Sweet-disease intierview with Imy ( Toxic Strawberry)

Before a long time talking with Ms. Haji of the industrial/electro band “Toxic Strawberry” she give us the chance of an interview 

1 ) How do you feel about your first interview for a media from Latin america ?

Haji:  Excited!

2) Who are members of this band ?

Haji :  Imy haji(Vocal&Programming )


3)Where which year the band is playing ?

Haji :  In Japan, I play on a Gothic underground event since 2009.

4)How begin the band , how be meeting ?

Haji :   I imy looked for a member on the Internet.I recruited “the people who takes sides with in the bad people of the fairy tale”.

5)What is the meaning and the origin of the name Toxic strawberry ?

Haji:  It is a poisonous strawberry.I wanted to poison a poisonous strawberry to the hateful princess.

6) under label is working ?

Haji : we are active in a label “Ghost Vanilla” which we stand.

7)What’s are your discography ?

My perfect burial 2013 (release from   iTunes Store)
Heavenly Envy/toxic strawberry(2010/10)
Addict to me/toxic strawberry(2012/03)
Alamode Magazine CD vol.4/V.A.(2011 ARTiSM)
Music Camp 2011/V.A.(2011 IndiesJAM)

collaborations :

LOST SKY/BLOOD(Remixer参加)(2009 Darkest Labyrinth)
Iudicium/GPKISM(Remixer参加)(2009 Darkest Labyrinth)
Mortification Made Me/sawDUST in me(2007 DEATH WATCH ASIA)

8)Has been had the opportunity to perform abroad ??

Haji No….I want to go something.

9) Which are your influences and artist favorites ?

Haji :  I love various music. and the paintings of Kay Nielsen and the pictures of Santerineross give me an image.

10) We know about  your feat with Gpkism in  Iudicium Ep , what could tell to Rushed blue about it collaboration and  as it happened ?

Haji :  Gpkism and toxic strawberry performed in the same event.Owner of Darkest Labyrinth recommended to me to remix .

11) What differences believe you between the artist’s like you and the artist’s that working for major labels ?

Haji :  Yo puedo mantener a mis visitantes bajo control y pienso que esto es esplendido en el punto en que que puedo hablar al respecto individualmente . Yo pienso eso es de mucha importancia . 

12) Who is the designer of the Artwork of your releases ?

Haji : He is Hakuchi of Bass. He is a designer of “Komachi factory”. http://komachiwo.com/

13)One fan ask how do you sing and make guturals with out damage you troath

Haji :  The shout does not give damage unexpectedly.I turn into a happy feeling when I cry even if it is very hard.

14) What another projects had the members of toxic strawberry ?

Haji : Imy did a unit called “sawDUST in me” before.Besides, we are going to play the band which is heavy and are planning it now.

15) Where the peoples can buy your cds ?


Ghost Vanilla(Our Shop )
iTunes Store

16) Cuales son tus hobbies Imy ?

Haji : My hobby is to watch beautiful horror films .

17) which”s are the plans and projects of  toxic strawberry at 2014 ?

Haji :We are going to reopen activity in this year, and we will be more electro and become poisonous-looking.And we are going to do live !! 

18) Had some message for their readers and for ending is interview ?

Haji :  Please check from now on !Let’s poison the poisonous strawberry together.

Acknow-ledge :


Nyu nosphera

Toxic Strawberry


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