The daily violence on Uk : Interview with Nick

We Didn’t support polities  and ideologies, but the next report- interview is excellent for who want to know about the second wave of Oi and Skinhead .


happy Nick

1)Greetings, how do you feel nick to participate with this page, with your experience of life for an informative media of Chile?

Nick richards : hello yes im happy to talk to media of chile thank you

2)before the skinhead movement in what movements did you partiipate? how did you met the skinhead movement?

Nick richards :  before skinhead I was into punk movement 77 to 79 sex pistols  ,  damned  , the jam loved there music still do today punk started to get left wing ie rock against racism started to use the punks and condemned the punks who wore swastikas etc these punks became skinheads as skinheads was more hardcore and surported ultra right wing parties like the nf and the bm .


3)in what parts of England did the skinhead movement begins and what was your motivation to participate in it?

Nick richards :

Skinhead started in england’s city such as London , birmingham , Manchester and large towns where working class white kids still lived I became a skinhead as many old punks became skinheads as punk became safe and respectful full of fakes and money makers I was still a angry youth youth rebelled than today’s youth fight for nothing the older generation still fights shame on the youth .





4) First did you participate in the spirit of 69? or the NF Skinhead?

Nick richards :

I never surported the sprit of 69 sharp lies and bullshit im the generation of 77 and 88 punk then Oi and rac music I first took part in a nf march in 1980 over 1000 skinheads took part in that march it was being part of something and fuck the middle class left wing I was part of something.



5)To our readers who aren´t very informed about this topic, can you tell us about those years, what can you tell us for them to make an idea on how the thinks occurred? (politics, economy,

Nick richards : England in the 1980s was a bitter place to live millions unemployed I lost my job in 1981 didn’t have another one for 5 years thanks to the government wich at the time hated the white youth they also hated the black youth the blacks started to roit in 1981 the summer there wore riots in black areas of England the nf bm wanted to send the blacks back to Africa we wanted to keepour coutry white and britsh jobs for britsh workers and skinheads wore fighting for that and some punks , the encomy was bad then and just as now the partys did not care about the white English  the youth most youth was weak happy to take shit take drugs and do nothing .


6) what do you think where the reasons of the skinhead patriot to be born, comparing to the first skinheads? or what where the common reasons?

Nick richards :  because skinheads love there country s and are the true sons of England Europe etc its not strong in England now but Germany Poland Italy skinhead is strong England is dead now to many fakes and posers who have never done nothing live of the skinhead name etc

7) many people said that Ian stuart was the first Ultranacionalist skinhead that exist or this have already started before he enters to the skinhead movement? we try to ask if the NF Skinheads already existed before him, to make moe easy the question ?

Nick richards :  ian stuart was skinheads adolf hitler he was a true leader he led from the front I would have go through hell for him he united all the true skinheads with his music and actions against the enemy my genrations adolf hitler killed by his enemys his sprit lives on and they hate it the police government wore are no friends of the skinheads . yes skinheads wore in the nf before ian stuart came .

8) seeing the skinhead movement in the 80´s and its success, do you imagine as it is today? and what projects you used to have for the future as yourself as a skinhead, and also to the NF skinheads?

Nick richards : no things wore better stonger in the 80s today its a joke to much infighting to many egos ie every one wants to be the leader but fight on we must

9)what was the importance of the store Last Resort in the movement?

Nick richards :  the last resort shop 1978 to 1986 was a place to meet buy things and made skinheads welcome and was run by English people a good place.

Last resort store

10) What where the pubs where the skins used to reunite on those years and how you promote the bands?

Nick richards : .many good skinhead pubs to go to in the past and meet have gigs before the internet we used the post by word of mouth telephone there are more gigs now every mouth but not many go lucky if you get 200 to 300 in the past 800 to 1000 where did every one  .

11) besides Rock o Rama and white noise, whar other labes did exist? which of the 2 labels was the one to work with bands like skrewdriver?

Nick richards : aswell as rockarama there was reblelles eurpoeans from france for the oi bands you had secret records top oi bands last resort the 4 skins the business you could buy the records from some shops in London and from screwdriver services and the bands sold the recods themselves and at gigs .


13) when did the fights with punks begins? and later, when did the fights begins with left wing and anarchist skinheads?( 81—83?

Nick richards : the fights against left wing punks stated about 82 83 but I and many skinheads went to punk gigs and got no trouble from left wing punks as they wore to weak and scared of skinheads .


14) a difficult question: did you remember abut the band The Redskins?hahaha


Nick richards : red skins nothing nothing to do with skinheads got smashed by skinheads at Jubilee Gardens 1984 .

15) when did the inner problems at the NF began? and what reason motivates the leaveng of many sinheads about this political party?

Nick richards :the nf started to fall apart in 1985 and turned agaist the skinheads in 87 ian stuart started blood and honour .


15) remember any memorable battle by your own, and any memorable battle side by side with IAn Stuart?

Nick richards : didnt really take part in any battles with ian stuart went on marches when he was in the nf .



16) how was the way to work of Blood & Honour? and how was the system to assist their gigs and to mislead the enemy on those years?

Nick richards : blood and honour was something for the skinheads run by skinheads for skinheads its now a world wide movement the reds wore dumb or very brave to attack a gig the just attacked lone skinheads and girls on ther e way to gigs 10 to 1 cowards and they used weapons as they  cant fight .

17) what where the bands that you like the most on those days, and what bands do you miss now?

Nick richards : Skrewdriver,  no remose ,  brutal attack   ,   skullhead ,  sudden impact ,   the ovaltinnes  , Peter and the wolf .

18) how was specificly the battle of waterloo? was  before, during or after the gig? your rivals were skinheads? punks? rappers?

Nick richards : there was no punks at waterloo perhaps a few punk girls but mostley skinheads I was one who did not make the gig I got sent home by police but a victory for us the reds did not win .

19) what can you tell us about Ian? where did he work, his height, his personality, and any thing that was told  in a wrong way abut him that you want to correct?

Nick richards :  ian stuart was a good man strong  true and good to every one punks and skinheads still miss him today .


20)what do you think about right wing parties recently ?

Nick richards .the right wing partys today fight and bitch agaist each on the internet and can only get 30 to 50 out on the streets the enemy is stronger now the right wing is weak we had the bnp and they destyoed themselves they will never come back we still resistace the fight gos on.



21) can you tell us about you? your heigh, hobbies, family, work, etc.?..go ahead, take the word

Nick richards : me im 53 now follow the movement still go to gigs like a beer and a good skinhead or punk gig  use face book etc  just enjoy life etc






22) to end the interveiw, is there  anything you would like to tell to our readers?

Nick richards :  thanks for the interview good luck every one .

Nicky Rich and ISD




Thanks to Stuka for your time and collaboration to our educational – update .


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