Smash your head with our Joker Interview .



1)How do you fell to be interviewed by the press of South America?

Juria :It’s me(JURIA) which launched the band.

2)Who’s compose the band? 

Juria :  If you check network about 博多(Hakata) JOKER, you will find the HP like heroic exploits. (laugh). There are not mistakes in this HP, please refer to it !
3)Since when are active? In what label record company are working?

Juria : we don’t belong any company. We do all things by ourselves.

4) Before Joker had previous bands or Joker is your first band? Besides the Joker have other bands?

Juria :   I (JURIA) joined 『紅蓮』(GUREN) that is famous group in local Fukuoka as a base player for supporting. This band have high performance level, so I begged them for studying and played for supporting.

5) Which are the musical influences of Joker? What are your favorite bands?

Juria :The bands that influenced me is the bands which let old hair dishevel.
6) Why did you choose to make a Visual Kei band inspired by the first generation rather than a more conventional band?

Juria : I don’t have favorite band, but I have band that I respect. 洋海(HIROMI)in the dead pop stars, and 栄二(EIJI)in GAUDY MODE. 
  y 栄二(EIJI) .
The reason why I was influenced by the bands before the first generation is because the opening that I knew the visual-kei bands was it by chance. I knew the present visual-kei bands later.
7) What actually think of the visual kei scene?

Juria :I think visual-kei bands are gorgeous, so good. Because I love being dressed up from old days. (laugh). I like to be always careful about my appearance…. It is the same as being dressed up at time when other people go out, and I am only showy. And I think that this is also fashionable.(laugh)
8) What is the actual discography?

Juria :

Single :


Album :

life story
『MOSQUITO』DVD&mini album

『829 crazy boy』mini album

Free distribution CD :

9) Why chose called Joker, has some hidden meaning or is it just the name of the band?

Juria : I named my band Joker because I thought it had a great impact.
10) Have you been performing overseas or are still waiting for their chance?

Juria : We have never performed live in overseas. We have never gotten offer before.(laugh)

11) What is your favorite live house?

Juria :  My favorite live house is Yakuin beat station in Fukuoka.

12) What are your plans for this 2015 ?

Juria :  Our plans in 2015 are to finish our CD that we will release soon and we are going to go to perform live in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.
13) To end this interview, do you have a message for your readers?

Juria : There are many people who don’t know us. I didn’t think our band continued for 10 years. Because I had a weak will. I have become strong so as to go if a thought changed among myself little by little when I did music activity and perform live. I changed lot of member. The organization of the band was until now from the first, and I repeated the change of approximately approximately 30 members. Whenever a member left this band, I got tired of it and wanted to run away. But I was able to finish doing it until now thanks to the fans who waited and supported us! I think I am in here now thanks to the fans. I think that it has a meaning to do it without giving it up for anything! I think that it is important to confront without escaping. I think that I meet more people by music activity in the future! I think that it is the best if I can let many people make the heart of many people strong in our music more and yet more. I want to get over the big obstacle of the life together.




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