One interview with Thee Phantom quest

1)greetings guys, how do you feel to be interwieved from a little country called Chile ?

Thee Phantom :   We are very happy that you and your people find interesing and listen our music . We are fans of Movie Sangre Eterna. You have a  awesome Goth scene down there .

2)who compose now this proyect?

Thee Phantom : I lord Wivern compose the music and write the lyrics .

3)what are you activities in the band?

Thee Phantom : I sing , play the keyboards and drum machine .

4)from what year is active Three phantom queen?

Thee Phantom : Ive been the driving force this band since 1987 .

5)we understand ,hat you don’t give alive shows why this decition?

Thee Phantom : We dont performance live , because in our remote location there are not enough  audience wanting  to us .

6)in some future could be possible a change of decition?

Thee Phantom :  yes , We would perform live if there was a largue enough audience wanting to us .

7) what is the meaning of name Three phantom queen?

Thee Phantom : The meaning is , The search  for a love that can not be found .

8)what is the concept of the band?

Thee Phantom : Goth techno with Twist .

9)what speak your lyrics?

Thee Phantom : English

10)what are your musical influences?

Thee Phantom : The cure ,NiN ,Depeche mode ,Skinny  puppy .

11) where are do you live of USA?

Thee Phantom : North Florida .

12)You are special to us both, not have website and not much official profiles in networks , only a official oficial ,can comment about this?

Thee Phantom : We have not  spent money to build a fancy website yet , We can be seen on Facebook, My space , Youtube .  

13) Can you describe that make up his discography titles?

Thee Phantom : The names of our album are brief description of the content of the music and the feelings behind the lyrics .

14) Could you tell us how we can buy their works

Thee Phantom :  Currently , our sell for e-mail order , just contact on us Facebook for details .

15) What is your current thinking of music in his view?

Thee Phantom : Mainstream music is Alright . It’s mostly just a mix of stablished  styles from the last 50 years . We prefer our favorites  from 80 and 90’s .

16) have Any plan or projects for this 2013 ?

Thee Phantom :We are currenly working on our new album  Effusion . We hope to have it finished sometimes  this year .

17) Good for complete this interview , had any message for you readers of Latin America and world . ?

Thee Phantom : We hope you all continue your interest in our music .It’s a good feeling to know others  appreciate the years  of work  and emotion we have put into these audio creation 

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