In the river with Ephesian Zap


1)Thanks for your time and how do you feel in your time of being interviewed by a South American magazine?

Salvatore :Hi Guys !! Nice to meet you I’m Ephesian Zap , Musician,Dj , Art Director
It’s a big pleasure for me being interviewed by you guys

2)What can you tell us about your theory or process your preparation on your aesthetic? Where do you base that influences governing or under for it?
Salvatore : well… it’s easy… i’m different from the mass… so i love have make up on my face  everyday
and dress with Elegant\Goth\Black clothes… people look at me very strange but i don’t give a fuck !! they look like The Same just like a ants and this is fucking horrible
No influences .. i’m just myself !!

3)Since when have you been in the music world and so far you’ve done everything you wanted as a musician?

Salvatore : i’m in this world from ten years …
Life is still too long i compose 4-5 albums (From Soul S Chains and EZP)
i’m still looking for play my music (with all my projects) Outside Europe !! And i really hope to come in South America and play for you !!

4)Why have you chosen to play instruments bc rich, have something special for you?

Salvatore : The B.C Rich Beast is the perfect guitar for Soul S Chains , and will be always the only one in that project….i don’t know why but i can’t see me without it … something strange, magic grin emoticon
by the way for technical aspect … the neck is very big and large and my hands are very fucking big so i can play easily all the fast riff i do when i’m singing
The humbuckers are original from the brand and sound like hell !!


5)Under that record label you working?

Salvatore : no label for me , i prefer do everything by myself. maybe this thing make slowly the management aspect , distribution etc etc… but hey i’m not in hurry !!

6) What parts of the European continent has visited and which have had concerts. In other countries you like to display your music?

Salvatore : recently i was in Slovakia, Czech Republic , Serbia and Romania for a short tour of 10 days
and it was FUCKING AWESOME !! we had a great good time …the audience was crazy and i really fucking love those guys , surely we will come back soon in east europe for a new tour … and we are looking for the north of europe and in future as i told you i want play in North and South america and For sure in Japan !!

7)What do you think about metal music to other countries? You see the metal scene today?

Salvatore : i think that in nowdays there are too much ” Core ” bands…just because now ” Core music ” is a ” Fashion” so … Metal music is not a fashion …is a lifestyle ..and this make me a little bit sad Also because most of those band sounds like the same..look like the same .
btw i know a lot of symphonic metal \ Progressive metal \ Death and Black Metal bands that are so fucking great
but they are covered by the ” Fashion pussyes of the moment “
don’t misunderstand me i’m very open minded ,i listen every kind of music but
i’m tired to see the same music everywhere by people that 5-10 years ago was playing a totally different music and now are changed just for get views …

8)If you could share the stage with any band or artist or band who would it be?
For my ” Extreme metal ” side …i think Anorexia Nervosa (they are disbanded)
Just because i get a lot of inspiration from them in my the last Album

For the “Ambient ” Side …. David gilmour he’s the master of psychedelia for me !!

9)Do you have a favorite song, which help you create music?
Salvatore : in this period… All kind of baroque\classical music

10)Do you know anything about Chile?
Salvatore : i have some friends from Chile here , but i don’t know to much about your country …but i hope to come soon for see the Osorno Vulcan ( i’m addicted with Trekking and nature journey

11)What are your plans for 2015?
Salvatore : My plans for 2015 are :

Compose the new Soul S Chains album and have a new tour (i hope in september)
maybe do an official Video Clip
Completing the Planets saga from my Ambient Project and have some psychedelic show with this project
and work hard with my nerd band ” Chocobo Band ” (Tribute to final fantasy )
for have some nerd gigs in italy (and maybe in europe )

12)Any message for your readers to give a finishing touch to this interview?
Salvatore :

Enjoy the music and write me on the official Soul S Chains Page for share some words !! you’ll be welcome !! this is the official shop the band page and youtube channel of Soul S Chains (ambient project) (nerd)


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