Interview with Os mutantes





1) We’re very please to have you Sergio as our guest of the week. How does it feel to be interviewed from a country as south as Chile?

Sergio: Hello to all my friends in Chile, i’m very happy to talk with you, i guess is the first time i got the chance to speak with someone from your country. Yours is a lovely country and it has so much passion to see.- Please forgive my spanish, it sounds more like a portuguese-spanish. (Note: This interview was recorded in audio so the crew from Rushed Blue put a lot of heart transcribing the audio to give you this lovely moment).


2)Since when have you been a musician?


Sergio: I’ve been a musician since i was 12 years-old, i believe you never really achieve every goal in your life; but if i look back to my 50 years as a musician, i can say that i’m very lucky of all the things i did and everything that happened to me, specially with the crowd, which are very special to me, without them this wouldn’t have meant a thing to me and i wouldn’t feet like keep doing music at all. We, musicians, have to be like a mirror between the audience and the artist, we have to be one at the moment, like a inmediate question and answer.- I’m not sure when my carreer will end, but im pretty sure it’ll be on stage.


3) What could tell us about the origin of your name, and why are called Os mutants, How true is the story of Ronnie Von was the first to suggest?

Sergio: The name comes from a science fiction novel of STEFAN Wull called the rule of mutants which we loved and is there the origin, Ronnie Von is a myth.

4)  What  type of genre from your point of view you could put Os mutants musically?

Sergio: It is difficult to put on a musical genre that encompassed everything Mutantes, when I was little heard from Sarita Montiel  , The ventures all Brazilian singers, Samba, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Wes Montgomery   , Jimmy Smits, also all classical influence he had on my family because my mother was a concert pianist, composer of piano.

So I think the best description is Tropicalismo because it shows a situation that hold us in South America and I never understood that we are not integrated, it is something I love and it would be very nice, because our language is something we can understand with each other’s
I never studied Spanish, I’m here trying, is tentative at best
Situation to get a stronger community, I love the idea of this great country of South America, I feel that Brazil is a huge guide within this continent broken by language, we have so many common influences that Spain and Portugal are neighbors, it would be very nice see more collaboration between us.

5)Throughout your career both you and Os mutants developed a style quite provocative costumes and lots of imagination. What they wanted to convey to the use of these garments or what its relevance in the world of mutants Os? was related with the scene Glam rock (T.rex, David Bowie)?

Sergio: We usually dressed us like we were as a representation of everything that felt like youth to be immortal because when you’re young you do not think about the possibility of death, only the possibility of adventure, we attended cinemas and said we wanted to be like them and so we dress.

We had no relationship with Glam rock scene; we were completely authentic, our idea was our life the idea of how we felt.



6) Once your got your first tours abroad that marked a before and after, affection something to you as a band? That was what marked the breakup of his classical line up  ?

Sergio: Well the first tours abroad were very nice, because we were always well received by the press were called the Beatles Brazilians had the pleasure of meeting keyboardist Vangelis AFRODITE FIFTY  DIMENSION CHILDS and the same day we play. This influenced much in the way of playing my brother Arnaldo keyboards and what he saw with the clarinets, all those things, etc.
The cause of the classic breakup was because of the 70’s the LSD, acid among others, were no manuals or information were deep in this situation, I thought it was very dangerous because they do not know the source of this magic … force; except that we were all one, except that we were all part of the universe that gave us a deep insight into being, we become too serious.
The break was a situation between Arnaldo and Rita were married because they failed to settle the question of free love, betrayal that happened.

7) Nearly  the 70s his musical style was a big change in your address but without losing its hallmark, which made change or evolve their psychedelia to a little harsh sounds, think Os mutants has evolved since its inception to the present day?

Sergio: Certainly evolution is the need for any artist, without it there is no sense in playing instruments. I think we if we had a great evolution especially going into the 70’s, people said that we were as progressive I disagree with this because progressive than the media usually says was derogatory / negative that did not identify as part of us were like Yes   or Rick Wakeman , things like that we were more like Gentle Giant or King Crimson  , also the rock always the most important part for us.

So far the last 2 albums which were released2009: Haih Or Amortecedor  y 2013: Fool Metal Jack  had good reception by the world press, we are with 4 or 5 stars, I think the discs were made in a normal way like I would at age 17 you just do music and so normally without preconception as it should be, mounted in the XXI century.


8) why constant member changes resulted in the 70’s??? Why announced an end in 1978?

Sergio: I did not stop the band but rather flunked for as long as King arthur replenishes the sword in the stone, because the last generation of mutants did not understand what I wanted.

9) Sergio what you could tell us about your experience as a solist, was planned before the break of Os mutants or after breaking the idea of having a solo project?

Sergio: I made my way to my solo career, I came to the United States there I met L. SHANKAR  , were some of the names of the many people that I come aa mind with which I started playing much within from United States. I stayed here in the 80’s was a fantastic very good experience, because before playing with 3 or 4 people, after dozens were playing and it was very good for me for my understanding of musical depth and as far as I could go. It was an honor to be accepted into the creme de la creme of the music of New York.

