & ideas were there at the beginning from what i understand! .


4) What do you think of the crust scene, both in England and in the world?

Stick : That is a big or very small question to answer. There are crust bands all over the world, each has its own characteristics. UK one I notice a lot of older faces in the UK audience.
, people who have done it since they wer e young (like us) That is also true of Europe, but I notice there is also a “new wave” of younger people, like a generation gap. Crust was not so popular here in the 90’s but it seems like the WWW has helped create more interest/ community. Before it was reliant on people sending letters to convey messages/music now it is instant & total .


Scoot :

Things change with time & evolve into slightly different things, my love was for the era back in the mid to late 80s it inspired me & showed me anyone could do it & be part of a community that was DIY. i loved the noise, the ethics, the cider, over the years & seeing the world & all of its different takes is interesting be it the music/noise/politics/fashion even?? i personally liked the use of punk & metal, especially played by punks & the sound that bands like AMEBIX & ANTISECT crafted & seeing bands like INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL (GERMANY)  Or KRANG (CHICAGO )   .How they are playing crust today! .

5) What`s are your favorite bands ?

Scoot : myself it’s DISCHARGE, KILLING JOKE, CRASS, MOTORHEAD  etc you get the idea!


Stick : I like a wide variety of bands/music & who is my “favorite” depends on how i am feeling. I am presently listening to Nazareth & SAHB as i am feeling nostalgic .


6): What is the origin of crust punk?

Stick : Crust punk grew out of the anarcho punk scene, influenced by some metal bands in the 80’s & a lack of personal hygine. It was centered around certain bands, who took their influences from “non crust bands” & played it how they wanted too. Bands like celtic frost & discharge were not crust bands but influenced a lot of the crust music early on. Now crust bands are influenced by crust music mainly (& this is what i find the difference of then & now)

Scoot :it was punks playing a hybrid of metal, like i said before bands like AMEBIX & ANTISECT,     , The Crass ethics o Flux of Pink INDIANS  , bands like HELLBASTARD  & DEVIATED INSTINCT , NAPALM DEATH  ,TWISTING SLAYER, HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST & BATHORY   into their music but with political & thought provoking lyrics, the power of DISCHARGE.


7) Under what record label are now?

Scoot : We are DIY & release on our own label BLACK CLOUD RECORDS!

Stick : We have our own label “Black cloud’ records we have spent many years being on other peoples labels & always seem to have had problems, so we decided to go totally DIY .

8) Talk to me about your time with PEACEVILLE RECORDS, which was the reason that you long for that label?

Stick : When we joined “Peaceville” it was one guy, Hammy doing a little DIY label with maybe 3 records out. it was ‘pay no more ‘releases. When Earache started to get big with napalm death, Hammy wanted to be like them, so that was when we stopped working with him .

Scoot :

At the time (back in 1988) it was a small DIY label run by a friend & there was no idea PEACEVILLE would become such a big label, so it was a chance for doom to be released on a compilation with some other similar like minded bands, then HAMMY offered DOOM a chance to do a full length recording & then a split with no security from sweden, in time peaceville became more of a corporate business & less of the DIY thing that doom was passionately involved in so it was time for DOOM to move on & carry on with labels with similer ethics.

9) Now let’s talk about Chile. what do you know about us? what do you think OF AUGUSTO PINOCHET?

STICK :Well we knew about PINOCHET & his regime & how our hated prime minister Thatcher was in defence of him but not much more about chillian society ( the media seem to like to only tell you the bad news).

Scoot :

In all honesty i knew very little of CHILE except the fact that THATCHER (the uk prime minister back in late 1970s-80s) was supporting PINOCHET & then being aware of his horrific crimes that it seems CHILE are still feeling the consequences of! to this day! i personally (before the tragedy outside the venue) met some wonderful people at the DOOM concert & when we arrived i liked the feel of SANTIAGO now i can’t see past the trouble that was caused.


10) What is your thought on politics and society we live in today? and if you compare with the 80 and 90?

Stick : Im not sure if you mean chile or the uk or the world? In a lot of ways its still the same, rich people stay rich & poor people stay poor & the media tells everyone its ok. Its a big question again & you could write a book about it. I think people can look out their window & see the world isnt perfect without me telling them .

Scoot :

I have many worries about society, i think that too much damage has been done already & now it’s all about damage limitation. it seems like things are becoming even more tribal, there’s too much corruption, people are becoming/have always been selfish & don’t think about the consequences of their actions until it is too late, the banks, the governments, the police etc. even certain areas of the PUNK scene, actually any scene where racism/fascism is creeping back in & some people openly admit it-so sad! so much frustration & anger but taking it out on the wrong people & not those in power that are responsible, GO AVALANCE THE GOVERNMENT NOT YOUR PUNK SCENE!!!!

