Interview with Tetsuo ( ex united )

1) Hello, Tetsuo. How do you feel being interviewed by an entity from South America?

Tetsuo : I want many South American people to know my activity.

2) How borns the idea of BACKYARD STOREHOUSE? It’s on for how long?

Tetsuo : Many famous musicians are around me, so I inspired from them.

3) What do you think that os the difference from other stores figures in Japan, knowing its a wonderful diversity of products offered there?

Tetsuo : The figures I manufacture gives priority to record it more than selling that.


4)? In what materials are your products made?

Tetsuo :  Resin, metal and a silicon. etc.

5) We have understand that you have some help of the Japanese metal band United? What´s your history, how does the band began to help you?

Tetsuo :  I was doing band “FIRE ROSE” with Akihiro Yokoyama in the high school student age.
After that I join UNITED with Yokoyama.
I join a metal band “VAINZAPP”and a hardcore band “HAZARD” via a blank in more than 20 after withdrawal in 89, and it’s to present.
6) What other products you recommend us to check on your catalogue?

Tetsuo : 7, SKULL BALL
RAZOR Pendant
7) How was the inspiration born, or where do you got the idea for making your own products like skull ball or brain ball?

Tetsuo : the idea of goods which is much in my mind, but I have no money.
8) Have the store got any benefit of your announcements in the social networks?

Tetsuo : Facebook
9) Can you give us the physical address where the store is located?

Tetsuo :  yes, but Sale is only by a web shop.
10)Do you have a plan to throw a new line of figures in the future?

Tetsuo : not now but some plan I have, it’s a secret.

11) And you could tell about you. what kind of person you are, what your tastes, hobbies, and musical influences?

Tetsuo : I like hardcore punk, heavy metal. I play surf in holidays, and I love my family.

12) What can you tell me about his former band Fire Rose. who composed it, the label and gender musicabal executed?

Tetsuo : That was a band of high school student’s hobby, not an-oriented professional.


13) we understand that you are in these 2 bands currently: Hazard renowned underground Hardcore punk band and Vainzapp, our question is this. what is your formula to handle yourself between two different musically worlds ?

Tetsuo :  I like the both of them, so there are no problems
14)You think you’ve done everything you’ve wanted as a musician?
 Tetsuo :  I continue it at present.

15)What do you think or what’s you vision of the 80’s metal scene compared to the actual scene?

Tetsuo : A musical scene is always changing. 80’s is classical already.

16)Well, thank you for you time, before we finish. Would you like to send a message to your readers?

Tetsuo : yes of course



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