the coagulant interview with Andi Sex Gang

1) First of all how you feel when interviewed by Andi half of South America? and I think this is your first opportunity to be interviewed on
some South America  media , right?

Andi  :”I feel it a good opportunity to communicate..and I make art in order to communicate my expression. This is not my first time being interviewed by South American media. Some years back a major radio station in Peru, if I remember correctly, did an ´Andi Sex Gang Special’ over 4 nights, featuring a different album each night interspersed with interviews. So my cherry’s definitely been popped regarding media exposure in South America.

2)  How do you define yourself as a person? in what music category  and
 according to your own words you define your musical projects?

Andi  : “I’ve always believed that you get a more interesting perspective of  yourself from what other people who know you have to say about you, but I would say this of myself..I think I am a fairly simple person who lives a fairly simple life.. without confusion and with total determination and
clarity..someone who is basically grounded and in tune with all life around me. But in a nutshell.. to describe myself, I have always found this description fits me well. English charm, Greek resolve, lethal Irish temper.
First and foremost the music comes from somewhere deep in my soul. I don’t particularly like ‘categories’ as such as I don’t think it applies to the music. Music is a pure language and beyond
categorisation. I would say someone like Tom Waits is a good example of that. I like the sense and feel of freedom in his approach to his songs. As for my music I would say this, it’s ‘out there’..anything goes, no restrictions. I let the music dictate it’s own course and where it should go. It’s arthouse, it’s bastard art.”

3) What’s the Sex gang Children concept ?

Andi  : “Simple. Make art, challenge pre-conceived ideas and allow for new perceptions. Touch the very souls of all those who are prepared to listen.”

4)  Under that record music label is working ?

Andi  : “Our own label,
In the late 1980’s I re-acquired the copyrights to the early SGC/ASG recordings and financed the production of all albums since, therefore retaining ownership and licensing to other record labels as our own company when it suited us. I still license out to other companies but rarely now, I want to activate our own label more so than before’ I feel it’s worth the  extra work involved to do that.”

5) In which part of england are you and how was your introduction into the music world? What can you tell us about your musical influences?

Andi  :”I spend my time between London and Berlin. As for my introducion into the music world, well that was pretty simple and straight forward really.I saw a door I needed to go through and I kicked it open.
Edith Piaf and Johnny Cash were my earliest exposures to music and that has left a lasting impression upon me, but Leonard Cohen, Marc Bolan, Bowie, Eno, Sex Pistols, early Ants and Theatre Of Hate really formulated my direction in music.”

6) What are your hobbies in your free time? a question from a reader Rushed blue, what s your height?

Andi  : “I don’t really have hobbies as such, everything I do is connected to
the art, whether it’s taking photographs of shape and form or
wandering through art galleries, museums or old churches, it’s all
connected and feeds the machine of self expression. Outside of making
music I still continue to paint..this was my first medium of self
expression which I started as a small child.
My height is 5′ 6″ or thereabouts.”

7) What do you know about our country named Chile or at least know something about our music scene ?

Andi  : “Unfortunately I don’t really know much about the contemporary music scene in Chile, however I do know of Victor Jara. I remember the CIA backed coup in 1973 when I was a child. I had read a big feature on it
by the noted Australian journalist John Pilger. This was the first time I had heard of Victor Jara, and I sympathised wholeheartedly with what had happened to him. I have since loved his music, his mind, his spirit.That man died for his music and beliefs..literally, and there is no greater sacrifice than that. Oh yes, I like your red wine.”

8) What’s the difference at your view  between Sex gang children and Andi sex gang solo project ?

Andi  : “There is not too much difference really. ASG solo projects I tend to approach with a different sense of freedom, sometimes more ‘out there’and avant garde. I’ll come from a certain angle and tend to play everything myself, so it comes from a very pure, personal and concentrated approach and mostly with a spontaneous I
see I feel it.

For SGC it depends very much on the songs that I feel are ‘SGC songs’ and the band play the all important role in that process of realising those songs and that’s what makes it an SGC project. Either way, the music is always set, it’s all there in place, it’s just interpreted in a different way according to what the song demands.”

9) Your solo music has touched the live music or only  studio music ?

Andi  : “I have played live solo shows in many forms, with a full band, with just guitarists in a more unplugged style, and one man shows for my live performances of Dracula and  spoken word set to music. I have had 13 solo studio album releases and have a new one ready to release this year.”

10)  A while ago put available to the public for free a version not available  until now of Sebastiane. What motivated you to share it after so long and  why you preferred the version we all know launch this unreleased version?

