An interview with Alcohol for THE COOLNESS .

The special guest of this week = The Coolness bizarre party band From London . 

1) First of all how are things in england and what do you think of this Interview for Chile ?

Chaz :

England is currently in a bit of a financial and cultural ruin.  This has deeply effected the music scene.

The rich people are keeping rich and the poorer people including most musicians are either starving

or giving up their art so they can eat.  Hopefully things will get better soon, its just a matter of time, we just have to hang on…

We are very grateful to be interviewed for a spanish speaking country.

The people are very beautiful and also kind. We have a Chilean friend in London too, Katy prado.

She sometimes gives us singing lessons and she’s very pretty.

2) From what part of England are you from?

Chaz :

We all grew up in Portsmouth – which is a small island city off the south coast. Its a rough place with alot of petty crime.

However the Coolness has always been based in Bethnal Green, East London. 

If you know of Brick Lane then that’s exactly where we are based.

3) From what year do you exist?

Chaz: The Coolness started in 2007. After the death of New Rave

4) What is the concept of The Coolness?

Chaz :

The Coolness is a rock band that doesn’t rely on guitars,  therefore The Coolness has a great sense of double irony. Imagine if the great performance bands such as Kiss, Queen and the Rolling Stones were 30 years younger. 

Imagine they made their music using Garageband, Cubase and Logic etc then thats The Coolness..

A modern Rock n Roll band. Not every person has a family so the most important thing in life is fun! We try to reflect this philosophy!

5) Why did you pick the name The Coolness?

Chaz :

A Swiss-American girl from LA actually suggested The Coolness and the name just stuck.  Ms. Texas.

Now she sings with an electro band called Unkindness Of Ravens based in Berlin, Germany. Check them out!


I guess at the time in 2006, east London and Shoreditch (where We live) were considered the coolest place in the universe!

It probably was (for a short lived time).  I guess we were taking the piss out of surroundings whilst simultaneously celebrating them

6) What are your influences?

ChazWe are a party band. We seem to wrote alot of songs about sex and the internet.
The bands we listen to don’t necessarily dictate the kind of music we create. Bands we like and/or sound similar could be:
Queen, Daft Punk, Underworld, Oasis, Kavinsky, Kap Bambino, MGMT, The Darkness, M83, The Prodigy, ZZ Top
Kiss, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi.  The list is endless!

7) Who currently compose the band?

Chaz :

Chaz John Ross – lead vocals, keyboard, guitar :

Eddie Lyons – Drum. :

David Robinson – – guitar, bass, keyboard and backing vocals.  :

Sometimes we use our friend Sebastian Bartz who plays keyboard and bass.

8) How many shows did you did until today?

Chaz : We must of played over 250-350 shows now.. Over half of then in London.

Some of the illegal parties or house parties finished halfway through be because the police arrived!

9) Which are your principals markets?

Chaz : We appeal to perverts an princesses. Young and old!

10) You were only in Europe or you have also toured in America and Asia?

Chaz : We played at SXSW, Texas, USA twice. It was a great experience.
We haven’t been to Asia yet but we’d love to.  Our original guitar player – Geki – moved back to Japan.

11) Your videos are full of components like Glamous and excess, what is the undetone behind this elements?

Chaz : It’s not our fault, the directors we work with always seem to be perverted.  I guess stye reflect our inner sensibilities.

Our videos seem to be very tongue and cheek

12) Did you though of coming to Latin America?

Chaz : Every single day.  England is too cold.  We love the hispanic people.  Great voices.  They appreciate music for what it is.

Recently I’m only dating South American girls.  This isn’t even a lie!  It’s just a need in my life.  Like air, water or heroin!

13) What are the goals to 2013 for The Coolness?

Chaz :To get laid at least once.  Not to starve.  To have fun.  To travel some of the world or at least out of Shoreditch, London.

To put out or at least record a whole album, or at the very least another put out another EP.

14) Before The Coolness did you have a previous relationship with Chaz music?

Chaz :Yes I was in band with my cousins. My uncle and father also owned a recording studio, which was quite a rare feat in the early 90s.

My uncle was actually a signed artist in the 80s and did some music with Mike Vernon (David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac).

I originally learnt music on the piano as a but gave up it for for few years when I started senior school because I preferred football and geeky computer games. But as soon as I finished puberty I was a fully fledged musician again.

Until I was 15 I thought all music was made on synths and Atari St computers.  I didn’t even know what a guitar was.

15) In your opinion, what is the difference with your band and other bands?

Chaz : We have dance moves.  Cock rock Guitar solos.  Synths.  Strippers onstage.  We just don’t give a shit. We write sexy songs that sound good a rave or warehouse party.

16) For those who don’t know the band, what song of yours would you recommend them?

Chaz :Trouser Arouser. Set Me Free. Alone. Utopia. The Future Love. Heard It On My Radio.

Not all of our songs are currently available online so definelty the ones we are currently playing live.  All of them!

17) To conclude this interview, do you have a message to all the readers from the hispanic world?

Chaz : You need some Coolness in your life.  We hope one day you can see us perform. We haven’t released any new music in over three years.

We promise the new stuff is the best yet and very eclectic.  It will be with you very soon!

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