Visual shock before : Interview With Hiromi




1) First of all how do you feel being interviewed by a South America media?


Hiromi: About this I wonder why .


2) How many instruments do you know how to play and what is your favorite one?





3) What impulse you to be a musician in visual kei band and not a conventional band?

Hiromi: To stand out


4) What were the bands that influenced you in your music?

Hiromi:  Metallica



5) Why was born visual shock at least why do you think it was? And why you think about the difference of convention punk?


Hiromi: My desire to stand out from others


6) Did you style your hair by yourself or do you have a hair stylist? When you decide to wear your hair short and finally cut it?


Hiromi:With independent label, we did everything ourselves, but the major label, the stylist of his staff did. [We] cut hair at 30 years of age.


7) Do you miss your hair and do you think you’re gonna use longer and great again?

Hiromi: I still have hair. But I have no desire to grow


8) What you can tell us about your first band Morgue ?

Hiromi:Rosenfeld invited us to play with them in the first concert of Morgue.


9) What were your favorite songs to play live? Do You remember some memorable concert of “Rosenfeld”?


Hiromi:I like all songs



10) Why did you stop playing with “Rosenfeld” and on what date was it?


Hiromi: This was due to my skill was not enough with the demands of the leader. (Laughs). I forgot the date. Touch the other day in the position of Gish.




11) How long were you without a band until you become a member of The DEAD POP STARS?

Hiromi: If it was, it was a short period of inactivity .


12) How do you became part of the band of The dead pop stars, And In what year was it?

Hiromi: I was invited by the leader Kenzi .

13) Why do you all were doing so crazy shows? You were crazy( laught)?

Hiromi: We wanted to stand out, in particular we are crazies.


14) In what does the band change to work with a major label? Did you rock the band in foreing countries?

Hiromi: Dead pop star was major from the beginning, we didn’t has activities abroad .

15) Until the year you kept playing with The dead pop stars and what were the reasons that made you to stop playing with them?

Hiromi:I forget how many years

16) What are you doing now? Do you plant to come back to the music?


Hiromi: At the moment I’m living normally. I will not go back to music. “




17) Now Tell us about yourself, what is your height, what are your favorite bands and what are your hobbies?


Hiromi: I’m a loner (Laugh)



18) What do you think about being a musician of Visual shock then and now in these times how many differences have?


Hiromi: I do not think much about this.


19) Do you miss the old times?

Hiromi:The past is past, now is now .


20) What will be your plans for 2015?


Happiness and love for people .

21) To finish this interview a message for your readers?

Hiromi:I’m not sure if I answered properly but thanks for talking to an old rocker like me.




3 comentarios to “Visual shock before : Interview With Hiromi”

  1. Marco Chavez Says:

    Como consiguieron contactar a hiromi? Quisiera contactarme con el . Gracias buena entrevista

  2. Oe shakira conchetumare por que no me dijiste que entrevistaste a hiromi sapo culiao maraco? recien me vengo a enterar de esta wea mono conchetumare weno pal pico

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