11) Under what movement or social struggle are identified? veganism, socialism, anarchism? do you mean DOOM?


Stick : Sorry I dont really understand the question I’m a vegetarian with anarchist leanings if that helps.

12)  What mean Doom for you Stick ?


Stick : Doom has been a part of my life since 1987. Even when the band was in active, i still answered interviews & sorted out getting records released etc. It is my voice & my contribution to the punk scene, its a vehicle for me to have my say, a way to meet people around the world & try & create something positive inside a world I sometimes think is hell bent on self destruction.


13 ) What mean DOOM for you? what was the reason to use that name?what was the reason for that break in the early 90’s? and for that one (sadly for many of us) in 95?


Scoot : It’s short & to the point, bri thought of it & i think it was the power of the meaning of how doom can be interpeted! in 1990 bri moved to a different area in ENGLAND & left DOOM, they carried on a short while longer without him but stick didn’t like the way the music was going without BRI & it ended, the reformation was when doom had the chance to play in JAPAN in 1992 & BRI missed playing his guitar, doom didn’t split up in 1995 but the line up changed & eventually stopped in 2000, in 2005 DOOM started again until wayne sadly died of an epilepic seizure.

14)What was the legacy that WAYNE SOUTHWORTH left to the band?

Scoot :he was a dear friend & muched loved by many people because he was a funny, smart individual who was sincere.



Stick : Wayne left his legacy in the band with his lyrics & performances, but more importantly with us as people. He was my friend & would have been even without the band.


15)In you opinion, what’s the difference between the early doom and the DOOM of today?

Scoot : Musically i think it’s become less of a noise (it’s still noisey though) & more structured towards what doom always wanted to sound like, more aggressive & heavier & as we have grown older i think some of the lyrics are smarter, this is actually quite a hard question to answer! it moves with the times but still DISCHARGE inspired punk rock with thought provoking lyrics (i hope).


Stick : Age & experiences. We still pretty much believe in what we believed when we started. We still play music we want to hear & are still shouting for a better world.

16)What are your toughts about people who don’t share your ideals, but despite that they attend your shows? do you have some words for them?

Scoot : We are anti fascist & do not welcome anybody who is a RACIST, NAZI, SEXIST or out to rip anyone off! we believe in a community of sharing ideals & with hopefully like minded people, create & share ideas & working together to strengthen the scene & community we’ve been are part of for many years. NAZI PUNKS & anybody who tries to exploit or damage your own scene/community (you know who you are & you know what you are responsible for) fuck off! .


Stick : All of our words are for them. Certain bands lyrics changed my life. We are true to what we believe & if you don’t agree with certain stuff we can still get along, but if you re a Nazi, I cant see us being friends any time soon. What i would say is we are not just about the music, so don’t expect us not to try & influence you & don’t get upset because we do. There are plenty of bands out there with empty messages, feel free to support them .



17) Did you knoW What exist more bands with your name? if that exist, wich song have you heard?

Scoot :Yes there was a band from japan in the early 1990s called DOOM, there have been many bands playing doom covers, the earliest i remember was a greek band called FORGOTTEN PROPHECY they played war crimes-1990 i think?? a DOOM tribute compilation was released a few years ago on HELVETET RECORDS from PERU.


Stick : I know there was a japanese band that started about the same time but we never heard of them until later on after we had released a record

18) Do you think someday repeat your VHS VIDEODOOM or edit any video release?


Scoot :I don’t know really, lets see???? everyone has access to youtube these days.


Stick : I am trying to get a video made for the benefit gig(s0 we will do for the victims of the “avalanche” in Chile. Get a “professional” recording (but DIY) so we can raise money to help. We have other ideas to raise money too. The punk community is shocked by this event & i’m glad most people want to help & do the right thing (& fuck off & die those who are doing the wrong things).


19)What are your plans for this 2015?

Stick : Play gigs. Finish recording the new 7″ which will now be a benefit release on download for the chile victims of the avalanche. Personally I will be fitting out my boat to live on & working shit jobs to get money. How about you?


Scoot :  We recorded a new 7″ that we need to finish, we plan on playing a weekend benefit in september to try aid the families involved in the SANTIAGO tragedy, this is still very fresh in our minds & in all honesty has changed some things right now, even doing this interview is difficult because of what we found out after the CHILE concert got stopped. .

20)Thank you for your time and any message for your readers?

Scoot : Thank you for the questions, i don’t know what else to add, to all the sincere hard working people that make positive things happen in chile keep going you are needed more than ever now, look after each other! as i said previously our thoughts are with the familes & friends involved.

Stick : Thank you all the people who are helping to make things better.






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