One freak interview with the Horror Punk band The slut banks


The slut banks are one successful japanese horror punk non-popular at overseas played from 90’s , its mostly know for have of vocalist to Tusk of Zi:kill ( Old post punk band ), We have been granted an exclusive interview with the band from Chile to the world.

1)welcome The slut bunks, thanks a lot for your time. what is like to be interviewed by a southamerican website?

TUSK :  I’m very glad to hear that. I am looking forward to meeting you in the live of “THE SLUT BANKS” and “新宿心音会板谷祐”. Let’s drink together!!

DUCK-LEE:  I am amazed that you know the small band of a Japanese such scale.

2) to those who only know this band only  you by Tusk, could you introduce yourselves and tell us who you are in the band ?

TUSK: Thanks .

3) who’s are the actual members of slut banks ?


Vocal: TUSK (TUSK ITAYA)middle .



Drums: KiD HIROSHI (HIROSHI KIDO)*Support member .


4) what is the height of each member ?

TUSK: 175cm


STONE STMAC: 186cm :


DUCK-LEE: 172cm :


5)  What are your influences and favorite musicians?

TUSK:My first gig that i did  was  could be one of Rc Succession .

DUCK-LEE: The Beatles
6) Where do you guys live?

The slut banks : We are all in tokyo .

tower_back (1)

7)  How began the band ?

TUSK:  I was invited by 戸城ック(DUCK-LEE) to do band, and it began.

DUCK-LEE: I forgot how we form the band. because it was old days.long time ago.

8) Whats the meaning of name The slut banks and why pick up ?

TUSK:The meaning of the band name “I do that I’m going to do what I want to do.

DUCK-LEE: The band name….I named it because the meaning was interesting.  have no reason, we needed a name and we came up with a random name.

9) Under that label is working Slut banks ?

The slut banks : We are working under  LiVE BRAiN Entertainment .

10) Have you others musical projects?

TUSK: 新宿心音会板谷祐 (Shinjuku Shin-on-kai ITAYA TUSK o Tusk solo project )


11) Duck lee that can talk to us about the band Bad six babies, for example, about the members and if you’ll continues active with them ?”

Duck Lee : Continuing activity is now impossible, but because we haven’t broke up, we can do everything when we feel like it.

12)This question is for Tusk, who you could tell us about your cinematic appearane into the movie Seth Et Holt with Hide? How you start to Making this movie?

TUSK: I started doing it with a concept the psychedelic world to enjoy.


13)  Are you Still Seeing or Taking Contact with Former Zi:kill Members?

TUSK:Sometimes all share occasionally .

14) Did You Know Zi:Kill are mentioned in the “Speed Tribes: Days and Nights with Japan’s Next Generation and Standard Deviations Book?



15) Do you fell Nostalgic about that time?, Do you like a Zi: Kill Reunion?

TUSK: are good memories, but I feel some nostalgia in particular

16) You have a very similar style to Balzac what do you think about this comparison?

TUSK: Balzac is original .

DUCK-LEE: Only a design of the costume is similar and I think that the musicality is different . the bone of the costume was made by Mr. Hirosuke of Balzac. We are good friend.

17)  We understand that your last album was in 2012 so we wonder if you already have in mind a next recording?

Tusk   :We are still recording .

DUCK-LEE: We will announce our new work in the spring of 2014.

18)  Do you feel like playing abroad?

TUSK :I agree about enjoying.

DUCK-LEE :  I want to be active at overseas if I were younger.

19) What are your plans for the rest of 2013?

Tusk:  I agree about enjoying.

DUCK-LEE: Continuing on recordings


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