One sweet provocative interview with the girls of Cupcake Burlesque

This is our second article concerning culture that relates to fashion and appearance, today we bring you an interview with the ladies of Cupcake Burlesque group from the United States, we also his boss the talented Jenna to answer our questions.

1)How Cupcake Burlesque started and when it started?

Jenna : It started almost 3 years ago in May . I have always loved performing and someone suggested I just start my own troupe .

2) Who make up the staff of this company?

Jenna :I am the founder, producer and manager , as well as performer. We dont really have a set staff as alot of the performers rotate. Theres about 10 dancers , 2 stage kittens , 1 or 2 Emcees , as well as people that help with photography, flyer design , stagehands , etc

3) In what consist your presentations?

Jenna : Our performances normally consisit of at least 3 dancers and an Emcee . It really varies though . It just depends on what the venue has requested . A show can range from 20min to almost 2 hours , it really just depends on how many people are involved ..


4)So I tend,you constant touring in the U.S., did you had given presentations abroad?

Jenna:  Weve never performed abroad , but we would LOVE to !!


5) Personally what do you think that is the difference between CUPCAKE BURLESQUE of other companies of Burlesque, if any other in USA ?

Jenna :  We are a classic burlesque troupe . We may use some current music , but out style is classic . There are alot of other classic performers out there too , but there are also more modern burlesque perfomers I think . I think what makes us special is that although we all have a classic style , each girl is different , and each girl has their own speciality or way of dancing .

6 )Do you think the burlesque should be considered as part of the so-called cultures Underground?

Jenna: No, I dont think it is at all . Back in the 1940’s -60’s people went to supper clubs and many had burlesque as part of the show . I think burlesque is beautiful and becoming very accessable to the masses . I dont think classic burlesque is something that should be considered “underground culture”

7) You can delve a bit into the world of burlesque to readers who are not familiar with it, what are its origins, is it ?

Jenna :I think there was probably some form of burlesque even before the mid 1800’s , but it started to become an actual stage presentation around then . Started in Europe and became popular herein the US around the turn of the century . Theres so much history in it I dont even know where to start !

8) Over the years have had some evolution?

Jenna: There definately has . The modern burlesque that some do now is nothing like classic burlesque , but thats why they call it modern. I think now there is more variety in burlesque.

9) Our question is a bit unusual but how frecuently is in the ambient of burlesque Lgtb persons, they’re habitual or are somehow special?

Jenna : I think its probably a a very large part of our audience , and well as many performers I know too . I dont think its rare in burlesque at all

10) What relationship can be found between burlesque and pin – up?

Jenna : For me personally I started as a pin-up model and then started burlesque . I think many girls probably have done both . Both are very glamourous and allow you to be fun and feminine .

11)On your outfits what can you tell us, you design them or send them to design and manufacture ?

Jenna :What I do is start with a plain item ( bra , corset , etc) and do the trim and embellishing myself . To have the entire costume made for you is VERY expensive. So I normally put the costume together peice by peice over time . I think there was maybe 1 or 2 costumes out of 20 I had made for me , and even then I still did the embellishing and trim

Now let us talk about Jenna, the Cupcake Burlesque mastermind:

12) What can you tell us about you Jeena ?

Jenna : Well, I live in South Florida , about 30 min north of Miami . I actually didnt start burlesque until I came to Florida. Ive done pin-up modeling for about 7 years now . I love traveling , performing, cooking , and every once in awhile , just relaxing . I actually just got back from Vegas , went to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend for the 5th year in a row !

13) What are your favorite music bands? 

Jenna : omg, I dont know . My Ipod has ADD . Everything from Alternative rock to Broadway and everthing in between.

14) favorite clothing designers?

Jenna : I like classic shiloettes and styles . Some of my favorite runway are Dior and Vivenne Westwood . Some favorite online shops are pinupgirlclothing  and trashy diva . 

15) How did you find Burlesque culture?

Jenna : Ive always performed , so I knew about it . but never thought Id be doing it .

16) What are your favorite dishes??

Jenna :I love American comfort food ( NOT healthly at all ) and  Chili cheese french fries and chili cheese 5 way spagetti are prob my favorites.

17) What can we expect from Cupcake Burlesque this 2013?

Jenna :Coming up we have a few big conventions . Early June we are doing the Exxotica Expo , July we are doing Supercon . Hopefully in the Fall , a few of the girls and I will be going to Burlycon in Seattle . Other than that wed love to start traveling more , all over the US and aboard

info :

18) Well, sweet cupcake what message do you have for your readers of South America and hispanic speaking to conclude this interview?

I love burlesque because it accepts women of all types and backgrounds . No matter who you are you can feel beautiful and confident in what you are and what you have . Different sizes, shapes, colors , ages , everything  — its an artform that anyone can be part of if you have the love of burlesque and performing

Credits : Photo credits  :

  • 666 photography
  • Vavavoom Photos
  • Marilee Caruso
  • Vavavoom Photos
  •  Tomas Loewy
  • Nathan Carter
  • Viva van Story

All staff de Cupcake Burlesque .

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