Interview with the metal Princess : Hizaki



1)Hizaki, how do you feel about being interviewed by this media coming out from Chile?

Hizaki : Chile is a beautiful country and I am honor to be interviewed. Thank you.

2) the new solo project is working under anyone label music ? wich ?

Hizaki : I guess from the same label as Jupiter.

3) who’s are the support member in the European tour ?

Hizaki : My fans!!

4) What motivated you to resume your solo project, with which everyone became delighted? What is the difference with  the old projects  ?

Hizaki : I always wanted to do solo project and luckily I have got offers from EU

this time.

The new project will be with more instrumental songs.


5)What is what do you miss  from Europe and America?

Hizaki :I want to meet more fans all over the world. I miss my fans!

6)What is the reason to devote yourself to the music and play with

visual kei  bands, and not an conventional?

Hizaki : Can make more artistic works in the Visual Kei scene, I think.

7) what’s are your musical influences ‘?We know that you have more  influence from occidental artists than the local ones .



8) Garnet Grave was your first band, or there’s some other previous project? Please, we want to know something about it

Hizaki : Since I started playing guitar (before become a band man), I’ve been

writing songs.

9)What’s was made you take the aesthetic way of the French aristocracy? Recognize  some influence from an artist in this activity?

Hizaki :  I wasn’t aware but I always liked the style since childhood.



10) A Reader of our media ask to you : Do you ‘ve some memories about

your travelled to Chile ?

Hizaki : I thought the harmony with nature is the beauty of your country. And also the

fans are full of passion and great!

11)Do you think that can play in South America again? Do you feel like

having a trip there another time?

Hizaki : Yes, of course!

12 do you know anything about the south american music scene ?

Hizaki : I am listening to Metal band. I also like Brasilian music.


13) do you think it was necesary the hiatus  by Versaille took?

Hizaki : Japanese music scene is in the difficult situation due to many reasons and

I think it was necessary.

14) What do you think are the differencies between Jupiter andVersailles, from your point of view ?

Hizaki :  As the Vocal is different, the songs we play will also be different. And it is inevitable, I think.

15) what are your hobbies, movies, books,what can you tell us about that?

Hizaki : I like to read the books of Dan Brown .


16) what are your plans for 2015?

Hizaki : Based on the activities in Japan, we want to do a world tour when we

release the next new album!

17) any message to say end to  your readers by our  interview?

Hizaki :  I and we (Jupiter) always appreciate your big love and support.

If you could deliver your voices, our world tour will not be just a dream.

Hope to see you very soon, thank you!




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