La de la Rosa : Dokuro Kurage interview


1) Aki, how do you feel to come back for an interview after many years by our media?
Aki : I haven’t seen you for a long time. Thank you for all your help on that occasion.
And thank you for keeping me in your mind to date…
If I say greeting now in Japanese style you like.  At any rate, I would like to thank you all.Thank you.

2) what can you tell us about the actual situation of Japan?
Aki :No good thing ever dies. I’ll be hoping that they find you, and you find them well .

3) how did the idea of a solo  musical project started, and what is the difference with your musical proyect Rk Rosebud?
Aki :Anyway, I wanted to sing more freely.
Does my solo project look lonely?
I’m neither lonely nor solitude. I write all lyrics and music now as in the past.
Basically, there is no difference in my thoughts about music, only the way to express my music changed.
I feel I’m free now.But it doesn’t mean that I was not free in the past.



4)Before Rk Rosebud did you play with another band?
Aki :I played in earnest, in only one band before Rk.   That band and RK are special for me.


5) under what label are you playing and recording your music?
Aki :Currently, at Phantom records, one of the independent label.
As for my new album, I recorded at several studio.I tried to play in various situations considering.
was a precious experience and a new adventure for me.
6)Do you think piracy affects the japanese music ?
Aki :It denigrates terribly not only Japanese music but also other music, all of musicians who love music truly.
The true fans never do or join it or agree with it.
And I think the true value of music never fades.
This is not something limited to music.

7) Where you get your outfits as flashy and represent into you?

Aki : In many cases, I make my outfits for myself. At least I remake a part of ready-made as I like.
Before I prepare my stage clothes I draw images an uncommercialized thing without fail.
I always wear what I like. It’s so important for me to make my stage because I want to be comfortable when performing.
The color is mainly black, design is what looks elegant and noble a little, I like them because I feel they’re beautuful.
Originally, I like such kind dresses. And they work effectively for my stage actually.
Maybe it is my image my fans feel. I always hope the audiences feel and enjoy an extraordinary world.
In Japan, there is a sense called ‘Hare and Ke’. ‘The extraordinary’ is ‘Hare’ in Japanese though it’s difficult a little to explain.

‘Hare’ means the special moments not ordinary.

That’s so important concept of my solo project Dokuro-Kurage.
So I never wear, for example, a simple t-shirt and a jeans on my stage like everyone is dressed when they go to the special party.That’s the reason why I always decorate myself or my stage.
And as a result all have to synchronize with my music.
I think that such style and thought should be called‘Visual-Kei’…not focusing your mind on only make-up or clothes.
And since the language of flowers of black rose is ‘eternal love’, I keep it in my mind especially in this year.

8) What are your lyrics talk about?
Aki :Sometimes it may be a fiction, but I never write lies in my lyrics because I cannot sing lies.
I will feel pain if I sing fake words.
And I don’t like kinds of message, especially I cannot sing strong messages in my songs.
That’s not my style.
I don’t like to force anything.
I’m glad if the person who listens to my songs feel a little rest.
And I always want to sing about something bright, not darkness.
If the theme of my song is one of dark world I sing about something bright, without fail.
I don’t like dark though to explain is difficult…
Although if my look is all black, I’m glad if the audiences feel something like light even for a little while.

9) Has touched Rk rosebud and your solo project together sometime in concert ¿? Would you like to happen?
Aki : Once we already had played in same event.
I played not only as a my solo Dokuro-kurage but also as a vocalist of Rk at that time.
Changing stage clothes, my mind…they were tough live, but was also a fun experience.
Maybe because it was a new challenge for me.

10) What is your solo discography?

Aki :The first album had released last autumn.
The title is ‘病める薔薇, it means ‘an ailing rose’.
Through this album all songs expressed one revival story about the process, until its rose wants to recover again.
I’d like you to listen it.


11) What is the current state of Rk rosebud?

Aki : Suffice to say that each members are in the middle of a trip to evolve, to make music better.

12) When you play you use Live Support members or just it’s you?

Aki :Basically, I think I want to do all for myself now because I think there is still what I can do alone.
But I sometimes had played with support musicians to date.
In new album too, I played with a violinist.
When I feel I need other sound for my song, I think I will play with other musicians.

13) You’ve had the opportunity to play abroad?

Aki :Although I’ve been invited from several events in other countries I could not go because I was physically unsound.
I feel terribly sorry, and I really appreciate.
I’d really like to go if the opportunity arises.

14) You have seen some prejudices that exist in Japan and abroad?

Aki :Do you ask about music?
I don’t feel prejudices very much.
I’m rather taught and noticed about Japan.
Sometimes I feel misunderstanding a little.
When I felt so, I’m very irritated.
Although I don’t say it on the spot, I try to explain
when I think I need to do it because I also want to know correct things when I misunderstood.
But even misunderstanding is often interesting.everyone can interpret it how they like always.

15) What are your favorite movies and favorite books?

Aki :Although it’s difficult to choose one,
the movie is‘return to OZ’. I like Jack a lot.
The first original song I wrote was a song for him.
The book is‘La Porte étroite’by André Gide.
This is also a motto in my life.

16) A fan asks this: How did you meet velvet eden and why are important in your Life?
Aki : I was a fan of velvet eden.
I was one of audiences when I was a girl.
I think Mr. Dada is the person who can make truly beautiful works purely
and I respect his ability to concentrate, passion, wit and poison against what he want to create.
I feel there are many fakes in the world,
but I also want to be the person as an artist who can feel and find out his works.
In this connection I may add that, when I could play with him at same Live event,
I was so touched and the day after live I felt sense of loss and was moved to tears remembering his‘La fin’like a fan girl.


17) What are the plans for this 2015?

Aki :”To make and sing good songs.
And new challenge again.”

18) Any message for your readers to end this interview?

Aki : Please listen to my songs.They will tell you all.Thank you.




Link : ( Please enjoy my music )

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