The wonderful vision – Interview with Roca


1) Good morning Roca san, how do you feel being interviewed by magazine from a country in South America, very distant country insn’t it?

Roca : I have not visited any country in South America but I would someday

2) First of all, how define you, a clown or harlequin ?? In which age did you star to be?

Roca :  When I was a university student that was traveling alone in Europe, I saw a street artist and wanted to try to learn their steps.

3) How did you start your music career. Specifically in wich place from japan ?

Roca : When I joined the mandolin orchestra. I did the driving.

4) We understand that you traveled abroad in more than 20 countries, which was the reason for such a long trip ???? And could you tell us what were those countries ???

Roca :  Europe, Morocco, New Caledonia, Thailand.

5) In you biography appears played in a visual kei band right? Could you tell us about that experience (Name, members, year, etc)?

Roca :Do not put it in my career because I made a character that was not me.

6) How many instruments you know how to play and what is your favorite and why?

Roca :  Mandolins, guitars, saxophone and programming.


7) apart from you musical show you also adds many Starring cirquense such as magic among others, you feel like you need this in your performances?

Roca : Yes

8) What can you tell us about Air Beluga, Pierrock, Pietronica,  under what label are working ?

Roca :

Air beluga,Mandolin, piano, acoustic guitar,


pietronica music toys .


Pierrock rock band :


9) What do you think are the differences between those? How was work among diverse musical genres such as electronica?

Roca : No difference because my performances is unique with or without electronic music.

10) What can you tell us about Forest coupy. Why you stoped to collaborate with them? who formed the band, which was your discography?

Roca : It is a pop band with a vocalist girl who seems to live in a forest with a jester playing a musical instrument. Ayami Michel vocalist became a balloon artist in France. Then the activity ended .


11) what do you want to express with your music? you plan to go abroad again to play with some of your bands?

Roca : Nothing, but next year I want to go to japan expo.

12) What are the artistic and musical influences of all your projects?

Roca : U2

13) What do you know about Chile and South America?

Roca : Spain

14) How do you see in 10 years more? Do you have some challenge for the future?

Roca : f taking it easy. Memento mori.

15) You always wears colorful, feel fear for dark colors?

Roca :  I hardly wear black, because it is a fall color. I saw the gorgeous colors to illuminate around.

16) Who are your favorite artists??? What books do you like?? Your favorite color?

Roca :

Prince, U2 and my favorite color is yellow.


17) Any message for your readers to give a finishing touch to this interview ?

Roca :  I have nothing to say as a last comment. Please invitation to OVERSEAS  tour .




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