10) Your solo project is exceptional from our point of view but we feel lost strength in his later works after the first album, but also gained strength in its eclecticism and musical variety, you could tell from his solo works?

Sergio :I am very proud of all the work I did work with Phil Manzanera and South African friends, my solo albums are something that have much affection for them, lots of hours playing after 9 years back since 2006, wanted to offer something again alone.

11)Its True, that spent in New York nearly a decade?? And you could tell us about your trip to Italy?

Sergio: Indeed, it was very cute and well, it was something.
We traveled to Italy in the period of activity as mutants in 1977 before going to New York to give a concert for the Festival of the unit, we were in Milano 6 months, I met Patrick Djivas  among other awards, also with the whole movement musical that was in MILANO, was undergoing an album that unfortunately does not end.
I stayed in New York 10 years was wonderful as a musician but as a very lonely person.


12) In 1994 you became one of the first Brazilian musicians playing in South Africa that things in his memoirs remembers and can express ourselves in that? We understand that participated in a Christmas program.

Sergio: If that South Africa was something I never expected to happen, I met Dan Chiorboli in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that made all the arrangements for me to travel there, and it was an inexplicable experience. They were two months of wonders; charm, beauty and wonderful people, music all day all the time, had days that said I’ll wander said touching and playing all the time, South Africa is a beautiful country charm while I wrote the songs 10-15 it resulting from this is my album

Song of the Leopard.


13)What motivated him to move outside your country of origin in those late 70’s?

Sergio: Were the things in life, I stop Os mutants, I separated from my wife, I started to play with L Shankar, and met producer Eddy Offord Yes, I invite you to produce an album of solo mio. This was a drop of water was like that in a year my life changed substantially.


14) In what year did you  returned to restore in Brazil?? Secondly why it’s been so quiet time of his solo career ?

Sergio: I went back to Brazil by little the first time in 1985 I was at that time 5 years out, I started again because I had friends and family .In 1987 I returned and in that time met my current wife with whom we have been together since over 25 years at a time we thought we moved but she had a daughter of years and it was hard to think of a move like that, so I stayed in Brazil for love.

The silence of my solo career was due to the time you spend playing with other musicians in America, so I think in 1979 or 1980 I launched the first solo album in Brazil, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, among others great friends. But after that we were all playing together had no diversity there to play something new. Then I think that followed Mind Over Matter is a pop album and is the result of my stay in the United States. After this was the Jazzmania Live that was when playing in Brazil in 1997 I recorded this I was completely different, it was Free jazz is an album that I really like, they were made 2000 copies, is a rare album, but music I love it.

15)What can you tell us about Os Mutantes most recent album in 2014?

Sergio: It was made in English and I did from which I saw here, the issue is a political one for the American side, we had to launch trouble because people were a little felt in some parts of the lyrics. Fool metal jack is the story of a boy who goes to war and is about to die. It is not the story of a boy of 18 years here imagine entering an army, what a lonely life at one point losing life has no meaning for him.


16) what can we know about you Sergio, the soul of one of our most importants bands of Brazil, What is your height , your hobbies, your musical influences?

Sergio : Sergio: My height is 5. 10 feets; my hobbies are archery, I love painting, my musical influences are from mariachis to everything that I find good. I go to the supermarket next to where I live called Gardenias love their Mexican music playing .The last thing I loved was in France, Paris was an organist named JEAN Guilou with his improvised pipe organ outside churches outside church of Saint-Eustache was fantastic.



17)Who are the actual members of Os mutantes? do you think that Os mutantes have evolved since its origins?



Sergio :Esméria Bulgaria – vocals
Sérgio Dias – guitars, vocals
Vinicius Junqueira – bass
Henrique Peters – keyboards, vocals
Cláudio Tchernev – drums
Mutant has evolved from its origins, I think I’m in a musical maturity interior to the feelings as a human being that I translate into music, if you do something really does not make sense

18) You Mentioned that you have a very special relation with Chile, what can you tell us about that? Mention about special relations…how are the relations with Rita Lee?

Sergio :The thing I liked most of Chile although I’ve never been there, were Chilean friends I met in my life, my drummer first solo album was called Chilean José Ignacio Fernández Mena a very beautiful person. Now I remember when I went to Europe viewed down the beauty of the mountains, has a compelling beauty, would realize a dream to play in his country.
Rita relations are nonexistent, it’s a shame, I’d rather cut off when mutants returned 2006 I invite us, but she remained probably very offended and refused to continue. I cannot explain it to me yet.


19) Any message for our readers to end our interview?

Sergio: I give all my love for people from Chile, because as all the people from south america, we have passed through all the revolutions, and loosing their national identity for the horrible political managements, now, with my country and their corruption situation, I hope one day that all we became bothers again, and be able to live happy together , to all of you a big hug .  Sergio dias by Os mutantes .



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