Glamorous in the panic: interview with The Velvet


1) Thanks for giving us some of your time and how do you feel of being interviewed by media of South America?

Velvet : It is so fantastic .

USA is the top of the show bussiness And the biggest market of pop music .
So we want many people to know us by this interview .


2)Since what year are active and under what label record company are currently working?

Velvet :

We forgot all of the past time .
We are an independent band .

3) Those who make up the band ? They support musicians in their live?

Velvet :
We were formed around the two of MiMi and BERA.
Live activity is done in four people with the addition of support musicians.

4) How was born the idea to start this band? What was the hardest part of starting and what was the best?

Velvet : We are aiming to theatrical performance.
Even now from when we started .

5)Where it came from the name of “THE VELVET”?

Velvet : “Velvet” is the keyword of Glam rock and word reminiscents of that obscene .

6) What are the influences on the music of The velvet and what the favorite bands of the members of this band are?


7)¿Tell us, what was your experience during the filming of his first Mv 感染 す る ア ン ド ロ イ ド?

Velvet : It was too hot.
Because it were taken in the summer wearing winter clothes .

8)Before being musicians in “The Velvet” in what other bands had participated?

Velvet : We have participated in several bands . But we forgot all of the past time .

9) What musical gender indentifies “The Velvet”?

Velvet : Our performance is the entertainment show .
It is the story like a film .

10) What are your hobbies or activities in your spare time?

Velvet : Reading books. MiMi
Drinking. BERA

11) Do you believe that you have evolved over the years and or remained faithful to the origins?

Velvet : We evolved and reborn every day .

12) What do you think you represent more on the stage?

Velvet : Live show is always the best place for me .
All of the show is our joy .

13) What are the plans for “The Velvet” for this year?

Velvet : This year’s plan is domestic tour and information dissemination and the CD release of to the world

14) Any message for your readers for finish this interview?
Velvet : We want to deliver our music to people who did not know the THE VELVET.

Please speak to your friends that of THE VELVET , and wrote in blog and Twitter, please share with a lot of people .
Thank you for your support .
We love you.


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