One interview in crystal lake with Black Love Fantom

1) First to thank you for your time for this interview, how do you feel this opportunity to give us some words to the Chilean medium?

Isawo :  Hola, todo el mundo de chile. My name is ISAWO of BLF.
I am glad to obtain this opportunity and I am very much surprised.
Because, when seeing chile from Japan, it is a very distant country on the other side of the earth.
I am very glad to read this interview to everybody of Chile.

2) Since when do you exist as a band?

Isawo : EIt is a high school student age. I was not a vocalist but a keyboardist then. I was learning the piano from young age.
We played the cover of TM NETWORK.
TM NETWORK is a band like Duran Duran.
I was tense & excite very much.



3) Who currently make up the band?

  •  ISAWO (vox) :

  •  Naoyuki is guitar.


  • Bass & drums are support member.

4) What are your influences?

Isawo :

David Bowie  :


Placebo  :  

Depeche mode

Japanese bands :









He is the greatest in JAPAN.
I liked him from child’s time.
He was beautiful. And it had a dangerous aura.
He was stimulative to me who was a child.
He was very cool.

5) When was the first and last time that you presented outside Japan, as how was given this chance?

ISAWO : The first opportunity is 2008. I played the concert in Italy.
The best friend’s andro of GOTHIKA gave me the opportunity.
It was experience very stimulative for me.
After that, the promoter of each country was contacted by my space, and we got the opportunity.

6) What is the leading discography so far?

Isawo :





DEAD LOVE ALIVE & JEWEL LOVE TRASH.DEAD LOVE ALIVE is the album equipped with dark and intense music.Contrary, JEWEL LOVE TRASH is a glamorous and pop album. These express the concept of the band. JEWEL LOVE TRASH was released recently. Ken morioka and ASAKI have participated in this album. They are great artists.

7) Before Black love fantom did you had been involved with the music world?

Isawo :  BLACK LOVE FANTOM is first band for me that plays an original song. Before, I covered the music of various bands. BUCK-TICK,SOFT BALLET,GUITAR WOLF etc,,,I learned a lot from them.

8) Under what label are you now?

Isawo :  It is an individual label now. The name is “FANTOMIME Records”.

9) What do you think about the future of Japanese bands abroad?

Isawo :  Probably, one or two bands remain and I think that other bands disappear.

10) How is the situation in Japan now?

Isawo : A major music scene of Japan is really severe.
Japanese music scean is dead. there is only a young woman’s idol.

11) What could you deny about the rumors and myths that have  foreigners about Japan and its music scene?

Isawo :I don’t know.

12) One of your release was produced by Kazutoshi Yokoyama what could you tell us about this experience? How was did?

Isawo :I drank alcohol and talked with him a lot. I thought that he is a professional in a professional. His remark is always exact and he is very clear-headed. Then, although I joined his band “Dummy’s corporation”. Although the music to which I am usually performing it differed, it was an experience good for me.


13) What is the genre that shapes the band?

ISAWO : Our former styles are a New wave, indudtrial, and a Gothic. However, we differ now. Rock,Punk,Alternative
,,,It is a very simple style more than before.

14) What do you know about Chile?

Isawo : Wine ! Football !And chile has many beauties womans ! If I have an opportunity, I would like to play a concert in South America. Of course, it is also chile.

15) Some country in special where you would like to play and not had the chance?1

Isawo : Mexico and South America !!
When there was a hot audience, I heard it.
I am wishing strongly the day which can meet everybody.

16) Why do you think that the market for Japanese bands gigs is bigger in Europe than in America?

Isawo :Europe is decadence & delicate. They resemble Japan.
America is dynamic.

17) What are the goals for Black love fantom in this 2013?

Isawo : I want to World tour.

18) To end this interview, do you have something to say or express to the people of South America?

Isawo : I like Latin!! Because,Latin is passionate. I am looking forward to the day which meets everybody some day. Gracias !!


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