Polyphase news 2015 ready



POLYPHASE will launch their new video “Game Over” this Wednesday February 25th from 8:00 pm on in the Teatro Amador, in the old section of Panama known as the “Casco Antiguo”.  This event will feature  POLYPHASE in concert, and PEPE BAHIA as opening band.


This video is the third song that has been made into a video from the highly acclaimed, recently released production, “Rad Summer”.  This video is being produced by the movie company Libelula Fractal S.A., headed by Jhoram Moya, and Manuel Gordon, who are also in charge of directing the video.  This filming will implement the latest technology in “Mapping techniques”, which is still in the experimental stages in Panama, in order to produce the visual effects at the same high quality level as the audio and lyrics of the song.  After the launch, the video will be sent to local and foreign media for its greatest reach and exposure.  Both previous videos, originating from songs of this album, “Precipice” and “Mamiferos” were aired on many video channels, domestic as well as international, including MTV Latin America, with “Precipice” also reaching MTV.com (U.S.A.).




POLYPHASE achieved a great deal of promotion and exposure in 2014.  They participated in ALL the major Rock festivals in Panama, including “Cultura Sobre Ruedas” in April, “The Miller Extravaganza” in July, and the “Pixbae Rock Fest” in October, besides several gigs in local bars and clubs, and a couple of international tours in Bogota/Colombia in February, and San Jose/Costa Rica in November.  During 2014, POLYPHASE shared the stage with such internationally renowned  artists as RABANES, CAGE9, ALLISON, BAD RELIGION, and THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS.


2015 is another promising year for POLYPHASE.  They will promote the new “Game Over” video, soon being launched, in all local and international markets.  Later in the year another video will be produced to continue promoting the “Rad Summer” CD.  POLYPHASE will return on tour to Colombia and Costa Rica, where they currently have a promoter working to continue to expose their music. There are plans to tour Mexico once again, after several years of absence.  Likewise, POLYPHASE will continue gigging in the local Panamanian market and the Interior throughout the year.  In addition to these activities, POLYPHASE has already begun working on their new record, with six tracks already composed.  They intend to begin  recording by midyear, and releasing the new CD by the end of 2015 or beginning 2016.


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