From Usa the surrealism blossom – Interview with Tré



1) How do you feel being interviewed from a far away, smaller and iconic country?

Tré : It’s a beautiful thing, I’m honored to have the opportunity to share my artistic voice with more of the world. Art has the capacity to speak and express all languages, and being able to speak to your country is a joy.

2) When did you become an artist and what are your specialties?


Tré :  : I’ve always been an artist, I can’t remember not being one. My specialties are portraiture, cover art, Massurrealist art, and music videos.


3) How was your insertion into the world of art??

Tré : My professional art career began when I was a teenager. I exhibited my artwork and created commissioned fine art portraits.

4)  Whom do you consider to be your main influences?

Tré : My main influence is dreams, music, and people. I enjoy exploring the boundaries of reality and imagination. While talking with people about aspirations and dreams, their portraits brush up before me. When hearing music, inside my mind colors appear and images flash into motion.

5)What is it like to be an artist in the United States? What would you say to break the misconceptions and stereotypes in the minds of people about art?

Tré : I’ve traveled a lot in my career, and I view the entire planet as my home. Being an artist in the US isn’t much different than being one elsewhere. We all struggle, we dream big, and hope that our next creation will be the one that engages people and imparts an exceptional truth to the world.
I enjoy inspiring others to think more deeply and to question preconceived notions. For instance, The American Dream revolves around an ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. The reality is that hard work and talent alone will not breed success. The path to a successful art career is paved with many stones, including chance.



6)Of all your specialties which one do you feel most connected to?

Tré :  My connectivity varies according to my mood. The specialty that I feel most connected to is the one I need to express myself through in that moment. I may wake up one morning needing to draw, and the next needing to sing or photograph.

7) What are your concepts? What ideas do you try to capture? Is intention important in your process?

Tré : Concepts are subjective, it is important to live in that moment and not be limited by conceptualizing everything. Inspiration can be strangled by rigid ideas, and the art suffers. I like to give my intentions room to breathe and blossom throughout the process. Thus, my creations achieve a life of their own, often telling me what they want to be, instead of me restricting their growth.

8)We understand that you have traveled to different parts of the world. Which ones have been the most interesting places?

Tré : Every new country I visit is a gift. Each city offers a valuable experience, I often walk away feeling as if I have discovered a piece of myself that I didn’t know existed. I found a love for cobbled sidewalks in the moonlight, while walking the star-crossed streets of Paris. I’ll forever marvel over the glowing sakura blossoms against the Tokyo sky. As I sat beneath their ancient whispering memories, I discovered a grace that poetry strives to impart. London exposed my heart like an open book to the wit, charm, and humor of history pressing forward. There, upon the ground where Shakespeare trod, I uncovered the part of myself greatly rooted in the past, all the while, eager for progress.

9) How do you define your art or the art movement you’re apart of?

Tré :  Imagination is my language and art is my voice. It’s difficult to define something that often has a mind of it’s own. The Massurrealist art movement has given me a home to metaphorically hang my hat in. It allows me to explore the boundaries of my own imagination, to ask questions of myself and the world around me. ”The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” -Albert Einstein .


10) Do you believe that buyers choose their works or works choose their buyers?

Tré :  I believe that everyone’s motives for buying art is different. There are those that allow their heart to guide them, and others their head. Some people like to be told what they want and others enjoy figuring out what they want on their own. I’ve experienced buyers that are searching for artwork that resonates with them deeply, and those that simply want to find a piece to match their sofa. I welcome either buyer.

11)What can you tell us about your collaboration with Colortone and Plasmodium?

Tré : Creating the music video for Colortone was a beautiful experience. I was approached by Dickie Chapin years prior for a collaboration, and when the song “Wire Girl & Cardboard Man” was released it seemed like the perfect project. I saw the entire video in my head the first time I listened to the song. He wanted the characters to be created and not literal people, and I was thrilled to design them from recycled materials.
Plasmodium’s “Saw What You Did” was a joy to create. Jim Thomson shared with me the concept behind the music, the band, and his vision. After hearing the video, it all clicked into place. I had a wonderful time sifting through old public domain movies to find the imagery to mirror what I envisioned in my head. The video evolved into a visual collage of music and spoken word, and it was so delightful getting to create it with Jim.

12) We see that many of your works are related to the open fields and are nature themed. What´s your opinion about this observation?

Tré : I love nature, and my work reflects that fact. A lot of my art is influenced by my dreams, and most of my dreams take place in the natural landscapes I’ve experienced. My travels allow to capture various scenes, which in turn, helps me to recreate my dreams.


13 )What can you tell us about your musical project with MUNDY? What is your role  in the band and plans for the future?

Tré : MUNDY is a New Wave Soul band from Washington DC. We formed in the summer of 2013, releasing our first song in December. We have backgrounds in performance art, theater, and dance. I create all the artwork, do backing vocals, and dance. I’m in the process of creating our first music video for the single Physical Fusion, we hope to release it this summer. The future of MUNDY is filled with possibilities, including an East Coast tour that we are currently  booking. I’m excited to be on this journey with such an amazing group of musicians, and I’m extremely grateful to also call them my friends.


14) do You feel pleased with yourself as a person and as an artist?

Tré : I am an artist, to the core of my being it is what I am, who I am, and all I know how to be. The life of an artist is not an easy one. Personally, I want to wake up feeling happy and excited about life and the projects I’m working on; however, I do not want to wake up feeling pleased with myself. I consider my life to be a work in progress. No matter how skilled I become, I always see room for improvement. Each new day, I want to push myself to become a better person, and a better artist.

15) What other artists in your country can you recommend to us that inspire you?

Tré : That would be a very long list. There are so many amazing Artists here in the US. There is a short list of artists I follow because I know them personally, and their work inspires me. Adrian Buckmaster (, Martin Swift (, Leslie Nolan (, Ana Delgado (, and Daniel Zetterstrom ( I also highly recommend the work of all the artists featured on the Museum For Massurrealist Art website. ( .

16) Now, who is the lady behind the cameras, her musical pleasures, her hobbies, favorite foods etc?

Tré : In my spare time, I’m a Quantum Physics geek. I have a passion for live Jazz, and Wine. I love to cook Asian, Indian, and French dishes. I collect hats and antique books.

17) what are your plans for 2015?

Tré : In 2015 I’ll be making more music videos, collaborating with other artists, creating art, and touring with MUNDY.  There are some surprise projects I have in the works that I am excited to announce soon, including my continued work with Iron Smoke Whiskey ( This year has already been wonderful, I can’t wait to see what the rest of it will bring.

18)) Any parting message for your fans to end this interview?

Tré : Thank you for appreciating my art! Every day I get to continue to do what I love for a living is another day my heart smiles, and I owe that to all of you that support my work. I’m forever grateful.


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