Interview with Cellular Chaos

1)Together with my greetings with your first interview for an Suramerican vial,how do you feel being in an interview for a faraway media and in your young and scaling carrer?

Cellular Chaos :

I’m more than happy to talk. I don’t know that my career is young. I’ve been in bands, releasing music since 1992. That’s a pretty long time! I hope my career goes further. In that case, it is a bit young. It seems that my prolific output is one of the best kept secrets on the planet.


2) who are the band members?

Before Shayna, we had Kelly Moran on bass. The original bassist was Ceci Moss. Kevin Shea from Talibam! played drums at the first gig in January 2010. There was an improvised version of Cellular Chaos on the West Coast during the late ’00s, but we didn’t really do much. I don’t really count that early version. The real band formed in 2010.

Cellular Chaos:Cellular Chaos is myself ( Weasel Walter )on guitar .

Admiral Grey on vocals

Shayna Dulberger on bass guitar

Marc Edwards on drums

 The original bassist was Ceci Moss. Kevin Shea from Talibam! played drums at the first gig in January 2010. There was an improvised version of Cellular Chaos on the West Coast during the late ’00s, but we didn’t really do much. I don’t really count that early version. The real band formed in 2010.

3)Under that label record company is working?

Cellular Chaos : Our debut album was released on ugEXPLODE, my own label. The label is finished, so we want to work with somebody else on our next album. I have an idea about that. We’ll see what happens. It might be good to license the first album to a European label, but things have been too crazy for me to figure that out.

4)Tell us about the origin of the band?

Cellular Chaos : 
On the West Coast around 2007, I wanted to play more guitar and I put a noisy group together called Cellular Chaos. The name came from a Flying Luttenbachers song title,

from an album about the destruction of the universe. We did some gigs, but it wasn’t really that great, so I gave up on the idea for a while. When I moved to New York in late 2009, somebody gave me a gig, so I thought to would put together a new group really quickly. I called Ceci Moss, a person I knew on the West Coast in the early 2000s and she was interested in playing bass. Kevin Shea was around and he thought it would be fun. We put together about 8 song forms in a rehearsal and played the gig. It’s on Youtube. It wasn’t that great, but I just wanted to make a loud, noisy statement to New York City, saying “I’m here, motherfuckers!” Kevin couldn’t really commit to rehearsals, so I replaced him with Marc Edwards, who I played sporadic free jazz gigs with already. Marc played with Cecil Taylor, Charles Gayle and David S. Ware, but had never been in a rock band before. The three of us started writing more cohesive material and played a lot of rowdy gigs to nearly empty rooms for a long time. At a certain point, I really thought we needed a singer to push the concept further, and luckily we found Admrial Grey. Nobody was interested in being the singer, and the people who were interested sucked, so that wasn’t easy! Basically she thought our band was probably stupid, but came and checked it out anyhow. To her surprise we were good and she was glad to join. Once Admiral was really in the band, things started moving a lot faster. Ceci moved to the West Coast about a year ago, and she was replaced by Kelly Moran. Kelly couldn’t really tour, so we found Shayna to replace her. 3 out of 4 of the band members come from free jazz, but there’s no mistaking this is a rock band, albeit one with different motivations and ideas than most.


5))what is the meaning of “cellular chaos” and why you choose it?

Cellular Chaos :It is the nature of matter being destroyed by insanity.

6)what´s the band concept ?

Cellular Chaos :To prove that rock forms are still valid and that it doesn’t have to be peformed by four white guys.


7)  What’s the discography of this band ?

Demo :

-Demo Live 5.12.11 download (ugEXPLODE) May 2011.


-“Racket” on The Noise From Ridgewood – A Benefit Compilation For The Silent Barn (Obsolete Units) September 2011. 

Single :

-untitled EP CD-R/download (ugEXPLODE) April 2012.

-s/t LP/CD (ugEXPLODE) October 2013.

8))whats is the diference between “cellular cHaos” and other bands? 

Cellular Chaos : We are better in every way. Most bands suck.

9)Have you played overseas? ?

Cellular Chaos : No.

10)How is the musical background and influences of the members and Cellular Chaos itself?

Cellular Chaos :  Marc mostly comes from free jazz. I grew up punk, but found free jazz early. A lot of things are pertinent to me, from ’70s Glam, No Wave, Modern Classical, Death Metal, lame Classic Rock, etc. and so one. Shayna is a free jazz bass player mostly, but she’s into a lot of stuff like old punk, etc. Admiral is all over the place. She’s not so much into the Free Jazz thing, although she appreciates some of it. I can’t even get a handle on her I-Pod, but we agree on a lot of stuff musically and like some of the same weird bullshit. Really, this band is kind of about presenting a “punk” type artistic attitude with all the modern influences from the 20th Century all crammed together. We’re trying to be simple and sophisticated at the same time. We’re trying to make something we think is different from the rest of the bullshit scene right now.

11)Had experience in other bands before forming this group ?

Cellular Chaos : 

That is a matter for Google to solve for you.




12) What you think about myspace’s network downfall? Were you around when it happened??

Cellular Chaos :Don’t care. Myspace has been dead to me for years. It’s obsolete. It was nice at one point, but it doesn’t really matter anymore.


 13)Under that genre  or style musical  is the band at least from your point view ?

Cellular Chaos : No Wave, played by Glam Rockers and Free Jazzers. .

14) Which’s are the plains for 2014 and any message for your readers ??’

We’ll probably make another album this year. It’s been hard to progress the last two years, for personal reasons, but we’re very committed to seeing this through. :



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