Machine meat with Tacit Fury (Ru)


1) How is Tacit Fury, and how do you feel to be interviewed by the lates country at the end of the world?

Dmitry: Hi there! This is Dmitry of Tacit Fury here. We are fine! Thanks. It’s great to say some words for another part of the world.

2) Since when is the active band and under what label are currently working?

Dmitry:  At all we are working with no label. We just have some support from Russian label FONO Ltd.

3) Who make up this band now? In what part of Russia are you located?

We are 3 pieces band. Dmitry “Enoth” – guitars/vocal, Alexey “German” – bass, Alexander “Imidazo” – drums. We are located in Moscow.

4) Since when is this active training? you still have contact with the above components?

Dmitry: Yes, I’m still in contact with former bandmates.

5) Apart from Tacit fury have other musical projects? Or before that projects had participated?

Dmitry: We all were or are involved in some side projects. For example, I and our drummer are still playing black metal in side bands.

6) What are the bands that have influenced Tacit fury? What does mean the name of his band ?

Dmitry: We are influenced by many bands that we listened and are still listening to like

Pink Floyd , Sepultura , Cannibal Corpse , Death etc.

Tacit meansunspokable, fury means rage grin emoticon . 

7) While we were listening to your discography we realized the tremendous change that you had with tacit fury, we describe this as a day Melodia each day became more rebellious, which podris us to express the sound change?

Dmitry: I can just say we are growing like people and musicians. So I can call all that changes as evolution.

8) That could tell Metal scene in your country ?? some critical, some rumor to make it clear?

Dmitry: We have a very huge metal scene here. I must to be insane trying to describe it in one interview. Just check out and search there for metal from Russia.

9) which are your lyrics? have evolved well with this change?

Dmitry:  Our lyrics are about mental disorders in hypertrophied form. Those are stories about things that might occur but I hope will never happen.

10) what could you tell us about your production and work your last job?

Dmitry: We recorded “A Social Berserker” at Hertz Recording Studio in Poland. It was a great time and a great experience. Our artwork was fully made and designed by our Belarussian friend Andrey Kroms.

11) That You Might you tell your musical tastes, hobbies and things we should know about your person?

Dmitry: I’m a huge fan of Pink Floyed, Ozzy, RHCP, Sepultura, Nirvana, Cannibal Corpse and many more) Talking about hobbies I have no a lot of free time after playing a guitar. Guitar is my biggest hobby. Anyway I ride my bike everyday.

12) Have you had the pleasure of spending by America or still are waiting for the calling  of metal?
Dmitry: I’m not waiting for any chance to play somewhere I’m working on it everyday. When you’re not a big name touring is complicated but possible. I’m trying to do my best! Of course if somebody helps me I would very appreciate!.

13) What are your plans for 2015?
Dmitry: Touring, touring, touring!

14) Any message for your readers to finish this interview?

Dmitry: Listen to a good music! Listen to Tacit Fury! \m/


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