Interview with the legend thrash metal act : Aion

1) Good day  Mr Izumi , How do you feel be our special guest of our interview of month  from a webzine of South American ?
Izumi :
Hi, all! Though I have never seen the South American webzine, I was glad that I received an interview. Because AION is recognized a little. I want many people to watch it.
2) How you made to keep alive after 30 years Aion? and do you feel grateful about it?
Izumi :
in 2013, AION was able to reach the 30th anniversary safely.
What was AION able to do in these 30 years?
I think that nothing including the great thing can do it when I look back.
All is my inadequacy. It is totally 30 years without the contents.
But because it did an evaluation and the support that much AION families and other audiences had good that AION was able to exist for 30 years.
I think that the of the 30th anniversary memory of AION is of the 30th anniversary memory of all people concerned with AION so far.
3) What’s The Meaning of the name Aion? and why you choose it as a band?
Izumi :
“AION” is the name of God. The face right has a big wing with the figure to a lion, a back and it bind the whole body with a large snake and is really magnificent. It was done with “God of the light” in “AION” which was God, the Mitra religion of Persia. On the other hand, it was considered to be “an evil god” in Greece of the same period. Though it was one existence in this way, it was arrested and was different by one and thought and religiousness. Here is the reason that named a band name called “AION” it. When made a band called “AION”; their sound that want to do in this trend … which it do not make a hit.
I understood it if I did not make a hit because I was convinced when their music to find turned in the directionality that there was not other than being the pioneering sound without the data which made a hit in the past and music of existed, succeeding and the popular song for everybody. Still we want to play our favorite music. Even if this intention has anything, I want to continue carrying it through. And only people whom people who will concentrate in the cause of such us before long agree with with us are enough. I do not find the necessary numbers of people commercially. It is the thickness of the soul to concentrate in one point and heaviness of the souls that is necessary. It is right either of white or black. It was this thought to be able to be called the treason to the world, but entered the field of vision and I loaded it with thinking to continue fighting against the world to look for true comrades and named the purpose to remove a half-finished view of the world “AION”. In addition, the magic-like element is included in a band name called “AION”, too. The magic begins in “A” and finishes “being N”. The sign of the magic “IO.” 111… forms a line terribly when I elucidate more my date of birth by detection of a certain art. If I follow a title called “AION”, I deserve to be you and can prove this now by having held existence called “AION” reaching the level of “a tradition” and “the formality” so far. Surely, including this fact, it will be my fate that I am born and have. By the way, I have the meaning of the constancy with “AION”. “AION” ticks away time forever. While playing a limitless sound
4) What’s the Concept about Aion’s Lyrics?, are you the main Song writter?
Izumi :
The main songwriter is NOV. When I write a song, I touch only the word of this music which I wanted to write. By the way, In AION, regarding our lyrics, there is a lot of difference between the things we are particular about and the things we are not particular about. I think he may sing in ‘Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si-do’, if not particular. Therefore NOV does texts for an ad lib well in LIVE and plays. It is for a sense same as my guitar play.
5) In the beginning Aion last 1 year true? After that you Formed Mein Kampf. Why you will Remake Aion and made it the band still today? What Happened with Mein Kampf? Do you think MK will reform Someday?
 Izumi :
The beginning of AION is 1983. In June, 1985, I disbanded AION once, and organized MEIN KAMPF and did LIVE. As for the process of organize of the MEIN KAMPF, I called the band called Jail Bait. “Don’t you join all of you AION?” I was only one member of AION, and they assumed the name of Jail Bait. So let’s change the name ! We decided new band name MEIN KAMPF. DEAN of the base joined it by the later audition formally. Though MEIN KAMPF became popular by frightful force since band organization for one year until extinction; in some member because became unfriendly, I fell out because was gloomy, and was not fun. MEIN KAMPF seemed to become extinct naturally afterwards. And I reopened AION with DEAN of the base again. It is May, 1986. From such a process, MEIN KAMPF was AION for me. We played a lot of music of AION. Though I still sometimes play the music of MEIN KAMPF for planning in LIVE of AION, in fact, originally music of MEIN KAMPF is music of AION.
6) What’s your perspective of the next question ¿ Which’s the best Aion album and Why ?
 Izumi :
I wants to do good music the next which I invited the 30th anniversary to. I do not want to go out of the surface of the water bottom until there is good music. But I do not know whether a new work becomes good by all means because the quality of music is each person. In the case of me, I want to make music to want to listen to now. Because I want to make the thing which I can enjoy. Does the world approve of it afterward? Oh, because the music that I want to listen to even if nobody approves of it thinks that it is a splendid thing without grounds in the world. “NINE BELLS” where the best album of AION is the newest.
7) What are your favorite artists and your musical influences? What do you do in your free time or hobbies you have?
Izumi : 
blackness of Ritchie Blackmore, the fun, the guitar play is fun.
Akira Wada in Japan. The elder brother who he is various meanings as well as a guitar play, and is splendid and a leader.
8) How was that Nov became part of the band, previously known?
Izumi :
After withdrew from a group called PARANOIA, NOV made a band called Z-SECT, and after he came to AION.
In first action LIVE several at the time of the NOV participation, I had trouble with NOV and the harmony with the other AION member a little.It is too much different from tension of AION audience in LIVE in tension of band audience that NOV did do until now, and, as for the other AION member except NOV, there is the memory that was not able to cover the irritation in lowness of the excessive tension. It was natural for audience in LIVE of AION to have high jinks.
Therefore the other AION member except NOV “heap up NOV, more more”! I cannot do this. NOV “swell enough”. but we harmonized rapidly afterwards.
9) Nov, how did you come to become a singing teacher ?
Izumi :I give a young generation a lecture on the way of life of the bandsman and the way of the vocalist in the form called the instructor rather than I became an instructor because I had various experiences as a bandsman rather.
10) What can you tell us about your experience abroad with Zigoku Quartet before you were out playing abroad?
Izumi :
ZIGOKU QUARTET is a band that  originally the manual which Shinichi Kobayashi of the guitar published liven up and base version and drum version appeared, and when the vocal version appeared, I was called, and the band was made as a project.
Because Shinichi Kobayashi had already worked on the clinic of the manual abroad, live broadcasting of ZIGOKU QUARTET was realized from the relations. Actually, it is not energetic activity. 
11) What has been Volcano?Izumi :

