He is alive , Sigue Sigue Sputnik electronic interview

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1)How have you been these days in your Europe Tour and how do you feel about being interviewed from far away ?

Martin :

EUROPE IS ROCKIN!! there is a big live music scene over there, especially for electro bands like myself, its always good fun to play shows with a good turnout of new and old fans.

i often do interviews via Skype or email worldwide, its great to have the technology to be able to do this .

2)Before SS Spunik do you play in other band?, and What Instruments do you know to play?

Martin :

No, sputnik was my 1st band although before this i had always dreamed of singing in a band after i saw the SEX PISTOLS very first show, at that time i didnt play any instruments but i have taught myself to play keyboards and use software to programm songs using Cubase or Pro Tools.


3) What’s were and are your musical and artistic influences to create your art ?

Martin :

Well its quite a mixture that ranges from





David BOWIE :




and of course i love MADONNA 

and LADY GA GA!!!!

films also have been a great influence for imagery such as BLADE RUNNER, Alien, CLOCKWORK ORANGE, TERMINATOR. I love sci fi movies



4) How many differences are between 80’s and Actual Scene? Do you think that Sigue Sputnik could have sucess in that times or imagine that now they are more succesful?

Martin :

Sputnik was very succesfull but way advanced musically at the time for a mass public fan base.

it was not so commercial. i think also that sputnik still sounds futuristic even today with that heavy bass/stun guitars and dubbed out vocals .

5) What do you did with your band like any ohter band did before?

Martin :

 The band was about creating a new electro sound with this outrageous image for the band members and road crew know as the Ultra Vixens, we were also the 1st band to place advertising space inbetween each track on our first album FLAUNT IT.

6) What’s   were the causes of  inestability as band and the final broke up ?

Martin :

The band was formed in 1984 and we were together each day for almost six years, there was conflict of personalities, money problems, ideas of a new style of music and the hatred of the press towards us.

eventually it became to much and we were no longer in control of our own destiny, mutiny arose, fights broke out and then we were dropped by our record company so the band was no longer, myself , TONY and NEAL continued for a few years but it was not the same- almost like a dog with 3 legs.


7)How is the born of SS Sputnik Electronic and what’s the difference and similars between this band with Original SS Sputnik ?

Martin :

SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK ELECTRONIC is a continuation of the ideas what the original band was but with a differant more updated sound, the band members change also so the central core is myself and the music.


8)Who’s are the members of SSS Electronic ????

Martin :

The band members change periodically and are proffesional musicians who also have their own bands also, this enables the sound of SSSE to change musically as they bring in their own influences

9)When you had the motivation to make a Solo Side Project? is this project Still Active?

Martin :

Yes i write music continually, always lookin out for inspiration and new ideas, my last adventure was ELECTRONIC DNA, at the moment i am writing a ballad album which should be out by early 2015 .

10)You had academic studies in costume design?

Martin :

No i was self taught, my inspiration was that of great female hollywood icons like Monroe and Jayne Mansfieild. i also styled pop bands like Duran Duran, Culture Club and Adam ant. i think its important to look individual and interesting.

i am also designing a new collection of clothes for 2015!!




11) In a past interview sayed that japan is a amazing place , and us does a question :

What things do you like of japan and exist any japanese artist’s what want show to us an

In a past interview sayed that japan is a amazing place , and us does a question :

What things do you like of japan and exist any japanese artist’s what want show to us and western ?

 Martin :

Japan is like BLADE RUNNER, THE MOVIE, and is the centre of new tecknology, its alive 24 hours also.

I love all the imagery of this with the manga and sci fi carictures they creat, i also love the the old history, idea and religion mixed with the new as it counter balances everything .

12) By the way of  your incredible activities as an artist in multiple areas  do you’ve any hobbies ?

 Martin :

Yes i love to make deluxe candles!

i love to cook and have my recipes published

i read alot also.

i cycle and swim

and i want to make jewelry!!

13) May be a hard question but let go : Follow talk or keep any contact with Tony James ?

Martin :

I have tried several times to contact TONY – this was for us to put together the original band again but he has not bothered to answer .


14) One follower of Rushed blue send a question for Mr Martin : See in the youth of today  the song 21st century boy ?

Martin :

Yes 21ST CENTURY BOY was written about all the wonderfull gadgets and idea that helps us live and create a better future .






15) Any message to your  South american readers  for end our interview ?

Martin :

Well i love the spirit and adventure of SOUTH AMERICA, the music and the beautifull people and one day i would like to  go back there and play some shows!!


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