A interview with Trollfront




1) Greeting Troll front Staff how you feel be the star of our webzine now from South America . ( Chile) ?

Trollfront :  ja ja hola muchas gracias . Bien yo no diria la estrella pero gracias . Yo no soy Lars Frederiksson pero se aprecia .



 2) How born the idea about Trollfront ?? You hope that the idea was so successful?

Trollfront :It was just a joke to make fun of two different people one weekend. It instantly went viral, everyone was laughing along so we kept going. We didn’t “want” anything out of this, it was just a joke from the start. That’s how we won the Internet.


3)As the staff is divided as 100 people may have been behind this project? What is the occupation of each? Show us some outline of your organization?

Trollfront : We are on a “secret forum” we throw ideas back and forth and troll dorks and take screen shots and share them back and forth because it’s funny. I decided to raise the bar and make it into songs to keep the jokes going. Now we all throw ideas around, sometimes other people do the Facebook stuff, sometimes it’s one of the band members, our girlfriends, random friends, we don’t care. Once the music came we locked the forum from new members so everyone there is known to each other and kept throwing ideas at each other.


4) The staff is composed only of Skinhead ? ?

Trollfront : Ex-skinheads and skinheads.



 5)How to chose or decide the theme of the songs, thoughts of any way about the consequences ?

Trollfront : It just depends what we are laughing about at the time or if we have a funny idea randomly. We have a few plans. We will revisit some older topics very soon and we will document the entire trolling from start to finish so everyone can enjoy it. Haha.


6)are followers of a football team ?

Trollfront : It’s hard to say for 100 people… Lol. I don’t like football some people do.


7)Give me your thoughts about the follow peoples and organizations ?


  •  Ian stuart donalson :greatest skinhead musician ever, regardless of politics .

  •  The red skins : gayest misconception ever.
  •  Blood and honour : I don’t care about extreme politics. I am not political.

  •  Margareth thatcher : would not fuck her .

  •  Oi : used to be great, now… Not so much
  •  Rac : used to be great, now… Not so much
  • The specials : annoying.

  • Such peoples angry with Trollfront : It’s all good man just run with what’s there. Cheers
  • anti fascists  :anti fascists are homosexuals anyway, who cares about what those turds like.
  • Augusto Pinochet :I’m not even sure who they is.


8))What’s your label recording ?

Trollfront : We will make all the songs we have already put out into higher quality recordings and release an album.


9) Why was England chose to host the first public appearance? And why elect bands (Pitbullfarm and Last orders) to accompany you on your’e performance in London? ?

Trollfront : English promoters offered us a concert, so we accepted. Pitbullfarm are a great band and will bring a great show, I have seen them play before. So I’m happy they are on the bill


10) Feel afraid about any type of problem like bATTLE OF wATERLOO OUT THE GIG ?


Trollfront : Apparently people are travelling from everywhere to attend. You would be stupid to come down and start trouble…lol… Very fucking stupid. So… Nope. I am not. Plus we have drones.


11) Do you know about the Oi Chilean Scene or Southamerican ?

Trollfront :No, sorry I don’t 

12) For FInished the interview , have any message for your readers ?  ?

Troll front :Thanks for the interest and support. Cheers.


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