Originally VOLCANO is the band which this is a project in a gap of the activity of AION, and has begun to move from relations with Mr. 屍忌蛇 to the junior of Mr. IZUMI of AION. I value an encounter and it is still reliable peacefully and is active by the relations that I built together in long time. I think that a human connection is very important in the music.

12)When you had a idea to create a Side Project Besides Aion?, and What’s The Difference between Your Solo Project and Aion

Izumi: My solo is near to a delusion to the last. AION is so, too, but AION is business if I spread it and say. But for the business, I do not intend to gain.

13) Who were the support member and current of you Solo project , Izumi ?

Izumi :I do all my solo by myself, a member only me. I play and sing by myself, so LIVE is impossible.

14)what could you tell us about The Braincase? What makes the difference from your other projects, in your point of view?What is the story of how the band was founded ?

Izumi :

2005.05.12 Begin its band named THE BRAINCASE .

2008.02.27 Major Debut. Death voice Harada and Izumi’s world came together in the album 「THE BRAINCASE」released by Tokuma Japan Communications. IZumi’s good friend J from Luna Sea was featured as guest bassist.

THE BRAINCASE. This weird and brutal band name without the pardon means the skull.
The brain (brain) which is the human center is important. A box (case) protecting the important brain (brain) well is the skull.
You must not forget it. There being somebody except oneself that it protects oneself that oneself can live. In THE BRAINCASE has meaning “love”.
The opportunity to make a project is to have admired the death voice of the man called HARADA where I came across when I held Kyoto event 2DAYS of AION.
It is tusk bare hooligan Death Vocalist HARADA by the hard core breeding that is not exaggeration even if I say the Japanese superlative degree. A death voice and the vocalist-style of this man are danger and unrivaled articles!
The Japanese death voice to spit out tends to stay in noisy musical instrument group, but the singing of HARADA has been hammered in into the internal organs by the force that omission is good, and is frightful. I stood, and I achieved a project canceling a schedule of AION in order to introduce the voice of the man called this HARADA to the world.
I may call how long I wanted to concentrate power on this project in debut album “THE BRAINCASE” because sworn friend J(LUNASEA) participates.
Death metal may be near for the melody, but thinks that the element which is the element which is A progressive and the style beauty, hard core, a death rush is injected in that and is rich in variety.
Fusion, that of of real death voice HARADA and me spoiling the world and an obstacle with Japan inner space (DEATHRASH BOUND) are this THE BRAINcase.


15)How is that J de Luna get to participate in the homonym album of The Braincase?

Izumi :

J (LUNASEA) is, long time ago, he was a roadie of AION.
Deep relationship from there. LUNASEA of major debut one year ago,
They had participated in the chorus to major debut album of AION.

16) Aion has played outside of Japan? What can you tell us about it?

Izumi :

I am not active at all. In old times, I went to Atlanta in America to do LIVE, but my manager made mistake and he behaved suspiciously, so they sent me back home as soon as I arrived at the airport of Atlanta. 5 million yen of the LIVE expense disappeared with a bubble in an instant, too!

¿17) What were the reasons for creating your own label DeaThrash Bound? Do you think producing new bands?

Izumi :

I introduce things which I made. The people who liked it love it. It is the same, but do “who and where” not take the responsibility so that “who and wherever” make business, don’t it ?

I finally will always take the responsibility. Then it is the best to do it by myself. How long did I have to tell a lie for “whom and wherever”…. Matched consistency, and how long did I have to pocket “whom and where” to protect it? Do you understand my feeling ?

Now I am not going to make a new band. But depend in the future, I may do something.

18) A lot of overseas fan exclaim about the hard of can to buy Aion item , believe than could change in a future ?

Izumi :

When you want to purchase products in “DEATHRASH BOUND” label, at first if you let your Japanese friend buy it and you let him send it to you later, it is possible to purchase products. But do not be deceived for fraud very much.

I don’t know how to sell AION’s products on distribution in the world, but if you search it from this Japanese site, you can buy it.

19)What we Expected your Fans about Aion or Your Side Projects this 2014 ?

Izumi :

In 2014, AION does not active. I do not do the project either. But AION works under the surface of the water. I go at my own pace. Wait without listening to even other rock music, and expecting it! Surely I will appear with a good work. If I will not appear, please think I don’t make good music. Or I died…

Let’s wait and see !

Thank you for an interview.



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