One Genocide in a lapse With Disgusted ( Vietnam Death metal )

1) Thanks for your time and first we want to know your reaction, how it feels to be interviewed by means of latin america directly from a country called Chile.

Disgusted : Hello Chile metal brothers, I feel very happy for being interviewed by you guys. This is the first time a latin America magazine wanna have a talk to us.

2) In what part of Vietnam do you reside?

Disgusted :I born in Pleiku, a highland city of Vietnam. I moved to Saigon, the biggest city of the country for 8 years now to go college and follow my dream, playing metal music. You can say I come from the Southern side of Vietnam.

3) Since what year are you currently playing?

Disgusted : I played keyboard when I were 6 years old, drums and bass at 15 years old, and guitar since I were 16. I actually started a thrash metal band since 12 years ago when I were in high school.

4) In what genre is defined Disgusted?

Disgusted : Disgusted is pure death metal, mixed with some old school thrash metal influences.

5) With what members it is formed Disgusted currently?

Disgusted : In the beginning. Disgusted is me – Trung play guitar and vocals, Hoang plays bass and An plays drums.

6) How it started Disgusted?

Disgusted : We all come from a local melodic death band called End Of Road when we were in college time. Then after 1 year, we started to write heavier and faster music which don’t fit the band’s style anymore. So we quit and form another band, it is Disgusted.

7) Why do you choose the name Disgusted? Have any meaning?

Disgusted :By the time we were young, we feel so hard with metal scene in Vietnam, people don’t know what are we doing, government don’t let us play public, and lots of normal life things made death metal is something forbidden and damned. We are the only death metal band in the whole country, that made us feel abandoned and lonely. So we choose the name Disgusted, like a humor, that everybody feel disgusting about us and our music. Another meaning of the name is angry very much, and hating everybody, it describe our music well. So, that’s it.

8) What are your influences?

Disgusted : Obituary , Cannibal Corpse , Kreator , Sepultura , Broken Hope , Disgorge , Nile   .

9) Could you give us an overview of your discography?

Disgusted : We released 3 full length album, all independence. They’re

“Chapter I : In the name of the Death” – 2007


“Thorns Over The God’s Crown” – 2010.

“Half Decade in Torture” – 2011.


And some split, EPs.

10) What can you tell us about the Metal market in vietnam?

Disgusted : You can’t call it a “market” since its so small. In the whole country, we got like 10 metal bands those still active. People formed a lots of bar bands and cover bands to make a living. And another reason is most the fans are newbie and they don’t really respect metal music. Only around 200-300 die hard metalheads in Vietnam. That’s the result of a long time lack of communication, no CDs, no internet and no magazines.

11) Which is the concept of Disgusted?

Disgusted : We mostly write about horror movie, B-movie you can say. And sometime about real life situations.

12) What is the content of the lyrics?

Disgusted : Content about gore, corpse, dead…. Like most death metal band. Sometimes its about pussy and bitches.

13) What news wii present Disgusted this 2013?

Disgusted : We’re writing new materials for 4th album. It will be a little bit technical and old school at the same time. And we’re trying to find some records to release it oversea, since the law banned our music in Vietnam. We also preparing for an Asia tour soon. Hope we can get enough money for this.

14) Did you have performed in the foreign?

Disgusted : We played in Malaysia, Singapore. We’re the first metal band from Vietnam which went play foreign.

15) Do you know anything about our country called Chile?

Disgusted : I know Chile for football and beautiful girls.

16) Do you play in other bands besides Disgusted?

Disgusted : I also playing in Wuu (grindcore), Rot (black metal), Atmosphere (thrash metal) and Brutore (brutal death).

17) Some time ago you published a post on Facebook said in describing dislikes about the scene in your country, you may let us know what the situation is and what you think?

Disgusted : People so disrespect metal music. Some posers form metal bands just to get fame, money and girls. They don’t know the real genre of the metal music they’re playing. And kids think metalheads with tattoos and bad attitude is the fashion. Its so wrong. Personally, I think metalheads sometime look assholes, sometime looks normal. But the true meaning of a metalhead and metal music is the TRUTH, the HONESTY, and the real PASSION with this music. Its not fashion, it’s a lifestyle, a global culture. Its not something you wear or something you scream, its stay deep inside.

I feel angry cause of that. I respect metal music a lots. Thats why when metal music growing in a wrong way, I feel upset. Can I just ignore it ? Yes. But then nobody left will care it and teach the new guys the right way to listen and play metal music with respectation. Metal bands now being very commercial things in my country. And people start to think that they’re rockstars and they would create a new genre for metal ??! But they cant even play it right with the normal genres.

I love my country and Vietnamese people so much. Im proud of my nationality but sometime, if you’re a trye metalhead, you shoudn;t cover the truth. You must face it and talk about it to find a way to fix it.

18) Well to end this interview, you have a message to complete your first interview to Latin America?

Disgusted : Metal is global. Vietnam must be something new to this, but I hope in the near future you guys will listen more stuffs come from our country. See you soon on some stage in Chile !

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