Shock terapy : Interview with Kiwamu

1) It’s a honor to have you as special guess , and how do you feel being interviewed by a South American magazine?
Kiwamu: Recently I don’t have my band activities. But this is the good chance to my label artists. If some fans have interest in my label work. That is good.
2) Since when you are in the music market? And what impulse you to be a musician from visual kei scene and why not others musical types?
Kiwamu: When I impulsed from music, I shocked very much from visual image and music. So I am working in visual kei and gothic scene now. If I shocked normal rock music first, that was different.
3) What are your artist and musician who inspires you to be a great musician ?
Kiwamu: Dario Argent is the favorite artist. I studied many things from his works. In these years, I started to take the music video by myself for my label artists. Without his works, I didn’t do this.
4) How do meet to the musician of the band called BLOOD and how was born the idea of call it born?
Kiwamu: I met all members in Osaka when I formed this band. And after disband in Osaka, I moved to Tokyo. I restarted to work with friends in Tokyo. But recently I am too busy because of my label artist works. So I stopped my band now.
5) Before BLOOD did you have any previous musical experience? If you could remember those years or any moment in the scene, could you tell us about what give you a good experience and other that give you a unpleasant experience?
Kiwamu: Before BLOOD, I released my past band titles. So I learned many things from these. To release 1 title, there are many process. Owing to this, I can release many titles for BLOOD. And there were many bands didn’t know how to release their cd. And they asked me. SUICIDE ALI was one of these bands. So I started my label work. Of course, first time, I didn’t know anything about release. So in this process, there were many bad experiences. But that is good memory to me already.
6) You beat any prejudice you had before Westerners in your travels? What could you learn from them and do you think you learned?
Kiwamu: Before the tour in foreign countries, I was very impatience. But in many countries, I traveled, so I learn “wait”. Each people have each pace.
7) Marked a milestone in the band your trips abroad? As fond of what you expect as a band and the organization that had already psyched?
Kiwamu: sorry, I can’t understand this question.
8) What can you tell us about label Cure create ??? It is what we know today as Starwave Records and Darkest labyrinth?
Kiwamu: Oh, you remember that lol In fact, that is no meaning. I just make the name for my release. But that is not label. But After some release of my band titles, I needed to make the label name. These are Starwave Records and Darkest labyrinth. Starwave Records is for visual kei music and Darkest labyrinth is for industrial music.
9) Long ago you stated that you had bored the visual kei scene, when you started to getting excite again with this, to create the Seal Starwave Records? What motivated you to create Starwave Records?
Kiwamu: In Japan, I released almost bands cd from my label Darkest Labyrinth from 2008 to 2009. I did almost things in the gothic scene in 1 year. So in the same time, some visual kei artists asked me about their release. So I decided to form Visual kei music. Visual kei scene is bigger than Japanese gothic scene. I thought there were many things I can do for this.
10) Also we understand you visited South America around 2009 You Might remember that experience? Any interesting or curious anecdote memory?
Kiwamu: One month and half, I traveled Argentine, Brazil and Mexico. I met many people at there. That was good experience to me. Especially, I stayed in Mexico for 1 month. For these period, I stayed friends house. They were very kind for our stay. That was very interesting experience.
11) Which one was the country most enjoyed your stay and that is the one you want to go?
Kiwamu: There are some friends in each countries. So I am very happy to see them in any countries. I went to USA and Mexico many times. So these are the special countries to me.
12) We know that your back with BLOOD and new formation that one that was better or the same, but the point of this question is: What would it happen with the band are they coming back or the band was disbanded?
Kiwamu: I realized the limitations about GPKISM. In some countries, GPKISM got fans but in Japan, that was not good reaction. And I found the good vocalist, so I had the new member BLOOD idea. But I got some label artists, very busy situation and one of members left from this actives. So I decided to focus my label job.


13) Many people ask about how do you work with a lot of bands and what is the method to do it? Why you decide to have 2 labels and not just one?
Kiwamu: Because of music style. That was the good way to release different style music.
14) Why do you decide to call your labels Starwave records and Darkest Labyrinth?
Kiwamu: I am not good at thinking the name. I asked label artist about the label name. One member named Starwave records and one member named Darkest Labyrinth.
15) One of your fans asked about what is your favorite band about your labels and what is the most succesful?
Kiwamu: Difficult question. Because I deal with all bands for release. I love each bands. Each bands have good points. Now, Misaruka and Synk;yet are most successful! Because I give many advices to all bands. They learned many things from these, and they tried to do that every time.

16) Many people was shocked about your work with Velvet Eden, how has it been?
Kiwamu: DADA asked me about release from my label when I met him at my label event. And we talked about that and they decided to join. We already released 4 titles from Darkest Labyrinth. Their cd and dvd are good selling!
17) Who generally is the designer from your bands and the bands that you been part of?
Kiwamu: I designed almost things for my bands. And some label artists ask me about the same thing. So I designed their cd, flyer and poster.
18) What can you tell us the rumors about Starwave records has been planned to be attack south America. Is it true or false?
Kiwamu: What is that lol  that means “many tour and many show”?
19) Now what can you tell us about you, the guy behind your music. Which are your hobbies, favorite movies, favorites bands ?
Kiwamu: I started to take the music video by myself from 2013. I take 70 works for my label artists. This is my hobby now. I bought some equipments and cameras!
20) What are your plans for 2015?
Kiwamu: Some bands decided to join in my label. So my family will be bigger than last year!
21) Any message for your readers to give a finishing touch to this interview?
Kiwamu: If you have interest in my work, please check my label artists. On YouTube, there are many bands MV.


Special thanks to: Laidech Miller for the last photo

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