Andi : “It felt right to do it now. I had been planning over the years to release that particular track along with three other alternate versions/mixes of other songs from the Song and Legend studio sesions as part of a rare unreleased collection. Our photographer and visual stage director Bari Goddard suggestion to release that track as a free download, as part of our ‘Three decades of art attack’ London concert. The version that ended up on the Song and Legend album was the right choice for that album.”

11)  What could you tell us your latest studio watchdog acerca Entitled Viva Vigilante ? what is the concept, and the artwork of the same?

Andi  : “this album was in production on and off for several years. the circle of musicians involved on viva was varied

including former band members cam campbell, who had worked on blind! and arco valley and adrian portas who had worked on medea and western songs for children.
however, the nucleus of the viva album remained myself, kevin matthews
and matthew saw.
Messenger, salumun child, die traube and hollywood slim we had already played in our live set, so they were the first songs we recorded and we just took the rest of the album from there. During the second period of recording sessions i brought in the violin talents of my neice anna phoebe. at the time she was playing with roxy music, so we had to work around her schedule with them. There was very little rehearsal if at all on the rest of the album, we just worked from the demos i had given to the band. a couple of run throughs on each song and then straight to tape, as they say.
That way the pressure and intensity of performance was guaranteed, giving it a real edge. something which i felt was such an important ingredient in the making of this album.
Actually, pigs to men i wrote during one of the studio sessions and layed down the acoustic track immediately, playing it to kevin and matthew..just once.. and we just took it from there.
I think the album is rich in it’s make up and execution, ornate and baroquial in it’s sound and arangement, yet it does have that definite glam tinge with a raw edge and that all important,seductive
My modus operandi? go with the feel of whatever i’m working on. be flexible in order to adapt to any given situation with a project. if i get stuck on something, if i feel i have lost sight of it temporarily,then i will move on to something else and come back to it when the time and feel is right to do so. “
12) You think we’ll get surprised with Viva  vigilante knowing that is your most recent studio release in more than 1 decade?

Andi  : I don’t tell me!

13) Why did you choose Japan as the first place to promote your new album?You Might tell the differences between the japanese scene and  the london

Andi  :”Actually, Viva Vigilante was premiered live at The Parkbuhne , Amphitheatre in Leipzig last year. In Tokyo we played 2 nights and each set differed, but included more of the older material as well as songs from Viva. But Leipzig was where Viva was first and fully premiered.
There is a lot of good and interesting stuff happening in the Japanese underground scene at the moment and all involved in that scene seem very dedicated to it. I met some damn good people over there”

14) And how was the experience in Garage London this year, how was the
reception of the attendees ?

Andi  :”The show was highly enjoyable to do. The audience were very warm and connected and we all felt very honoured by their reception. It will stand in our memories as one of the highlights of all the SGC concerts.”


15) Over the years many admirers yours caught their attention the artwork  of each release of Sex gang CHildren .
Who is responsible for those designs as you choose which will be the cover art? What is the main theme of your lyrics?

Andi :”For the early singles Beasts, Into the Abyss, Sebastiane and Mauritia Mayer, I chose the covers. Song and Legend was a photograph taken by the guy who owned Illuminated Records, the label who worked with us at
the time. He suggested to me it would be perfect for the feel of the album, I completely agreed. I did the design for the Blind! album, a collage of pop art imagery from Andy Warhol and Peter Blake and the album Bastard Art.
I would say my lyrics are like a mirror that reflect the human face, but I don’t think that lyrics should ever be explained.”

16) What were the reasons for the  break-up  in the 80’s of  Sex gang  Children   ?

Andi  : “Personnell problems, but which 80’s Sex Gang..break up..83 or 85?

17) What are your views on the following topics:
a) Policy, b) Religion c) Healthy Food

Andi  : ” Politic is dead. Religion is a wounded pigeon. Healthy Food? Why not… there is that saying..’You are what you eat’.”

18) Do you think that in the near future can be something official on a  visit to South America?

Andi : “Everything is possible. I think it’s important to do it. I think it
would be a very good thing to realise.”

19) To end this interview you have any message for your readers around the
world, especially for people in South America?

Andi  : “Always trust your instinct, never compromise your Art. Be a warrior not a slave.”

The new Andi Sex Gang album  ‘Achilles In The Eurozone’ will be
released November 2014. available for download through


(SEX GANG Children Documentary )


The new single video


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  1. difficult to read from cell phone, I cannot see the interviewer’s words they are yellow.and the background is white. So I can only see Andi Sex Gang’s responses, I cannot see the questions.

    • we will look into that issue, I hope you understand. Onweb browsers the background looks black, so we weren’t aware of this. We’ll try to fix it

  2. No puedo Leer Las preguntas porque las palabras son amarillas y la pagina—blanca. (de smartphone….en computadora es ok)

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