Roberto del Vecchio : Burning memories with Rushed Blue

unnamed (2)

1) Greetings Rob, how do you feel to be interviewed from South America?

Rob : I’m very glad to be interviewed from a beautiful country with passionate people like yours. Thank you for your invitation!

2) Since when you are in the music scene and why you became a musician?
Rob : I’m in the music scene since the beginning of the 1990s. I started to play music thanks to my friend Nicola Cedro. He played in a metal band called Inferi and he asked me if I liked to play bass. I loved the idea and it all started. 

3) What are your musical and artistic influences?

Rob :Dead Can Dance  , Joy Division , The Sound , Bauhaus   ,  The Cure  , Einstürzende Neubauten , Diamanda Galas , Death In June;watch?v=ws4UyR0qMqk, Depeche Mode , Björk   , Interpol , Blonde Redhead  I love the visual arts (surrealism, Pre-Raphaelites, Renaissance art…), to travel, to visit museum, to immerse myself in nature, literature (E.A. Poe, Thomas Mann, Gabriele D'Annunzio, George Byron...) and cinema (Ingmar Bergman, Stanley Kubrick, Roman Polański, Lars von Trier...). 

4) How Gothica project began and who were the members of that project? 

Rob :
I created Gothica at the end of 1994 together with Alessandra Santovito. In September 1995, we recorded our debut demo tape "Gothica". In June 1998, we realised our second demo entitled "Proserpina". Thanks to this demo, we signed the contract with the Swedish cult label Cold Meat Industry. Members were me (keyboards, programming, voice and composer of the most part of music) and Alessandra (voice, music and lyrics). 

5) Why do you choose the name Gothica? 

Rob :
It was hard to make their music in Italy? I chose the name Gothica because it described well our music, it showed our love for many forms of art because the Gothic style involved different kinds of art such as painting, sculpture, architecture and literature. Gothic Revival opened the way to Romanticism with its devices such as the sublime of an abandoned country churchyard, of a Gothic cathedral, of a tempest, of an impracticable savage landscape, of a horror tale. It was difficult to play this kind of music in Italy, we played few concerts and the most important ones were in Rome at Blackout and in Milan at Transilvania Live in 2003.

 6) What is the state of Gothica now? You might return someday? 

Rob :
Gothica belongs to the past and there isn’t any possibility of a future reunion. 

7) How began to engender The Last Hour? We consider the continuation of Gothica? 

Rob :
In 2004, after Gothica’s split, I created The Last Hour. “Into Empty Depth” was the first song and it appeared on “Flowers Made of Snow”, a Cold Meat Industry sampler. The Last Hour isn’t a continuation of Gothica, it is something totally new. My new music sounds more electronic than in the past, but with dark mood as always. I’ve always loved electronic sounds and synthesizers. 

8) You think bringing The Last Hour to show live someday?
Rob :
Yes, it’s possible, it would be great. 

9) We see that The Last Hour is a well-rounded up in their visual world. What you intend to communicate with The Last Hour? 

Rob :
I communicate with the universe, with the silence of God, searching for a sense to breathe. The Last Hour is the fight between illusion and reality, life and dream, the door towards the infinite, the unconceivable worlds, the cosmic space, the nowhere. The Last Hour’s music is like a black and white photography where lights and shadows intertwine to draw infinite arabesques of love and death among the paths of restlessness. 

10) For someone who does not know about The Last Hour that song would you recommend?

Rob :
“Into Empty Depth” because it was my first song. From my new album “Deadline”, I recommend “Everything Fades Away”, the title track “Deadline” and “Oblivion”.

 11) Why did you decide to name this project The Last Hour?
Rob :
The name The Last Hour represents my death and my rebirth at the same time. During our  life we can die many times and rise again from the ashes stronger than before. 

12) And could you tell us about the project Les Jumeaux Discordants? 

Rob :

LJD is a ritual project born in 2005 by the union of my music and Aima. Aimaproject (AimA) is a project born in 1996 and it works in various expressive fields: poetry, photography, music and multimedia. LJD presupposes a strong interaction between poetry, image and music.263660_141108422632119_3097393_n

 13) Have the other member of the band a side project or only focused on Les Jumeaux Discordants?
Rob :
Aima works with other musical projects and artists, the most important is InScissorS.

14) Who is responsible for the graphic art of your projects?
Rob :
I made the artwork of Gothica’s albums using paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, J.M.W. Turner, Caravaggio... and of the new The Last Hour’s album “Deadline”. unnamed (3)

The artwork of The Last Hour’s first album was made by Oleg Galay (Other Voices Records) using Aima’s photos. The artwork of LJD’s albums was made by Aima using drawings by Max Klinger, Gustave Doré… The cover of The Last Hour’s single “Oblivion” is a photo by Mona Photographer. 
unnamed (1)

15) What could you tell us about the label where you are working? 

Rob :
The White Room is my Digital Record Label specialized in Darkwave, Gothic, Dark Ambient, Electronica, Experimental music ( It's also the name of my recording studio and the title of an instrumental song of LJD. 

16) Running a label has changed your perspective on things you had in your mind? 

Rob :
Digital music is widespread always more and I had to adapt. Anyway, my intent is to promote beautiful music made by my friends.

17) Do you consider the dark wave is lived differently in every country that has taken your music? 

Rob :
Each country loves dark wave in different way. My music is more appreciated in some countries than in other ones. 

18) You know something about the South American Darkwave scene? 

Rob :
I know very few bands like Mellonta Tauta from Argentina and Luna in Caelo from Chile. 

19) Plans for this 2015?
Rob :
I’m mixing the songs of the second album of Les Jumeaux Discordants. The new album will be out next fall on French label Athanor Records. 

20) a message for your Spanish-speaking readers ?
Rob :
i’d just like to say thank you to all the people who supported my music and my projects during all these years.


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