The best of England with Katy and the mamboleros


1) Greetings from a faraway country take is close to both of us, who do you feel about being interviewed by Webzine?  ?

Katy :
Hello thank you for writing, yes I think is always great to have a window to the world, mostly to the spanic world. I believe my experience doing music around the world could inspire many other people with same dreams, so I am pleased to share my experiences in this interview. I think that sacrifice, faith and support are very important mostly when conquering other countries such us London and Europe. I been bless with myexperinces and I hope my story can inspire other Latin American artists to do the same. There is nothing scary about leaving your home because home will always be home.

2) Since when have you been playing with your band?

Katy :

We started in 2010 as Katy Prado & The Mamboleros. After my tour singing with Shakespear Sister, my bass played Phil and I decided to start our own music project about 3 years ago. Phil and I been doing music together since 2005. Phil is very much connected to the rockabilly vintage scene in Soho London, so we were able to meet great musicians and now got this amazing band together, our sound has a vintage glamour to it; we blend few African, native and Latin sounds with a more rockabilly style. Using my training in opera from my studies at University of Chile and UNT in TX USA.

3) Who are the members of your band currently?

Katy :

There are 3 base solid members who are Daniel Howard who played at the album Motion from band Cinematic Orchestra and other great African bands. Also Phil Polecat from the British rockabilly 80’s band The Polecats, me who studied opera in Chile, USA and Guildhall in London. And we got in guitars Carlos Olmos from La Paz-Bolivia who studied jazz at Berkley, Paul Silver who recently has been touring with Tricky and 007, SidGauld and Steve Dawson in trumpets who have played with James Brown, Gloria Stefan and Palmieri, we have also incorporated a great percussionist from Venezuela Mr WilmerSifonte. So sometimes we are 7 members performing.

4)Where are you based?

Katy :
We are all based in London.

5) Which repertory do you have, and which artists have influenced your music and band?

Katy :

We have in our repertory legends like Yma Sumac from Peru, original songs, Patsy Cline, Celia Cruz 1950’s, Valaida Snow, Sergio Méndez, Orquesta Mercedita Valdés, The Collins Kids and many more.

6) How will you define the sound of your band?

Katy :

Our music comes from the love to vintage music and folk music from Latin America, we have great melodies and rhythms from Peru, Venezuela, Cuba and native Chilean. Some rhythms are from mambo, chacha, tango, Cumbia, rock n roll, jazz, so the experience can be quite epic and unique because is full of energy and emotion, is new but old.

7) How do you meet the members of your band? ?

Katy :We meet playing in Soho in an old club called Black Gardena in where singers like Paloma Faith started. This place was small little gem in where vintage music lovers played great live music.

8Before you arrived in the UK did you have experience at doing music?

Katy :

Yes I studied at the Conservatory of music at Univeristy of Chile in 1998, before in 1991 I studied performance at the Academy of Miryam Hernandez. I started to sing as a soloist at the age of 8 years old.

9) Have you have the chance to play outside of the UK


Yes we just got back from Florence in where we played at this beautiful old cattle called Vincigliata. We have played in Isle of Wight last year at Bestival. I have played also at the Isle of Wight festival which is a very old world music fest. We have played in Rome at Micca Club and now we are resident band at Coya members clubs, they will be opening in Dubai and Miami and we been offered residency there too.

10)Have you guys some experience before Katy and the mamboleros?

Katy :

Yes all the musician of our band are professional musicians that had travelled the world. Phil my bass played was at top of the pops, my keyboard player just got back from a USA tour with Tricky and 007. Wilmer Sifontes who plays congas has played with most Latin big band in the UK. So everyone involved have an impressing curriculum.

11) Under that label working ?

Katy :

For the time being we are independent, we been focusing at perfecting our live shows and set. We are in the process of writing our first EP. W have meet influential people and fans that are hoping to connect us with labels such us , Chris Martin has come and see us few times, so we are current and in the radars. We hope to be part of something that will allow us to push quality, that will give us some control. For now most major record labels are in a massive transition and no one knows how it will move forward in terms of budget and ideas. Apparently Universal y buying everyone.

13) Which are the themes of the lyrics of  Katy and the mamboleros ? 


To be honest I find inspiration in poetry, mostly poems by Edgard Allan Poe. To talk about any pain and how we can transform it sounds to me romantic. It is important for me to express the intensity of sadness or pain in my songs, I find it romantic. Few songs were dedicated to few friends and family when someone close to them died. I think death of any kind is very much part of my lyrics. Death and re born circle.

14) What have you learned in the UK and what is the difference of working with musicians in chile? How does the market moves??

 Katy :

I have learnt a lot in the past 10 years living in the UK. Mostly patience,tolerance, being open minded. The music circle here can be quite close, I know most bands playing live in London. But to enter the circle you have to earn the musical respect as well as being patient and passionate about music. So the more you play the better it id, is about building relationships and once you are in then you can play with great musician and be part of it, earn it. You can be as original as you want. My personal view about musicians in Chile is that many musicians got passion, but they could despair if they are not making cash, often they could compromise original ideas to make money. They might no like to take risk or invest if the cash isn’t there. Serious musicians in chile want to do their careers abroad. The music market or entertainment market in general is more difficult in Chile because they copy American ideas. They don’t risk to create their own. So it can be quite limited when it comes at investing in something creative .

15) Which are the plans for the rest of  year  with the band ? 

Katy :

We are recording our first EP that has 6 great new songs, we got a great residency al Coya in Mayfair and we have confirmed few good shows that put us in contact with great influential people. For now Phil and I are managing band, and we are doing our best to keep band and come up with some great live shows and music.

16) To finalise our interview door have any message you would like to share with your readers.? 

Katy :

Yes if anyone is interested in knowing about our band please visit our sound cloud page as Katy Prado Offical page, we will be updating once recordings are done. Also our Facebook We got a very limited guest list for Coya but if you are in London write us, we could sort out entrance.Face page oficial Profile

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