Interview with glamorous Vivienne Sato


1)How do you feel being interviewed from other extreme of the world ?

Vivian : We are able to obtain information globally including the internet and having a Japanese foreign policy state “Cool Japan” comes calling themselves “Japonisme” in the world many times now, and sometimes they put interest thereon. I think it’s very interesting, but I honestly think it may be difficult to study until its very essence.

2) in which state and city from japan do you live and what is your height?

Vivian : i’m from Tokyo/Shinuku and my height it’s 170 cm

3) Since when you start as an artist? How do you define your style of art and your concept?

Vivian : I have no conscience when I became an artist.
I think that everyone is an artist since birth.
I think the origin of art is in the constructions
The picture and sculpture were part of the buildings in Greece and Rome.

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4)His name have any special meaning or is it just your name?

Vivian : This is just my name,Vivian(Vivienne) Sato.

5) Why do you chose to be a drag queen and since remained so long have you been? As Japanese society looks at the drag queen and what are the risks that have a drag queen in Japan?

Vivian : At first I did not think I wanted to be a drag queen. just called me a drag queen happen later.
I do not know how to be with other people, but I think the call lgtb, prejudice and discrimination are different in the countries of Western Europe.
Not just drag queen but I think the way to think of the right of people here is different from the West.So therefore it does not have to change “to be a claim of the existence” but there is not too much risk.


6) You are known abroad for his collaboration with the band Velvet Eden, You Might tell these collaborations and currently maintains relationship with the band? would like to return to work with them?

Vivian :  the collaboration, my work is only casual. Haha. It has already been 15 years since my story started (I assume he means his work).Basically I have no interest in so -called visual kei bands music or culture. In the future I don’t think i will want to make things with you much. Haha. This is because many visual kei people ‘s way of thinking is shallow.


7)How was the collaboration between you with Kaya for his maxi single Salome?

Vivian : I provide it because he is my friend, and I want to support him.



8)You have been collaborated with Western artists? There is a foreign artist with whom you would like to collaborate and you could not?

Vivian : I would love to do something with the brand Alexander McQueen.

9) By the way so that people can know more yet apart from them other jobs you would recommend us to delve more into his world?

Vivian : I think that art should not be merely one thing that is consumed. I want to avoid the easy idea to commercial.

10)Consider yourself a very bohemian ???

Vivian : Parts of me are bohemian, but I also have interest in the traditions and customs of bohemia. I am a libertine time by the way I am an anarchist.

11) What is your vision about eroticism?

Vivian : I received a lot of influence of the Marquis de Sade

Georges Bataille

 through Pierre Klossowski


without any exception leak

12)Where we can find your artistic work for sale. Many people in the Western who knows insists that it is very difficult to buy some of your works?

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Vivian : I think the product is different from art.
Even if these companies in Japan, can be hard to get my work

13) Who’s you consider your artistic and musical influences in your person?

Vivian : I am influenced by many artists. People often unknown

14) You has exposed outside of Japan ???? would you like to do if you have not had a chance?

Vivian : If there is any chance that no.
On the other hand, there is no intention of so-called “international success” now at least. It also depends on the philosophy and production in this field.
Even this interview has no such intention and my thoughts are not understood

15) What will be the plans for this 2015 ?

Vivian : Meanwhile, I’ll keep doing exhibitions from small to large putting the best effort into it.

16) Any message for your readers in the Western to finish our interview Ms Sato?

Vivian : I want to you have curiosity and interest in all .

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