Hard gear : Seven Factor .



1) Thanks for your time, how do you feel when interviewed at length by  a South American means specifically from Chile:

Seven factor : We are Honored that you and your readers have taken interest in us, and are happy to share what little information we can at this moment about who we are and what we do .
2) Since when lead active and who are the current members of this band?
Seven factor :-Seven Factor Official formed in June of 2014, Its members include Seven Factor( Vocals Programming) :
and Little Sister( Synths)  :
Jay Factor-Bass : 
Guitars-Animis Hall : 
Source-live sound , co-producer of the LUX ep .
we have an assortment of others nameless members of Agents Of Seven Factor that assist us while performing live shows
.3)Why do you choose to named seven factor any special reason?
Seven factor :We did not choose it, it was the name given to us by the powers that be.
4) How begin the history of Seven factor and what part they are currently located in the United States?
Seven factor : our history dates back before the dawn of man, We currently have basses of operations set in Orlando, Florida, Los Angeles,California, The basement of the Denver Airport, and the new Mexican desert.
5)Which Discography is currently lead and under record label are?
Seven factor : We released our debut album which was produced by Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails and Tweaker fame..We have also just recently released a new single called Into The Light. We will be releasing a 4 song EP in late july which will only be available on our upcoming tour.
6) What are your musical influences?
Seven factor : I am inspired more by industrial, and industrial metal. I am always finding new bands that inspire and influence me. Little Sister comes from more a  raw punk rock background .
7) you had all worked in other bands before or have other projects members?
Seven factor : yes, I (seven) founded a band called Human Factors Lab back in 2004. We toured non stop for about 10 years. I put the band on an indefinite hiatus in early 2014 to pursue other creative endeavors and to explore the boundaries i could take my art .
8) How did you come to work with Chris Vrenna and how important his work has been in?
Seven factor :  I met Chris is the fall of 2011. Human Factors Lab was on tour with KMFDM, Chris came out to play drums for a band called Army Of The Universe for select dates on that tour. We hit it off instantly and stayed in touch. After his completion of The High End OF The Low, and his departure from Marilyn Manson, we began discussion the idea of him producing an album for us. The Original concept was for it to be be a series of EPS released under the Human Factors Lab name, but we wound up releasing it as a full album under Seven Factor.
9) How do you feel to play alongside bands like KMFDM?
Seven factor : We are extremely excited to be joining KMFDM on select dates of their 2015 Salvation tour. I have personally had a long standing relationship with KMFDM, they are like family. I toured briefly with Steve White  in 2008, we were both playing guitar for another band. Steve was nice enough to lend his talents for the guitars on our upcoming LUX EP. I was honored that Kaptn K called me and invited Seven Factor to join them on tour. It is an amazing opportunity for us to get out and show what we are capable of to the fans.
10) do you know something about the South American scene ?
Seven factor : No .
11) Now tell us of you, your hobbies, how tall  is each one  and philosophies of life, etc?
Seven factor : yes, we have many philosophies, these are best expressed through our artwork, there would be no way to put them into words for this interview unfortunately .
12) Is there any artist that you dream of having a collaboration?
Seven factor : Right now we would LOVE to collaborate with Die Antwoord. they seem to be from the same planet as we are .
13) have you been played abroad or still remain in the country promoting his work?
Seven factor  : No, this will actually be our first tour as Seven Factor. We are very excited to be taking our art to the live stage .
14) how important are the promotional videos in its concept as a band. we will see something amazing?
Seven factor : Video is a key element in war we do, and yes you will see many videos. We actually just released a music video for our song Into The Light. Seven Factor is a global art project, Music is just one part of it,Video is another.. neither one more important to us than the other.. they are all part of a greater goal .
15)any plan for 2015 current year ?
Seven factor : yes, We have the few tour dates with KMFDM we had mentioned. We are constantly in the studio recording. and producing video, photos, as well as something much bigger which we are not at liberty to discuss at this time .
16) any message or your readers to the this interview?
Seven factor : yes , this interested in joining The One Third, Please call our helpline .We are looking for members in Chile .

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