Interview on backstage with Lady Pixie

Today had a talk with Pixie boss and performer  about her company Lesburlesque


Our talk can read Here down :






1)How long have you been in business? ???? How was that created the concept of lesburlesque????

Pixie : I’ve been performing as a musician and performance artist for 28 years, on and off.  I first became interested in burlesque in 2001, following a show I was taken to in London.  However the idea of my own performance only crystallized in 2009 when I conceived the idea of Lesburlesque, first as a duet routine.  The more I discussed the idea with established performers, the more the idea seemed to flourish.  It became clear a troupe was an idea with its own gravity.

2) Who are the Lesburlesque-Staff ???

Pixie : Principally it is me.  I run the troupe and make the decisions.  I also fund the performances.  However I do have had valuable help in terms of ideas and encouragement from Kitty Liquor.  Other troupe members have contributed ideas and helped us with the press.   As a troupe we have over thirty performers that have shot with us, performed for us, or asked specifically to be included, and who have routines that have been tried and tested on orthodox burlesque audiences, but would translate magnificently for lesbian audiences too.

3) Which’s the difference between Lesburlesque and others ??

Naturally the main difference is the object of the tease and the themes corresponding to traditional sapphic entertainment forms.  In the UK, burlesque audiences are two thirds female.  The idea of the troupe came about because I wanted to develop a routine that, for a change, included the majority of the audience such that they would be overtly the locus of active participation.  Traditionally burlesque appeals to women because, unlike other striptease genres, routines are narrative driven.  This prevents the striptease from being a mere sexually motivated visual phenomenon.  It permits the audience member to both vocally participate and imagine themselves performing from within the context of the narrative.  It is also a genre for the everywoman, insofar as performers while beautiful and talented, tend to present a body image that is within the limits obtainable by most women.  It goes beyond being non-threatening, it is in fact body positive and inclusive.  However despite the numbers of women at shows, routines still favour an almost exclusively heteronormative approach.  In fact, I will go further to say that lesbian and bisexual performers in the UK have tended to keep their sexuality private for fear of alienating the orthodox burlesque crowd.  

4)How has the reception of his style of burlesque from the public at least in its home country?

Pixie:  In recent years I’ve had performers I respect characterize lesbian burlesque as a ‘freak show,’ so you can see from where the deep seated reticence for lesbian performers to construct their own narratives to reflect their sexuality springs.  Lesburlesque proved that the concept of tailoring tease to the female audience is not without its merits.   Aside from one unfortunate show that Lesburlesque acted as a silent partner, our shows are always sold out.  This is largely, and not unexpectedly due to our core audience within the lesbian community.  I was stunned and delighted with how well we have been received.  Orthodox burlesque audiences also attend our shows, which tend very much toward avant garde and risque than most orthodox shows.  It gives them an opportunity to see burlesque performed in a less constrained way.  There are no performers in Lesburlesque, for example, that merely do cheesecake or ‘demure to drunk to liberated’ which pad out virtually every burlesque night in Britain.  Nor do we favour the merely well choreographed narrative.  Our routines involve fake penises, latex, ballet, male impersonation, baroque and pantomime and piles of uproarious comedy.

While reception among audiences and the media have been favourable (we’ve been on television in two countries, I’ve conducted radio interviews in three continents, have had British Tabloid press coverage, local news coverage, a seven page spread in a national magazine with distribution in 50% of newsagents, every WH Smith, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s and two broadsheet articles about us) the burlesque establishment in the UK is bordering on hostile toward us.  Performers that wish to perform for us have messaged me secretly to express their interest, and one performer left the troupe because of the antagonism she was receiving from colleagues not associated with Lesburlesque.  I could attribute this to a number of issues.  Firstly, it’s a common trope in burlesque to believe there is nothing new under the sun, in the genre.  Certainly that ostensibly true in the UK.  When Lesburlesque came along it represented the first original idea in British Burlesque for 20 years.  I make this claim not from hubris but from fact and unfortunately it generated torrents of resentment.  Particularly because for weeks prior to announcing Lesburlesque I made no bones about it being something brand new.  Since starting the troupe I’ve had threats, theft, open hostility and homophobic commentary from some really quite prominent names in the industry.  None of which has made the slightest difference to our success.  Unfortunately there remains an undertow of homophobia in Britain and this has been reflected in some of the commentary that has been poured in our direction.  However I expected more of it and so I can’t complain.


5)It is considered a taboo The Lgtb within the burlesque scene?LesBurlesque has pioneered with its subject if they were to become a self-analysis?


Yes I think I’ve covered a fair bit of this in the answers I’ve already given.  Unlike the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where Queerlesque (burlesque that is non-heteronormative or representing identities other than orthodox) is so established that whole festivals and travelling troupes are common place, are widely catered for, enjoyed and profitable, the UK is painfully narrow in its variety.  Unfortunately this is reflected in ever dwindling levels of attendance, and established talented performers dropping off.  There remains very few outlets for Queerlesque in the UK, and those that are around tend to be London based.  However some of the excruciatingly heteronormative orthodox performers are also located in London, as is the patriarchy of the industry.  Lesburlesque shows are infrequent.  They depend entirely on me having the budget to pay the performers and venue precisely what has been agreed between us, regardless of audience receipts.  So this takes some time to prepare.  Which is a pity, because not a day goes by that I’m not asked when the next show is, by an eager member of the lesbian community.  I would just like to point out that the taboo nature of LGBT does not stop a good clutch of our audience regular attendees hailing from the orthodox crowd, including many men and many straight women.  A chance encounter with an audience member from our March 2012 show explained that Lesburlesque introduced her to the burlesque genre and she has yet to attend a show that comes close to its variety and quality.  That’s how I measure our success and tend to avoid too much self analysis. 


