Into of out with Unstoppable Achievers


1)How do you feel being interviewed from far away specifically from SouthAmerica, Chile?

MJS­ : Being interviewed is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman….! Or

maybe not!?!

KM­ :  Hello Chile! It feels good be interviewed from so far away. 

The world has become smaller with new technologies, the future has arrived.

2)Tell us something of the origin of the band and how  started this project?

MJS­ :Unstoppable Achievers began so I would have a vehicle for my songwriting and because I was frustrated by other bands I was in, I wanted to do what I wanted to do, something weird, psychedelic, warm and fuzzy….. And so it was!

3) Who make up this band? Under that record label are?

Unstoppable Achievers consist of 

Matthew James Saw – vocals / guitar / effects   and 

Kevin Matthews – drums / vocals / effects


MJS- We have no record label and I imagine we’re very unlikely to ever have one!

We’re a bleedin’ liability!

by Shaun Histed-Todd (6)

4) What are the shots that make their discography? Because you have chosen the digital format for their releases instead of the physical disk?

MJS­ : All our releases so far have been digital only- We like this as the music stays ‘atomless’ just as music should be- Our songs are our ‘Atomless Fantasies’… Having said that, some sort of physical release would be nice though- 7″singles are probably the way to go, Most of our songs are pretty brief so we could probably get an album on a 7″!!


5) Why do you chose to call the band Unstoppable  achievers, some special reason?

MJS­ :I wanted a band name that sounded positive and uplifting rather than moody, dark or obscure (theres plenty of that in the songs themselves!) My Girlfriend pointed out that in London there are lots of church ministries with names that sound like progressive 70’s funk bands- ‘The Mountain of Fire and Miracles’, ‘Ceraphim and Cherubim’, etc… She found ‘Christs Unstoppable Achievers’ painted on a wall in Peckham, So We nicked it!

6)How do you define your sound? and what is the main topic in your lyrics?

KM­ :

We think the sound of our band is quirky & very English. 

We have been described as ”Kenneth Williams fronting the Buzzcocks”.

But we would maybe prefer Spike Milligan fronting The Soft Machine!

MJS­ : I would define our sound as noisy, whimsical, stupid, clever, wet and windy with chances of feedback! And toys! Our set-up when we play live is quite stripped down, I sing and play fuzz guitar, Kevin plays just a snare and floor tom, and then we both make beautiful/annoying noises with various esoteric electronic devices, or whatever comes to hand. The songs rarely have a clear, definable ‘meaning’ as such, its more a stream of strange words and phrases that make nice pictures in my head. Hopefully they make nice pictures in other peoples heads too!

7) Besides Unstoppable Achievers have been playing before in other band?

KM­ :Yes, we have played in other band’s before, both individually & collectively.

MJS­ :, Kevin and i play together in Sex gang Children 

and our  old  band  DC Molina . I also played Bass in Selfish Cunt.

8)We know that you two are members of legendary band Sex Gang Children Post-Punk, returning to the past. We want to hear how they met Andi and how was his arrival in the band?

KM­:  Legendary? Thank you, a great compliment.

As individuals, we met Andi & joined Sex Gang Children at quite different times, approximately 15 years apart.

We continue to enjoy greatly making art and performing together.

But with respect, we would prefer to talk about Unstoppable Achievers in this interview.

MJS­ :Yes, playing with Sex Gang Children is challenging but hilarious!

9)Do you feel comfortable being musician at this point in your life?

KM­ : Yes, we are very comfortable being musicians. Although we generally feel uncomfortable at this point in our lives!

MJS­ : I am quite comfortable thankyou- just not financially comfortable! Although being a musician is a very difficult way to try and earn a living, its definitely better nowadays with the internet- Bands can release music, sell merchandise, do everything themselves really, cutting out the 300 middlemen of the ‘music business’. The death of the music business is a beautiful thing and should be encouraged!
10)What are your favorite bands and influences?Do you  have hobbies?

MJS­ :

We are influenced by everything, including fish, the sea, colours, magic, aeroplanes, furniture, and alcohol. We also favour discarded, abandoned, broken things. Musically? 

 Swell Maps

, Syd Barrett

, Neu!

, Faust

, Cardiacs , Clinic

, etc .

KM­: Our favourite band is Cardiacs. Our influences include Throbbing Gristle and The Kinks. 

Our hobbies include reading (books mainly). Although slim political & religious pamphlets (often distributed free of cost outside many of London’s subway stations) are quite diverting.

11)A reader of our website feels bad for not being able to see you yet, but she would stay very happy if you answer one question:  what is you  height ?

Unstoppable Achievers : We are 175 cm tall.

12)Do you know something about chile???

MJS­ : All i know of Chile is a little Victor Jara and Violetta Parra. Which is very nice. What should we know about Chile? You tell us!!

13)finally: Any message to your readers??

Unstoppable Achievers : Yes, EMPTY YOUR POCKETS AND BE MODERN! And always strive to be an Unstoppable Achiever! Thankyou!


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