Interview with Viona : The beauty picture of Belgium .





1) While acknowledging your time to answer us how you feel to be  interviewed for a Chilean media Press ?


Viona : It’s always wonderful to see that my work is also appreciated
in parts of the world that are very far away from where I live!


2) From what year you are active in the world of photography? And that I take you choose this profession?


Viona : I started with photography when I was 18 years old.
I always thought that photography was the best way to turn my fantasy into reality.


3) Did you have an academic training in this or is considered a  self-taught? If you had academic training where he was?

Viona : Yes, I had an academic training in Antwerp, Belgium.




4) Before focusing on the photograph you saw your artistic future?

Viona : didn’t consider any another  profession before of  studied photography .


5) How was starting to make a living in your country? We ask this because we do not know as much about Belgium?

Viona : Even in Belgium, it’s not easy to make a living as a photographer.
As with most jobs, to become successful, it’s important to keep on following your path.

6) You also known by the Visual Kei community for being one of the  first professionals outside the world of anime / Japanese culture in  working with these artists? Particularly enjoyed working with any of them?


Viona : When I was young, I was a great fan of Malice Mizer’s style.
A bit later, I got the opportunity to work for these kind of
artists, as a photographer, so I really enjoyed that a lot.




7) A reader inquiry related to the above question us? What happened with photos of musicians on the website? Rather your work with foreign musicians.


Viona :Today, I’m not focusing on bands anymore, that’s why
these pictures have disappeared from my website.


8) How you choose to work with than a musician? For his music or his  aesthetic ideal you resolve?

Viona : Actually, the musicians choose me . Sometimes I like
their music, sometimes their style, sometimes both.

9) What more could you enjoy your work?

Viona : Difficult question . I fully enjoy what I do. So perhaps I only wish to do even more.

10) Where do you get your imagination and you love the past centuries?

Viona : inspired by many different cultures from all kinds of historical periods, ranging
from medieval and renaissance, to baroque, rococo, victorian and belle époque.
I’m also inspired by fantasy themes, like gothic, fairytale, steampunk, sword
& sorcery, vampire, and so on. All kinds of fantasy worlds attract me.


11) What is your favorite era in history and why?


Viona : I don’t really have a favorite period. This changes, depending on the project that I’m working on.


12) What can you tell us about Gala Night? Since when this worked, which is the origin of this event and as has been the reception of the  public?

Viona : Gala Nocturna, my biggest dark romantic costume ball, started in 2006, at a neo-gothic church, well-hidden in a lovely park somewhere near Antwerp. After three editions, I moved to a bigger and even more spectacular location, a stunning baroque church in the center of Antwerp. Afterwards, for the 8th edition of Gala Nocturna, I chose the Belle Epoque ballroom of the Antwerp Zoo (one of the oldest zoo’s in the world). Gold adorned marble pillars, red velvet curtains, an Art Nouveau winter garden and a majestic marble staircase were part of the astounding setting. This year, I went to Concert Noble, in Brussels, and next year … well, that’s still a surprise for the more than 600 visitors from all over Europe.

More info:







13) Do you think that  Gala Nocturna  can be expanded to other countries or  continents?


Viona : I already thought about this, several times, but I’m afraid that it will be rather difficult to organize.



14) Now you tell us what are your favorite artists, hobbies, etc?


Viona : Oh, there are too many great artists to mention here .
As for hobbies, I enjoy horse riding and spending time with my family.

15) A reader sends us a question for you: you are married or have children?


Viona : Yes, I am married, to Dirk von Heinrichshorst. Together we have a lovely son, called Orfeo.



16) For someone who does not know the culture of your country, what names you give us to have a basic understanding and research?



Viona : You’re asking the wrong person ;-) I’m not a big nationalist.
Belgium is the country where I was born, and where I got my first chances,
but I can’t say that Belgium offers a lot of possibilities to artists in general.


17) What do you know about Chile or South America in their culture?


Viona : Honestly, and unfortunately, not that much, but I’m inspired by many different
cultures, so I would love to get to know the South American culture much better.


18) Plans for this 2015?


Viona : Every year, I have a lot of plans, so it’s difficult to make a complete list. This year, it does include a new book, hosting the 3rd edition of the Belle Epoque picnic in the Antwerp zoo, the organization of the 5th edition of Danse Macabre, my Noble Blood vampire ball at Schloss Heinrichshorst, preparations for the 10th edition of Gala Nocturna, a few crazy side projects and so much more :-)



19) Any message for your readers from across the world to end this interview?


Viona : Just follow the path that leads to fantasy and imagination and I will meet you there! :-)
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