the first overseas Zedekiah interview


1) For those who don´t know Zedekiah could you give us an introduction about who are? (Which was your period of activity, on what region in Japan are?) and what does you feel being interviewed by a Chilean webzine by the reason of your presentation at Esaka muse this 20 July where will participate artists as Billy and the slut and Lin? 


Zedekiah :)It becomes 1990-1994 during the activity period of ZEDEKIAH.
The immediate early member became Vo:RAN Gu:Tsune Ba:Hiro Dr:Hiderou, but I replaced a member in order to measure a further power-up and became Vo:Ran Gu:Tsune Ba:Lana Ds:Shinobu. This member is ZEDEKIAH and can assert that it is original. The activity stronghold is Osaka. Like a Japanese such music far in Chile of the distance; one is; and original; direct; is surprised, and is honored, and is proud.


2 ) Who will conform the line up for this great and unique presentation this July 20? How do feels about it each member? some sentiment or nostalgia to express?



Zedekiah : This time we will regroup again after an interval of 20 years, but naturally there is the uneasiness, too. But all the members challenge it with further excitement and expectation, and there is a deeply impressive thing because it is an unprecedented thing that then so many bands gather.


3) Under what label record company were working? Which were motives of Zedekiah broke-up?

Zedekiah : I did not belong to a label, but, in the times of the latter period, had relation that it was close to live house YANTA Rokumei-kan Building in Nishikujo in Osaka. As a result of it being with an opportunity to have said that Shinobu of the drum wanted to leave the beginning of the collapse of ZEDEKIAH, and having groped for it in members in various ways, I did it with an activity stop on live broadcasting in December, 1994 because I felt deadlock for musicality, and it was just with dissolution.


4) Which are members projects before and after Zedekiah? and which projects are currently doing ?

Zedekiah :

After dissolution, Shinobu who was a drum formed NakedArmor with members of ex-Amphibian and ex-SilverRose. after withdrawn, he moved the headquarters in Tokyo、and he formed the Night Breeze Zinnia with members of ex-黒蜴蝶. Gu:Tsune formed 4DrassMonkeys with a member of ヴァラプテュアス which played an active part in same Kansai after ZEDEKIAH. Now, he started to play bands that is called defmonkeys with Ba:Goma of ベランドナ, and that is called Individualfourwind with Ba:Lana of ex-ZEDEKIAH



5) Can you tell us what motive on you or what motive do this reunion gig  ?Kisaki influenced in this decision?

Zedekiah :

First I say about it. I cannot talk about this re-organization without Kisaki. And it is no exaggeration to say I was not able to do it again. I might not do ZEDEKIAH throughout the life after this if there was not Kisaki. So Kisaki shoulders part of a key-person in this live.



6)Which are the bands that influenced on you, which bands likes to each of the members of Zedekiah?

Zedekiah :

I listen to various music every day without a border. However, it is FLATBACKER, GASTUNK, DOOM if I put up the band which affected the musicality of ZEDEKIAH in a Japanese band. It becomes to BELLADONNA of the old band which moved into action in Kansai. Vo:RAN listens jazz, a chanson and Siouxsie & the Banshees of NewWave origin, and Ba:LANA listens to anything like me without a border.

7) Which’s the origin band name Zedekiah ??? Have anytype of meaning ?

Zedekiah : At the time, I heard it was the name of the dynasty in the Judah last that came out to the Bible. And Vo:Ran suggested the name.


8) which are the release what were released during Zedekiah active times ?

Zedekiah :



  1. -KARMA (4songs)
  2. 人霊 (1song) ー Demotape, one-man live free distribución .


  •   Cry-Max Pleasure ~Welcome To The Front Line Party~1993


  •   Who’s Next Cry-Max Pleasure Super ~Loud, Trance And Violence For Extacy~ 1995


9) you think restart the activities of the band or is just a single show and a thank you for everything ?

Zedekiah :  Re-organization of ZEDEKIAH is the end only on live of this July. I will not think about doing it at all in future.


10)Do you have something to say to Rushed blue readers and through this interview?

Zedekiah :  There are many people who are interested in Japanese music in also the other side of Japan. So I am surprised at the same time to thank for that and am excited.. I am sorry that I cannot tell you to come to our concert easily. But now it is the society of the Net. I think it is very good times now because we can share almost informations. Thanks !!!




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