6)by the way ,Could talk about you Lady Pixie , we are interested  about your tastes and likes : Preferences , music , Ideal people  ?

Pixie:  Yo soy menos interesante que la compania . Yo disfruto de música por supuesto , escucho mayormente Punk, art school punk , goth y heavy metal .Aparte de aquellos géneros  yo soy aficionada a escuchar Dark cabaret y particularmente de Amanda Palmer . Mi hija esta obsesionada con musicales y actos y cantos en ellos . Ella recientemente  ha obtenido una chance en una producción en el suroeste y espera ir pasar a ser actriz. Actuación pareciera que fue heredada . Yo no tengo un tipo de persona ideal , personas son todas ideales , incluso las desagradables . Naturaleza no hace errores .En algún lugar a lo largo del camino, seremos engañados. A pesar de ser caracterizado como una especie de ofensiva guerrera amazona detrás de un teclado, he pasado mi vida adulta cuidado de las personas. Así que no puedo ser tan malo.Aparte de eso me gusta el cricket (sí, lo sé, la mayoría de la gente piensa que es aburrido), el boxeo y los partidos de fútbol de vez en cuando. Además de burlesque que he sostenido de piel  y actualmente estoy trabajando en dos manuscritos. Me meto en la poesía y me estoy poniendo mejor en él. Aunque sigo lejos de estar confiado a presentar algo de eso.

7) has been out of england or Still follow waiting anychance to overseas performances ? 

Pixie: I’m asked to perform all over the world regularly.  In fact in 2013 I had feature billing for two nights for the Fierce Festival in Columbus, Ohio.  Unfortunately I’ve never been able to raise sufficient revenue to make the trips viable.  One of the isolating aspects of being lesbian, is that we invariably marry or commit to women purely out of love, and not out of financial stability.  Something I’d not trade as it enables me to claim a higher moral ground concerning my feminism.  So I can’t come into the category of performer that has the backing of a financially secure boyfriend or husband.  Thank goodness.


8) What do you know about Latin america Burlesque Scene ????

To my discredit, I know very little but I would dearly love to know more.  I shall be conducting plenty of research.  I imagine it to be passionate and energetic.  Two characteristics that I adore.


9)Your costumes are wonderfull, have a favorite brand of apparel or are supporters of DIY ?

Pixie: I am in the business of overhauling lots of my costumes having consolidate many of my routines.  I’m also going for a complete style overhaul.  My new image is going to be Roaring Twenties androgynous Tom, a term used during the late nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries to characterised short haired lesbian women.  I will cultivate the style of a wealthy twenties male trader with a tailored double breasted suit, and twenties ties and bowler hat and a flapper girl haircut and lots of makeup.   This time it will be something I wear casually as well as formally.   I’m not a gifted seamstress or tailor so DIY is out of the question for me.  However Kitty Liquor has some quite ingenious costume ideas and puts lots of effort into them.  But then she would look majestic in an a line skirt made of bracken.   Oooh now there’s an idea.


10) What do you think about the reality of LGTB currently at least in England? It is more accepted or remains more intimate way?

Pixie :I will answer this briefly.  It could be much better.  Lesbians have it easier in many ways than gay men.  I cannot imagine how difficult it is for men that come out as gay and are no longer regarded as men by their friends or family and subjected to constant threats of violence and abuse.  I’m a lesbian but I’m no less a woman.  Yet men and their sadistic patriarchal definitions of what it means to be a man, elect to ascribe adjectives to gay men that clearly promote violence and hate.   However one thing as a lesbian that becomes tiresome is the constant fending off of men that cannot get it through their head that being a lesbian necessarily means there is no intimate room for them in my life.  But I think on the whole there are worse places to be gay than the UK. 


11) Would you like to use this interview to deny any rumor or disprove something about Lesburlesque that you deem necessary ?

Pixie : Oh yes.  Lesburlesque is merely on hiatus at the moment.  We will return.  You can bet on it.

12)12)Which’s are their plains or future activities  the present 2014 

Pixie : e are not performing as a troupe in 2014.  Quite simply, there has been too much upheaval in my personal life to be able to concentrate on getting a show together.  We were being courted for a documentary on network television but have had to withdraw involvement.  There are frequent occasions when the press ask me questions and I can see the kind of show that is being planned, so I withdraw.  I think having a very fixed sense of the kinds of image we wish to portray for the good of the LGBTQ community helps us to avoid making a televisual mockery of our endeavours.  I’ve turned down Britain’s Got Talent more times than I care to reveal (once having one of the producers call me to tell me I had a pass all the way to the quarter finals if I wanted it).  But you know, my style of performance would have caused an uproar and that would have generated more tabloid interest in their show.   I briefly lived with a production agent for that and other reality television shows and claimed that the show is rigged from top to bottom.  Reality my arse!

Aside from that, many of our 30+ performers perform all over the world, regularly.  I’d recommend every one of them.  So go and take a look at our Wikipedia page for a list of performers.
13) For finished our interview , got any message for their readers around the world ?

Pixie : Yes, I hope you have found this interview interesting and I hope we will have the opportunity to come and perform for you one day.  In the meantime, support your local burlesque scene and keep whooping and hollaring.  We are all one world.  Never more so than in burlesque and cabaret.  Much love to you all.


 Thanks Pixie and Lesburlesque staff …






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