With movies no music : Interview With Aural Vampire


1) Thanks for your time and how do you feel in your time of being interviewed by a South American magazine?

EXO-CHIKA : Aural vampire knows the greatest distances from Japan, words are completely different and this is an honor realment. We had a presentation in Brazil and Argentina, but it was a nice trip.

2) Where does the name of the band came from?


We have themed sound in the cinema of horror basically beyond our ideas come.



3) Who are the member of Aural vampire? Do you use a support members in your shows?

EXO-CHIKA : EXO-CHIKA in vocals, Raveman the music and visual stage . another 3 members: Izu drummer , Wu-Chy bass and Zen keyboard

4) What are your most important influences?

Raveman: Films Especially from the 70’s and horror movies from the 80’s. Also new wave is a big influence and 90’s techno.

5) Under what label are you working on?

Raveman :  I release cds from a voluntary label called “yottabyte”. I have the cooperation of several institutions and organizations now .

6) How was the change of the vision to pass from a indie label to a major label. ?

Raveman : 

 There is gothic and industrial culture in Japan. But after all this it is a minority.
I had a purpose to represent this influence in Major music scene.
Now this became common, but in 2005 the Japanese music remained rare electronics in it.
Then I had a reason to produce this as J-pop.


7) How was your beginning in to the music, was it difficult?


Yes, the main purpose was to express our favorite things, this might be hard to make this work.
But to do this work and nature of awareness that this is fun is the reaction we have to work.
Because of this Aural vampire it had recognition from foreign countries.

8) What is the think you love most when you are in live?

EXO-CHIKA :’m glad dancing to our audience .

Raveman :’m active as Dj but the style is near


9) Please tell use, what is the concept of aural vampire , did you keep it or evolved?

EXO-CHIKA :  We have long been active in several parts. But I think that the basic part has not changed. Maybe I could have changed in your understanding.
I announce a possible new production of Aural Vampire now. .



10) What are the difference between Japanese, European and American people in your shows?

Raveman : I think that languages and lifestyles are different. Same spot but I feel that people love the same things in a country as if we were brothers.
They carry the backpack, all men liked the anime in the country it is.

11) Why does Rave man use a mask?

Raveman :  Because it’s a horror movie .

12) What do like to express with your music and lyrics?

Raveman : from our sound we start to build ideas. Our lyrics are fantasy stories and how we see the world .

13) Do you have other musical project?

Raveman : Raveman is playing in Futon disco , it’s a solo project and doing a band named Hellsauna with other members . I’m doing often as Dj .


More info : : https://www.facebook.com/hellsauna?fref=ts

14) Exo chika: have you think in modeling?

EXO-CHIKA :A designer or makeup artist in collaboration with artists in many genres. But each of them coexist characteristics of one at a time. Synergy is ideal .

15) Who is the designer of your art books in of the cd ?

Raveman : Everything has been produced by Raveman is easier if you do it yourself.



16) What are your plans for 2015?

EXO-CHIKA :  want to make music and have not been available to go play outside for a while. We would come out this year.

17) Any message for your readers to give a finishing touch to this interview?

EXO-CHIKA : Thanks for read to Aural Vampire This is music that you can listen as an oral vampire.



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